Untapped Community Resources For Natural Stress Relief

There are many untapped resourced for natural stress relief right in your community.

Walking & Hiking Groups

Walking and hiking are great ways to relieve stress naturally and if your look around your community there is bound to be a walking or hiking group.  Usually, walking and hiking groups organize  weekly events that can encourage you to get active and get outdoors with  people who appreciate the natural world around them.  No walking or hiking groups where in your community?  Then that is a great opportunity for you to start one.  All you need is one or two other people to get started.

Community Photography Classes

Another good resource in your community for natural stress relief is to join a photography club.  Photography is a great hobby that allows you to appreciate nature while calming your nerves at the same time.

No experience?  No Problem!

If you have no experience with photography all you have to do is take a class at the local community college or adult education program. Next, you can invest in a camera and just start taking pictures.  You can start by taking pictures of the foliage and animals in your neighborhood.  You will soon get so absorbed taking pictures of nature that you won’t have time or energy to waste on the stress of everyday life.

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