Me Time: How to Find It

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Finding time for yourself is one of the best ways to manage stress. Time management for moms and busy women is essential!

In my last Wellness Wednesday post we spoke about how proper nutrition plays a great part in reducing stress, improving our health and overall mood.

In addition to my book on nutrition, I recommended some products that would help you save time as you prepare your meals. This takes us into the topic of today’s post time management.

Not having time to do things that are important or vital to our daily lives can really stress us out or throw us off our targets and goals. Whether it’s having time to prepare a healthy meal, finding the time to attend our child’s school function or getting to the store before it closes to buy a gift for our mom, the perception of not having the time to accomplish any of these goals, can cause us immense stress.

I specifically used the word the perception in the above sentence and bolded it, because that is what it is. It is your perception that you do not have enough time.

You have allowed yourself to fall victim to the mercy of Time. But Time does not want you to hurry or be its victim. Time has given you 24 hours in a day to make happen all the things that you need to happen.

Truthfully, some things cannot be done in one day and you need to recognize that. You finish it the next day or the next day. But some things must happen on this today. Your child’s school event date will not change, nor will your mother’s birthday. The good thing about these dates that will not change is that you know of most, if not all of them, ahead of time.  Your challenge is to manage your time, prioritize tasks, get done what needs to get done, when it needs to get done.

Immediately, being able to meet your goals, not disappoint your loved ones, relieves you of what could have been some otherwise very stressful moments.

I know how quickly the day seems to go by and before you know it you can be stuck with a lot of unfinished tasks, unmet commitments and very disappointed loved ones or unhappy employers. I created a system that is foolproof for successful time management in my book Time Management for Stress Relief. You too, can implement this system and reap the benefits of effective time management.

An additional bonus to successfully managing your time is that somewhere in there you magically create your “Me Time”. Not only did you lose the guilt and stress that comes when you don’t meet goals or commitments, you created well needed time for yourself to spend it however and with whomever you choose. This only adds to further de stressing your day and improving your long term mental health and adds to my theory as outlined in my book that proper time management will relieve stress.   

Next Wellness Wednesday, I will cover a subject that is on every woman’s mind and can be the source of high stress for your entire household.  

In the meantime, you can check out other books in my series by clicking here. You can even check out my bio and learn more me and why I want to help women change the way they approach stress in their everyday lives.

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