5 Effective Stress Management Tips For Balancing Work And Home Life

stress-relief-woman-juggling-workFor most women, effective stress management tips can be a godsend. Trying to strike a harmonious chord between work and home life can be a serious balancing act.

In an ideal world, balancing career and family should go smoothly, but we don’t live in an ideal world. In reality you often end up paying too much attention to one and neglecting the other causing problems on both ends of the equation.

Instead of throwing your hands up in utter frustration, make a firm decision to stop struggling! There are some easy stress management strategies you can use to help you manage the pressures of life effectively.

5 Stress Management Tips For Work-Home Life Balance

1. Get a planner.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to become skilled at time and stress management. You can save yourself a lot of frustration and wasted time just by planning out your days. Invest in a good planner and organize your days. Be sure to include both business and personal commitments to ensure that you’re coordinating your schedule and managing your time effectively. This is one of the most important aspects of stress management for parents.

2. Leave Room For Changes.

It’s smart to plan a schedule, but it’s equally important to include room for a certain amount of flexibility. A rigid inflexible schedule itself can be a source of strain, tension, and frustration. Be practical and leave some time for commitments you may need to make at the last minute.

3. Keep the lines of communication open.

stress-management-tips2Your family suffers just as much as you do when there is an imbalance in your work and home life. It’s okay to let your boss and colleagues know that you need to spend extra time with personal and family commitments.

The same holds true in communicating with your family. Let them know when a project or other work commitment will require extra time and focus. That way, no one needs to feel neglected.

4. Leave job problems at the office.

This is easier said than done but it’s worth the effort. When you get home after a long challenging day at the office, make a point to leave your work-related issues behind. It’s so easy and tempting to carry it around with you as you go about the rest of your day.

The best job stress management tip I can give you is this: What happens at the office should really stay there. Your boss pays you for 40 hours a week. Nothing more and nothing less. So avoid “carrying” the office tension and drama around with you for 80 hours.

5. Use Natural Remedies.

parental-stress3Some people turn to medications to deal with strain and anxiety, but we all have the ability to handle problems in the workplace effectively on our own without the use of prescription drugs and pills.

Try reading articles on time management if your are often overwhelmed by pending deadlines. Learning a few practical time management skills may be all you need to meet the deadlines each month with less anxiety.

Your work-related tension may also follow certain predictable events such as performance evaluations, when you make a mistake, when you are faced with a work overload, when its time for new training, and whenever there is office conflict. If you are aware of the triggers, you can also take steps to handle the strain and frustration before it happens.

If the end of every month is usually maddening at work, make a point to get extra rest every last week of the month, or make an appointment for a massage that week, or plan some relaxation games.

Even if there are a lot of things going on with your job that cause you strain and tension, you can be in control and use stress management tips to maintain balance at work and at home. Implementing a few simple ideas is all it would take to manage your stress effectively. It really is all in your hands.

A Natural Stress Relief Solution That Works!

Are you looking for a stress relief solution? Stupid question, who isn’t these days? We can all benefit from stress management tips and advice. Life brings all kinds of pressures. You may have:

  • A busy schedule
  • Family issues
  • Work-related problems
  • Relationship trouble
  • Financial anxieties
  • Parenting challenges
  • Death of a loved one
  • Health concerns
  • …and many other things that consume your life.

6 Easy Ways To Manage Stress!

It’s a good idea to look for easy ways to manage stress! Why? Because every day, we seem to find new ways to create tension for ourselves.

We’re living in an age when strain and anxiety is the norm and problems are being hurled at us on almost a constant basis. We’ve got to come up with new ways to cope with life’s problems since the old methods may not be enough anymore.

