Trust Issues In Relationships: Two Main Causes And The Cures

arguing-couplesTrust issues in relationships can cause many problems. A relationship has the best chance of withstanding the tests of time, if it is built on a solid foundation that consists of love, respect and trust.

However, the world we live in is characterized by a crisis in confidence and trust, and virtually everyone’s trust has been betrayed at one time or another, in one way or another.

Dishonest business men swindle clients out of billions of dollars, corrupt officials abuse the trust placed in them, and the list goes on. But what about trust issues in relationships?

This article will discuss two main reasons of trust issues in relationships, improper jealousy and infidelity.

Proper Jealousy versus Improper Jealousy

One of the main sources of trust issues in relationships is improper jealousy. Notice, I said improper jealousy, not jealousy. A certain amount of jealousy can be proper, natural and even healthy in relationships.

For instance, you may be jealous of the attention your husband shows to someone of the opposite sex. This jealousy may be proper and your husband should not be insensitive to your feelings about that.

On the other hand, your husband may become jealous because of the amount of time you spend caring for a needy relative. This too, could be proper form of jealousy that you can both discuss and work out by reassuring each other of your love and commitment to each other.

So what is improper jealousy and how does it relate to trust issues in relationships? It’s the kinds of jealousy that is wrongly motivated and completely misdirected. A person with improper jealousy suspects others without cause or resents the attention others receive feeling that she alone is entitled to it.

For instance, do you resent the attention your husband shows to his mother feeling that you alone deserve the full attention of your husband. Then that could be a form of improper jealousy.

Do you suspect your husband of secretly having an affair with someone of the opposite sex simply because she dresses better than you or may be slimmer than you? That could be an improper form of jealousy that is without cause, wrongly motivated, and misdirected. It is destructive and can lead to major trust issues in relationships. It can also rob you of sleep, trigger anguish in your marriage, and even lead to health problems.

Infidelity – A Severe Breach Of Confidence and Trust

trust-issues-in-relationships (1)Infidelity is a devastating breach of trust that instantly creates trust issues in relationships. It has the same shattering effect on a relationship as a hurricane does on a house.

If a house is wrecked in a hurricane, a builder must evaluate if it can be repaired before trying to rebuild it.

So before attempting to rebuild a relationship that has been shattered by infidelity, it’s wise to take your time and determine whether the intimacy and trust in the marriage can be restored.

Dealing with trusts issues in relationships that have been shattered by infidelity requires patience and the innocent mate should not be pressured to make a decision in one direction or the other.

Infidelity does not have to ruin a marriage, but if trust cannot be restored things may never be the same.

Rebuilding Trust In A Relationship

It’s not easy to deal with trust issues when your relationship has been damaged by infidelity To succeed in restoring trust the guilty partner must: 1) end the illicit affair, 2)accept responsibility for his wrongdoing, and 3) show that he is wholly committed to rebuilding the marriage.

If you have been the victim of infidelity, there is something YOU will have to do too! You will have to forgive! Can you bring yourself to forgive your partner?

It may take time for you to forgive your partner and not continue holding on to deep resentment. If you do so, you can both have a sound basis of hope for rebuilding your marriage and overcoming the trust issues in your relationship.

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