Stress Relief Games: Your 15-Minute Miracle Cure For Tension

Did you know that your phone is a good source for stress relief games?

Your phone is an appendage of yours, and without it, you feel lost in the world. And who can blame you, as you rely on both the phone and computer for such things as your calendar, address book, bills to pay and the week’s menu and grocery shopping list?

If you’re like most women, you have your life tucked away on your phone and computer. These gadgets are like lifelines to the world and the few tools that keep us going from day to day. But there’s something new that you can use on these electronic devices: stress relief games and apps.


Look For Games That Reduce Tension

Relaxation games and apps aren’t that unusual. A quick search on the internet will bring up pages of games that you can start playing instantly. Yet not all games are intended to decompress the mind, even though they may say they are. What you want to look for are games and apps that reduce tension, lower blood pressure and heart rate and create a calming atmosphere. Even though you might have fun clicking blocks or shooting birds at super fast rates, chances are, these games will get your heart rate up instead of down.

Many games are offered both online and in app form, so how you choose to use them is up to you. With the capability that today’s phones have, many women are glued to their phones and prefer to use apps.

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The advantage to decompress with phone apps is that you can use them anywhere – after a shopping trip or a terrible ride on the subway for example. There are a variety of apps, making it easy to find one that suits your style. For example, some apps teach meditation and relaxing techniques, giving you the coping skills to deal with your tension levels.

Other games are designed to be fun and get your mind focused on something else, while letting out a bit of frustration in the process. You can also select an app that offers inspiring quotes, as well as handy apps that can assist in shopping trips, parking the car or price comparisons. These apps reduce stress when you’re out and about and need to streamline your time.

Best Stress Relief Games For Women On The Go!

Phones are best used when away from the home, so if you’re stuck at work or home on the computer, take advantage of online stress relief games. There are plenty out there, and the majority is free to use, unlike many apps that cost money. Just remember that everyone decompress in a different way, so don’t’ be surprised to see some of the guys flocking to more aggressive games to get their anger out.

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For us women however, we enjoy simulation games, memory games and word challenges that get the brain to decompress while focusing on a different topic. Or try games where you can pop balloons or bubble wrap, read a relaxing book or even whack a mole. When taking advantage of these fun tools, you can decompress at any time.