It’s a whole new world – full of cell phones, computers and other forms of technology, more cars on the road, tragic news and ever-present noise. These tension-causing factors may manifest themselves in the form of anxiety, depression, anger, headaches and tension aches. Here are some ways you might beat the ‘new’ stresses that the world throws at us:

6 Practical Ways To Manage Stress

  1. Find an activity (or non-activity) that will improve your mood. Discover what calms you down and elevates your mood. Try walking as exercise. A brisk walk might be one of the ways to manage stress for you. For others, dimming the lights and watching your favorite movie of all time with a bowl of popcorn and soft drink might be the key to decompress.
  2. Do something ‘mindless’ to get your mind off the bad stuff. Anything that lets your mind soar away from the tribulations of daily living is a plus. Many television stations offer marathons of old sit-coms such as “I Love Lucy,” that make you laugh and are perfect mood elevators.
  3. Choose the constant companionship of a pet. There’s nothing like a pet to decompress your life. Just be sure that you’re ready for the care and upkeep before adopting your best friend. Then, enjoy the walks, petting, curling up and the unconditional love of your favorite pet.
  4. Develop an interest outside the norm. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, but thought you didn’t have the time or inclination for? Try a few things you may be interested in until you find something that grabs your interest. Even putting together jigsaw puzzles can put you on another mood plane.
  5. Spend time outdoors. Communing with nature has always been one of the good ways to manage stress. A walk in the park or involving yourself in gardening activities can clear the mind and relieve stress. If you just want to ‘chill,’ grab a good book and settle down in a lawn chair. Even backyard camping and backyard water fountains can do wonders to relax and decompress your body, mind, and soul.
  6. Eat for comfort. In an age where dieting is emphasized and we shun everything fried or sweet, know that there are advantages in eating comfort foods when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Of course it doesn’t solve all our problems, but truly enjoying our food can bring us great comfort. So – indulge once in a while.

Sometimes, when we start a new stress relief activity or develop an interest, it immediately becomes competitive or obsessive.

Try and find ways to manage stress that you can do anywhere and anytime you choose – merely for relaxation and not to add more stress to your life.

A Natural Stress Relief Solution That Works!

Are you looking for a stress relief solution? Stupid question, who isn’t these days? Everyone needs to learn how to manage stress effectively. Life brings all kinds of pressures. You may have:

  • A busy schedule
  • Family issues
  • Work-related problems
  • Relationship trouble
  • Financial anxieties
  • Parenting challenges
  • Death of a loved one
  • Health concerns
  • …and many other things that consume your life

[Video] 5 Key Principles To Keep Your “No More Stress” Resolution

Every year many people make New Years Resolutions, and evbery year most of themn fail to keep their resolutions. But there is a growing percentage of folks who ARE successful. This video explains the 5 principles that can help you keep your “No More Stress” New Year’s Resolution!


In the comments below, tell me:

1. What can you do to break your stress management goals into 3-5 small steps?
2. Who can you solicit to form part of your stress management support network?
3. What are some of the benefits of achieving your stress management goals?
4. What small reward can you give to yourself each time you achieve a small success?
5. What specific method or strategy will you use to reduce stress?


If you would love to learn more about how you can manage stress, join our Stress Management Club now. It’s FREE!

New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Follow Through With a Plan

It’s easy to say: “I want to reduce stress” or “I want to learn a musical instrument.” Keep in mind that big goals like these will take some time and effort.  It’s important that you follow  our new year resolutions tips for success. The lifestyle changes needed for stress reduction are hard to start because you may feel unmotivated or overwhelmed. Musical instruments require time to master, and you may start with weeks of just learning notes before getting to any fun melodies.

Remember that the beginning is tough. Muster up the courage and enthusiasm to continue with your efforts. Remember that most people give up, but you’re not most people, are you?

You’re different because, unlike most people, you’re going to create a clear and realistic plan to take you right to success. If you’re going to manage and reduce the stress in your life, define how you’re going to do it. Are you starting an exercise routine to build a more stress-resistant body? Are you going to start eating more nutritious, stress-busting fruits, veggies and grains?  Are you going to embrace a stress-busting hobby such as gardening or journaling?

You know that you won’t make all those lifestyle changes quickly; it’s a steady plan to make small changes that brings success. Even if you’re short a couple days exercising on your short-term goals, you can revise your plan and kick up the pace, or just continue on your path because you’ll reach your 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day exercise goal before the year is out. That’s what you’ll be able to accomplish with a solid plan in place.

In the comments below, tell us:

1. What clear and realistic plan can you create to take you right to stress management success?
2. What specific strategy or method will you use to reduce stress in your life?

