Good Stress Relief Gifts that Pamper and Soothe

Good stress relief gifts are a thoughtful and kind gesture. If you want to give a gift that makes you a hit with the recipient, you can’t go wrong with gifts that can relieve or eliminate strain and tension. In today’s pressure-cooker world, nothing soothes the soul and pampers the body like stress reducing gifts that keep on giving.

Good stress relief gifts also offer great value for your money. Scented lotions, scented candles, massage oils and aromatherapy oils bring inner peace and calmness to taxing days and times and are relatively inexpensive. A friend or family member might also benefit from one of the many self-help stress solutions eBooks on the market today.

Gift Ideas For Anyone Needing Rest & Relaxation

Music can be soothing if chosen correctly. A CD of ocean or nature sounds can be an incredible source of comfort for those in need of a little bit of calmness in their lives. Music can be played in the car, at home, with headphones while you’re walking for stress relief or jogging and can serve to transform a mood from pain to pleasure.

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Give the gift of a massage – or an electronic massager – for the ultimate relaxation technique. A few minutes or an hour of letting your mind shut down while experiencing sensual pleasure is a great tension reliever.

Many stores and online gift sites offer gift baskets of several products and can be delivered for any special occasion. Some offer spa baskets” filled with bubble bath, lotions and candles, and some may include a CD or a DVD that teaches Chi or other type of relaxation movements.

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More Creative Gift Ideas

Bedding is one gift often overlooked when thinking of stress relief gifts, but getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best strain-relievers of all. We spend about a third of our lives in bed and soft, high thread count sheets will make you feel pampered and special.

Pedicures and manicures are popular stress-relief gifts. I often treat myself to a pedicure and manicure when I feel overwhelmed with work issues or other life challenges. I take note of when my mom seems overly tense and will give her a gift certificate for a pedicure to pamper her a bit too. The ultimate pedicure sometimes includes reflexology, which includes a thorough massage of the feet, while zeroing in on obvious stress points. If you have never has a reflexology massage, you don’t know what you are missing. It’s the ultimate relaxation gift.

The gift of peaceful sound is a soothing and thoughtful gift that can be used on a constant basis. You can find tabletop, wall or backyard water fountains that provide soothing water sounds that are both relaxing and beautiful additions to the home. Even a nature sounds alarm clock can be a unique and soothing gift.

Herbal teas have become very popular over the past several years for inducing relaxation and a sense of calm as well. Many people claim that tension seems to slip away with every sip they take. I know that is exactly how I feel while sipping a cup of chamomile tea. If you have a friend who loves tea, there are online sites that offer help in choosing teas and will ship to the recipient.

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Stress relief gifts that pamper and soothe are much appreciated by everyone in these days of overwhelming problems that cause tension and anxiety. You can’t go wrong when you choose a gift that soothes and comforts.