Best Treadmill To Use at Home!

For some women, getting out and walking or jogging around the neighborhood is just not an option. The alternative is to get the best treadmill to use at home.

Whether it’s winter weather, rain, or high temperatures, sometimes our environment is too punishing to exercise outside. However, if you still want to enjoy the health benefits walking brings to your body, a treadmill is an excellent substitute for the outdoors.

You don’t have to go to the gym, you just have to switch on some music or turn on the television and walk!

Here are my three recommended treadmills. You can decide which one is the best treadmill to use at home for you!



LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

 LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill (2013 Model)Check Price

One of the best features of this treadmill is the extra-wide running surface. Sometimes, you feel cramped on a treadmill, with a very narrow belt, but that is not true of the LifeSpan. With a construction designed to lessen the strain of walking on the knees, this treadmill tracks how far, how long, and how fast you walk, along with how many calories you’ve burnt. With plans designed for weight loss, health promotion, and even marathon training, it is fully equipped to take you through every stage of life.

Another favorite feature of the LifeSpan is the folding system. Not only does it fold up, it can be easily rolled out of the way when it’s not in use. This makes it the perfect treadmill for anyone who wants to get fit without letting an exercise machine dominate the space.


Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill

 Horizon Fitness T101-3 TreadmillCheck Price

Like the LifeSpan, this treadmill will fold up when it’s not in use, but it also has a quiet-run motor, which means you can catch a walk while the kids are taking a nap. Horizon also has a full slate of programs for you to choose from, from low-intensity strolls to rev up your metabolism, to calorie-burning powerwalks. Horizon even has speakers and an AV cable, so you can plug in your MP3 player and rock out while you walk (considering the kids aren’t asleep, of course). You can even easily track your pulse, just by touching the hand grips.

This treadmill is superbly reliable and durable, even if you want to walk a half-marathon every day. Especially for the price, Horizon has made a great treadmill for home use.

Proform 505 Treadmill

 Proform 505 CST TreadmillCheck Price

Like the other two treadmills on this list, Proform folds up for neat and convenient storage. It also has a number of pre-installed programs that make it easy and fun to use, most of which are designed to burn a certain number of calories. One of the features this treadmill has that no other treadmill does in the ability to integrate iFit apps into your exercise program.

With superior cushioning, Proform is easy on the knees, making it comfortable to get healthy. The large LED screen crisply and concisely summarizes your workout, making it easy to keep track of how long you have been walking and how many calories you’ve burnt. Though it doesn’t advertise it, this treadmill also has a quiet-run features, which makes it great for use in the early morning or during nap time.

How Would You Like a Folding Treadmill?

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