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New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Take It Slow

The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh and new year resolutions tips for success can get you started on the right track. One aspect of your life that you may want to improve, is stress management!  Stress affects every aspect of your life, both and home and at work.  So setting some clear and attainable goals for yourself in the area of stress management is the best New Year’s Resolution you can make!

But you need to take it slowly!  Work towards your goal one piece at a time. It’s important to take it slow and not take on too much at once. The main reason that some people fail when it comes to their New Year’s goals is because they fail to plan out a realistic path.


In the comments below, tell us:

1. What areas of your life causes you the most stress?

2. What simple step can you take to reduce stress in that specific area of your life?

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New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Reward Yourself

Reward yourself often for your excellent efforts because you deserve it for working hard to change yourself for the better.  You don’t need to wait until the end of the year to treat yourself.

Break up your goals into smaller pieces and every time you achieve a milestone, give yourself something that you enjoy. It could be an item you’ve been wanting or maybe a night out on the town.

Rewarding yourself for a job well done motivates you to keep going! 

Do It Again!

After your first successful year of bettering yourself through our new year resolutions tips for success, you can then repeat the process and work on another aspect of your life. Before you know it, you’ll be a well-balanced,  happy and healthy person because of your awareness, perseverance, and hard work!

In the comments below, tell us:

1. When was the last time you rewarded yourself for doing all that you do?
2. What is the one thing that you enjoy that would be the ideal reward for achieving a small milestone?

If you would love to learn more about how you can manage stress, join our Stress Management Club now. It’s FREE!


6 Natural Energy Boosters That Work for Women Who Feel Lethargic

Did you know that you can get practical help for the constant drain on your energy levels? And it doesn’t involve taking a pill or drinking an energy drink.

Here are 6 natural energy boosters that work to boost your energy so that you can become enthused about life again:

  1. Eat Breakfast. It may sound simplistic, but eating a good and balanced breakfast is a key to living an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Begin every day with a good, high fiber breakfast and you’ll notice the difference.
  2. Magnesium. Aside from eating a healthy and balanced diet, you may feel lethargic if your magnesium level is low. Magnesium turns glucose into energy, so eat foods that give you that magnesium boost.
  3. Power Nap. Our overloaded and overwhelming lifestyles can sometimes leave our brains numb and our energy drained. Taking a power nap isn’t laziness – it’s freeing your mind so you can be more creative and productive.
  4. Power Foods. Keep power foods on hand for quick boosts of energy. Peanut butter, nuts such as hazelnuts or almonds, apples and other foods that can deliver the power you need.
  5. Hydration. Don’t leave water out of the energy equation. Unless you’re drinking plenty of water during the day, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated, which can cause severe slumps in energy levels.
  6. Brisk Walk. Getting up from the couch or your desk and taking a brisk walk around the block can revitalize your energy and renew your thinking powers. This brief respite from work or whatever you’re working on can get your blood flowing and you’ll end up accomplishing more.

Women everywhere are juggling an almost inhuman workload at work, home and in their personal lives. The results are chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, stress, and depression. As women, when we feel down, we tend to try and boost our energy and mood by eating foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar. It’s time to make a change!

The vicious circle you find yourself in can eventually harm your health and other aspects of your life lives such as relationships. Here’s a novel idea: Start putting yourself first so that you can be the best you can be for others in your life!!

Take time for yourself, eat a healthy diet and add some exercise to each and every day. That’s the secret to living a more balanced, happier life!

6 Stress Management Tips For Finding Inner Peace in Chaos

Life can be truly hectic, even chaotic!

We need to stop now and then to take a few minutes for ourselves.

That’s the best stress management advice anyone can give.

With the invention of computers and cel phones and other techie gadgets, our work lives were supposed to get easier, but it’s gotten busier than ever before!

The original mentality was that computers would allow us to get the same amount of work done in half the time. That idea went out the window when we realized we could now get twice the work (or more) done in the same time. Now our world has become so fast paced that it’s hard to keep up. And that’s where focusing on stress management tips for women comes in.

If you don’t stop the pandemonium, you can begin to feel as if your life is descending into a chaotic jumble.

