Need A Natural Stress Relief Genie In A Bottle? Get This!

As a busy woman, you know how difficult it is to find natural stress relief. You have endured the headaches and anxiety that go along with being too stressed out and not being able to find a reprieve. You may have even consulted your doctor about what can be done for stress and have rejected those pills that come with a slate of nasty side effects. If you are looking for stress relief products, look no further!

The most effective stress management for women now comes in a beautiful aromatherapy diffuser. Our favorite is the ZAQ Allay Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, that not only looks great (and comes in a three different colors for every décor and personality), but actually disperses healing, stress-relieving oil mist into the air.

Essential oils are all the rage in the natural stress relief market, and for a good reason. They providing healing benefits, as their scent disperses in the air, filling your rooms with a light, soothing scent that not only calms the body, but also moisturizes the skin and hair.

Your body is very receptive to aromatherapy. Conventional wisdom will tell you that scent has no effect on the body, but we know this is not true. You know how you can catch a whiff of chocolate cake or fallen leaves and it will instantly bring back a memory and an emotion. Smell is one of our most powerful senses, and is scientifically proven to be the most effective sense for bringing back a memory or altering out mood. Aromatherapy works in this same way, triggering the body’s natural stress relief centers, to release dopamine and other calming hormones.

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Stress wreaks havoc on the body, causing inflammation, suppressing our immune systems, and making us feel fatigued, anxious, and hopeless. It is a cycle that can take over our lives if we do not stop it in its tracks.

The ZAQ Allay Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser utilizes the power of essential oils, and works with our body’s natural responses to calm us from the inside out. Not only does this product have a magical, streamlined, “genie in a bottle” shape and design, it also has the ability to magically de-stress us, even on our worst days. Before you run off to your doctor, asking for a prescription for one of those stress-relief medications, try aromatherapy.

Adding lavender will help you sleep if you suffer from insomnia. Rose oil is great for those battling depression. Chamomile, long used in tea for this very same purpose, has the ability to soothe trouble nerves. Vanilla, with its light scent, is best for opening the mind and letting the worries wash away. Any of these essential oils will work well with your new diffuser.

Stop trying to fight stress on your own. The cyclical nature of our stress makes it difficult to escape, but with one of these great diffusers, you can find relief!