6 Simple Tips To Cope With Change & Maintain Your Sanity Intact

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Coping with change can be a challenge, but armed with the right strategies, you can find a way to accept change and thrive.

Change is inevitable. In fact, one of the few constants in life is that things will always change. Why then, do we often have such a challenge in coping with change?

You may have an easier time dealing with change than others. On the other hand, you may tend to have trouble handling change because you become almost addicted to holding onto things as they are. Either way, the effects of change in your life come down to healthy and positive attitude.

When things are bad, it’s nice to know that they’ll eventually change for the better. However, when things are good, you need to have the wisdom to know that things won’t last forever. You can take heart, though, in the fact that everything will come around full circle back to good again.

How Do You Cope With Change?

How you cope with change can make a big difference in your life. You can take change by the horns and wring every last benefit out of it, or you can moan and groan and have a hard time going nowhere. The choice is up to you.

Here are some simple tips to help you handle change in a positive manner:

1.    Focus on flexibility. Instead of focusing on change as a whole, it might help to focus on smaller things. One thing you can do is work on being more flexible. If you find that you expect everything to go a certain way, you’re likely crushed when things don’t go according to plan.

Focus on dealing with several possible outcomes, even if they’re not your preferred results. Leave yourself time to come up with alternatives when things change.

2.    Have a positive attitude. When you have a positive attitude, you’ll see change as necessary and good. Things need to change in order for you to evolve as a person. Focus on the things that are going well and remain optimistic that the change will bring even greater opportunities into your life!

3.    Be forward thinking. Live in the present moment, but plan for the future. You’ll most often run into trouble with change when you spend much of your time worrying about the past.

Things may never be like they were; they’re only like they are right now. You can do something positive in this moment by forgetting about the past and focusing on doing something spectacular for your present.

4.    Ask for help. Remember that you’re not alone in life. It might feel like that sometimes, but it’s not true. If you’re having an especially hard time dealing with a certain change, it’s completely understandable, and you should feel no shame in asking for help. Sometimes you’ll feel better if you can just lean on a friend or family member for some support.

5.    Look at the big picture. Sometimes, in order to find a positive mindset about change, it helps to step back and look at the bigger picture. You might be caught up in dealing with one aspect and it might be consuming all of your life in that moment.

Take a breath and realize that there’s much more to life. Think about what your ultimate goals are and remember how you’ve dealt with changes in the past. Maybe there’s a life lesson that you learned that will make you better able to cope now.

6.    Focus on things that stay the same. While nothing in life is permanent, there are certain things you can count on. If you think of these things when you’re in need, it just may provide you with comfort.

For instance, maybe you’re upset that you have to move away, but you can take comfort in the fact that you’re moving with your family or that you’ll meet some wonderful new people along the way!

Remember that everyone is different; you might find a certain strategy forcoping with change better suited for yourself than someone else. Your goal is to find something that works for you!

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Your Essential Roadmap For Staying Positive and Focused in The New Year!


Who else wants to make real improvements in their life in the new year? Use this roadmap for staying positive and focused!

While there are many positives when it comes to modern life, the downside is that sometimes people try to cram too many things into one day. In this fast paced world, stress may get the better of you and you might have trouble looking on the bright side.

Scheduling Downtime

You may feel like you should always be doing something productive. However, taking care of yourself is ultimately the most productive thing you can do. When you’ve given yourself proper rest and permission to do whatever you want once in awhile, you’ll be better able to focus great efforts on the other things in your life that matter.

People that schedule downtime for themselves clearly have lower stress levels. Allow yourself a proper amount of time for rest. Get 6-8 hours of sleep at night and avoid the temptation to stay up doing something else with that time.

You should also allow yourself a portion of the day where you get to do whatever you want. Even when time is short, let yourself enjoy a few minutes of total relaxation sometime during the day to rejuvenate.

Scheduling proper downtime also gives you time for reflection. When you reflect on your life, you can concentrate on the meaning of it all. You’ll be more likely to truly enjoy your journey. It’s so easy to let life pass you by if you don’t take some time to reflect.

Concentrating On Attitude

Thinking positively is something you can choose to do regardless of your circumstances in life. Everyone struggles with it from time to time, and you owe it to yourself to focus on having a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is the foundation for a good life. Your outlook will allow you to enjoy all the craziness and will equip you to deal with the stressful parts. When negative thinking creeps up, just think about the things that are going right. You can also visualize how it’ll feel when things turn around for the better.

