How to Buy Essential Oils Online–Savvy Tips & Guidelines

You should be careful about where you buy essential oils online. Online websites for essential oils are abundant, but some essential oils are of poor quality and don’t give you the therapeutic benefits of good quality oils. There are few things you should look for.

This article shows you how to buy essential oils online.

Sites that advertise ‘nature identical oils,’ ‘perfume oils’ and ‘fragrance oils’ are probably offering oils that are not pure, essential oils. These oils are not considered therapeutic or aromatherapy quality, so be careful of the wording involved in the ads.

Be Careful With Misleading Online Ads

Since the government doesn’t regulate essential oils, wording in online ads such as ‘aromatherapy grade’ or ‘therapeutic grade’ can be misleading. Also, be cautious if the online vendor is offering pure essential oils in plastic or clear bottles. Essential oils should be stored and sold in dark colored glass. Lined aluminum is also an acceptable method of shipping large quantities of essential oils.

When you buy essential oils look for the botanical (Latin) names, method of extracting oils and the oil’s country of origin. It’s important information because of the vast varieties of plants and the soil and climate conditions of the country.

Look For Sites With Thorough Information About The Oils

Many online essential oil sites offer information that thoroughly describes the essential oils and what its therapeutic values are. They may also have a hot line or give you an email address where you can contact them with any questions. Most of us are watching our money today and want to get the best prices on everything we purchase. But, realize that the cheapest isn’t always the best quality when you want to buy essential oils online that have therapeutic value. That’s why it’s important to know where and how to buy essential oils online.

Online essential oil websites that advertise they test their oils and provide samples before your purchase can give you the confidence you need to buy from them. They’ll also be happy to provide detailed information about the essential oils you’re interested in.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Essential oils that have been stored for a long time period may be damaged or have lost the purity that gives them therapeutic value. If an online site doesn’t volunteer information about storing their products, be sure and ask before you purchase.

As you search for a reputable site to purchase essential oils, you’ll notice that some sites sell all their products for the same price. This should alert you that the oils might not be top quality. Depending on which plant the oils are extracted from, the price can vary greatly. For example prices for Jasmine and Rose would be more expensive than for ylang ylang or most citrus oils.

Before you buy essential oils online, research the various sites carefully. When you find one that offers top quality oils and all the information you need to make a decision, purchase a small amount of essential oils first. Place another order later when you’re sure of the quality and customer service of the online website.

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