5 Simple Things You Can Do to Help a Friend Through A Crisis

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You will sometimes find your friends dealing with a major life crisis. There are things you can do to help a friend through a crisis.

Many times, we feel helpless when we see a friend in need. Especially if we have never experienced their particular crisis before, it can be difficult to know what to do to help. However, you already have an advantage over most people, because you know your friend well, what she needs and what she likes. Using this knowledge, you can help lift her burden of stress and make this crisis more manageable.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to help a friend through a crisis:

  1. Make a nutritious meal or bring her favorite snack. There is nothing better than seeing a friend show up at your door with food in hand. Bringing food has always been a gesture of goodwill, and not just because it allows your friend to cross something off of her lengthy to-do list. Even if you just stand in the doorway and hand the food across the threshold, your friend will greatly appreciate not having to make her own meal. In addition, bringing a nutritious meal shows that you took the time to think about what she needs, what she would want, and that demonstrates that you are not only thinking about her in her time of need, but also looking for ways to help.
  1. Be a helping hand. Sometimes, all someone needs is for you to show up at their door, ready to work. Crises are overwhelming, and getting everything done that needs to be completed in a single day can seem daunting, unless there is someone there to lighten the load. Being willing to help with anything she might need is a great way to lessen her stress and be supportive.
  1. Take her away from the situation. In a crisis, most people feel consumed and overwhelmed, and they have very little time to think about or do anything else other than trying to cope with the crisis. Sometimes, they need someone to come and take them away for a few hours. Whether you go see a movie, take a walk, or go out to dinner, a few moments of reprieve can make all the difference. Just be sure that it does not add to the stress by taking away time from essential things that need to be done.
  1. Be a sympathetic ear. Even if you do not know what to say or how to help, just listening can be the best way to help your friend in a time of need. Often, people are not actually looking for advice when they want to talk—unless they specifically ask for it—they just need to put their feelings into words in order to process them.
  1. Look for and recommend resources. No matter the nature of the crisis, there are likely resources ( both online and offline) your friend can use to lighten the load. Look for these websites, help lines, forums, audio programs, personal development courses and coaching, and professionals that can help your friend get through this difficult time.

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1. Have you helped a friend through a crisis?

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Today Is “Send A Card To A Friend Day”!

Today is “Send a Card To A Friend Day”!

It’s a day that can easily be overlooked, but for those of us who have genuine friends we value and treasure, it’s a wonderful opportunity to “Thank them for being a friend”.

I don’t know about you, but I am a BIG fan of the Golden Girls, and I have learned a lot about friendship from watching The Golden Girls (over and over I must admit). The long-running sitcom about four housemates in Miami touched the hearts of many viewers, yours truly included. Amidst the laughter, the show offers important lessons about friendship for men and women of all ages.

Here are three of the most valuable lessons about friendship I’ve learned from the Golden Girls.

1. Thank your friends. Like the theme song says, sometimes you want to thank someone just for being a friend. Celebrate your friends’ achievements, and remember to let them know that their presence alone enriches your life.

2. Pals and confidants can help you get through rough times. The girls faced a lot of tough issues over the years, from heartbreaks to hospitalizations. Talking things over with friends who care can help you face major challenges and stressors in your life.

3. Focus on quality over quantity. A few good friends can add more to your life than a long list of so-called friends. The quality of your friendships is more important than the total number.

To this day, the Golden Girls still bring me many laughs and a lot of wisdom about the importance of friendship. Good friends can add joy and meaning to your life at every stage. For older women, having pals and confidantes can help you stay happy and connected.

Think for a moment about your friends and all they add to your life. Then take a moment to send a card to your friends today! It’s “Send a Card To A Friend” Day!

In the comments below, tell me:

1. Do you have a favorite movie or book that taught you valuable lessons about friendships?
2. How have your good friends added to your life?

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