Keeping Up

In a fast paced life, you can definitely take certain steps to slow your life down, but you can also work on being able to keep up!

Make a list of the areas where you’re having trouble balancing. Brainstorm actions that you can take to improve your ability to cope.

For example, if you struggle to complete your tasks at work, see what you can do to fix this challenge. Maybe you can do one of your projects more efficiently. Perhaps you can rearrange your schedule to take care of the more stressful tasks first, leaving the least stressful for the end of the day when you’re ready to unwind.

Dealing with Stress

Stress in your day-to-day life is nearly unavoidable. However, it’s how you deal with the stress that counts. It’s important for you to not let it build up, or it could lead to greater issues in the long run.

Do what you can to relieve your stress in a healthy way. Work on relaxation and breathing techniques. If you’re more socially inclined, venting to a close friend can help you deal with stress. As long as you’re doing something to relieve your stress, you’ll be able to jump back into your faced paced life with a positive attitude.

Just because the world we live in is hectic, it doesn’t mean that your life needs to be that way also. When you use these tips, you’ll find it a lot easier to remain positive and enjoy a stress-free life.

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How to Turn Off Negative Thoughts and Turn on Your Own Positivity During a Life Crisis


It is a very common misconception that you have no control over what thoughts come into your mind and how they affect you.

In reality, you can learn how to turn off negative thoughts, to shut them down as soon as they enter your mind and even to prevent them from showing up at all.

Becoming a more positive person can be a serious asset, especially during a life crisis.

Losing a loved one, a major life upheaval like a career change or job loss, illness, and divorce do not have to bring out the worst in you. When you learn how to harness positivity, you can use these situations for betterment—or at the very least, power through without getting bogged down in what is an inherently negative situation.

Inject Positivity into Your Life

Start by seeking out people who are naturally positive. When you surround yourself with negative people, they can feed on and encourage you to have a negative outlook. While it can be cathartic to sit around and discuss all of the things that are going wrong in your life, eventually, it stops being useful and becomes a boon. When you only have friends or family members that want to talk about the negatives, you will only ever be able to focus on the negatives.

That’s not to say that every situation has a silver lining. Some just don’t, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be dealt with in a positive way. Talk about the negative things—yes—but do not make your life just about the negatives.

Surround yourself with positive thinkers, problem solvers, and listeners who will both commiserate with you about how bad the situation is, but also take you by the shoulders and help you lift yourself out of the bad and into the good. Again, that doesn’t mean pointing out that someone else’s life is worse, it means taking an honest look at your situation and helping you deal with it.

Other ways to bring more positivity into your life from exterior sources is to find a funny television show that you love watching. Listen to uplifting music. Take a yoga class. Find a hobby that you truly love and devote at least a little time each week to it. Read a positive book.

Learn to Identify Negative Thoughts

You likely already know what a negative thought looks and feels like. It can be about yourself, about someone in your life, or about the situation at hand. It may be the first thing that pops into your head.

For example, if you are standing in line at the grocery store and the woman ahead of you is taking an age to write a check for the three things she purchased, the first thing that pops into your head may be, “Really? Did she have to pick the most time consuming method of payment?”

This is an inherently negative thought, and while it may not have anything to do with the life crisis that is really pulling you down, it is definitely a symptom of that bigger problem. When you are feeling negative, the negative thoughts are more likely to come and dominate your mind. So, how can you turn them off?

Make a Conscious Effort to Think Positively

Give that person the benefit of the doubt. Think about others as you would want them to think about you and your life. Especially at first, shutting down a negative thought and being more positive does take effort. As a thought pops up, you have to evaluate whether it is positive or negative, and if it is negative, correct yourself with a positive one.

Realizing that you do not know very much about another person’s life and why they do the things they do can help you think more positively about the people around you. Just as you would never consciously hurt someone else or try to inconvenience them, very few people are actively trying to slow you down or make your life harder.

When necessary, rely on those problem-solving friends and family members. They are the ones that listen to your problems and then say, “What can we do to make it better?” And most of all, keep in mind that no one is perfect and expecting them to be, especially expecting yourself to be, is unreasonable.

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