Luckily, there are ways to deal with these overwhelming feelings and put some order back into your life.

Here are a 6 stress management tips on how to turn your chaos around:

1. Take a break. Give yourself a chance to take in everything going on around you. Even if your break is a nice hot bath instead of a shower, it can help. Find a little time here and there to get some peace and quiet while you reflect on the events of the day.

2. Meditate. Meditation can be very helpful in bringing you peace. Meditation doesn’t mean sitting uncomfortably and chanting like the monks in the movies. Instead, it’s a very comfortable and soothing strategy to use as stress management for women. In can calm your mind and bring you the serenity you desire.

3. Find the positive. No matter how chaotic things get, you can always try to find something good and positive in your situation. Actively look for the silver lining. It could be something as simple as a favorite song, a picture, or the smile of another person that gives you some inner peace. Look for these things and you will find them.

4. Slow down. While we have to multitask almost constantly these days, doing so tends to wear us down even faster. Multi-tasking adds to the chaos around us. Effective stress management for women requires you take one thing at a time and allow yourself to focus on that task alone. While you may be able to handle three or more things at once, the quality won’t be nearly as good as if you focused on them one at a time.

5. Don’t let anyone drag you down. Be wary when considering the opinions of others. Don’t ignore everyone, but don’t let yourself get bogged down with other people’s baggage and their issues, either. Remove your personal chaos causers, even if one of the causes is other people.

6. Take out the drama. Eliminate the drama in your life, especially other people’s drama. It’s not your concern, so stay out of it and don’t get caught up in it. Focus on solving your concerns positively rather than enjoying pity parties. This will reduce the drama and turn your focus to something positive.

Putting Stress Management Tips To Work For You

Everyone has some chaos in his or her life. It isn’t always a bad thing. Stress can be productive as well. In fact, without stress and responsibilities, some people would never get out of bed!

Life will always have stress and problems, but how you react to them can dictate the level of chaos in your life.

The first and most important stress management tip for women is realizing that you need to make some time for yourself.

If you don’t, nothing you do will really make that much of a difference.

You can’t be there for everyone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

Use these stress management tips every day to bring order to your life, and soon you’ll find peace in abundance instead of chaos. A peaceful, joy-filled life is something every woman deserves. Including You!

Eating the Right Foods Is Vital For Natural Stress Relief

You are what you eat.  That’s a phrase most of us have heard before.   That’s because eating well is vitally important for natural stress relief.  Eating foods that are high in sugar and fat is detrimental to your health.  If your health is compromised, you won’t be able to effectively fight off the harmful effects of stress.

Exercise and Nutrition are Important

If you have already incorporated exercise into your daily routine, then you are already way ahead of the game.  But you need to realize that the food you eat can do more harm than good and may neutralize all the benefits of your exercise routine.  For optimal health and natural stress relief you need to exercise and eat the right foods.

Would You Put Diesel In Your Gasoline Car

Think about what would happen if you put diesel in your gasoline car.  It would be ruined right?  When you eat wrong foods for optimal health and stress relief, it’s like filling your gasoline car with diesel.   Don’t ruin your health by eating wrong foods.  Learn what the best foods are for optimal health and maximum stress relief and incorporate those foods into your daily diet.


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Family & Friends Are Natural Sources of Stress Relief

Want to get natural stress relief and bring more happiness and joy in your life?  Spending time with family and friends can help you do just that.

What Causes Stress?

Oftentimes, we get so focused and on work and the anxieties of life that we end up  getting stressed and worried about the situation and what the future may hold.   The thought of downsizing, possible layoff, increasing gas prices, possible terrorist attacks,  and other gloomy realities can keep us tense and suck all the joy out of living.

How Can Family And Friends Help?

The good news is that your friends and family members are always willing to help in any way they can.  Just hanging out with your mom, your sister, brother, best friend, or cousin more often, can really make a world of difference in how you cope with the challenges life can sometime throw your way.

Laugh More

One of the biggest benefits of spending more time with family and friends is that you’ll find yourself laughing more often.   Laughter is a known stress-buster.   It’s one of the best and most effective forms of natural stress relief!

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