Waring Pro Meat Grinder: Eat Healthy, Save Time, Save Money!

One one of the  biggest sources of stress nowadays is the constant worry about whether our food is safe.    The best way to ease  your mind when it comes to your food is to grow and prepare as much as you can at home.  That’s when a waring pro meat grinder can come in really handy.

Home Made Hamburgers

For instance, when you want to make a batch of hamburger,  you can buy 15-20 pounds of beef, trim off the fat, gristle, and sinew before grinding.  You can then add an appropriate amount of fat evenly to the meat chunks as you grind them.  You will be amazed at home much fun it can be, but above all, you will be eating healthy and saving time in the kitchen too!

You can also  wrap and freeze the freshly ground beef in one pound packages for future use.    But that’s not all.  You can make your own bulk sausage, using the recipes included with the grinder.  Get ready for a delicious treat!

Home Made Sausages

You can so the same thing with sausages.   Just buy 15 to 20 pounds of meat–pork, turkey, and/or chicken–and just follow the recipe.  You then wrap the fresh sausage freeze them in one pound packages, just as you did with the home made hamburgers.

Save Time & Money

The hopper can handle a large amount of meat.  All you have to do is keep piling on the large chunks, guiding them into the feed tube.  You won’t even have to use the  “pusher” because the grinding screw easily pulls the meat down and through. To save money just buy quality meats on sale and in bulk.  The savings add up fast.

Easy Clean-up

You can grind more than one type of meat and/or sausage in a session,  just be sure to clean out the grinder between products by simply running saltine crackers through.  That’s it!  Then you’re ready to continue with the next project!  Make sure to follow the instructions for cleaning and storing he unit to a “T” in order to prevent the cutting plates from rusting.  You can wash the plates and then dry them properly, oil them lightly with vegetable oil and wrap them in waxed paper.  If you following the cleaning instructions carefully, the grinder will serves you for many years to come with delicious home made food your family will love and enjoy!

Stress-Free Meal Preparation

With the waring pro meat grinder you will not have to worry about what’s in your food.  You can feel good about knowing EXACTLY what is in the ground meats/sausage  you  feed your family and friends, and how fresh it is! If you are looking for a dependable and powerful meat/food grinder, look no further.  This is it!! 

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