Best Pool Toys for A Summer Filled With Fun & Relaxation!


Pool toys have certainly come a long way.

Back when we were kids, the only pool toys we ever had were squirt guns and inflatable floaties and rings. Apart from squirting water on one another or dunking each other into the pool, there weren’t many other games we enjoyed in the pool.

While those were fun days with amazing memories, it is pretty cool to see that pool toys have developed a long way and now we can enjoy endless fun in the swimming pool this summer. Take a look at some of the best pool toys kids and adults can enjoy this summer!


Poolside Basketball Hoop

How about a fun game of basketball right in the pool? You can enjoy a fun basketball game with family and friends with this poolside basketball hoop. Attach it to the side and use the included basketball and net to enjoy a vigorous and fun game right in the pool.

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Playing Volleyball By the Pool is Fun Too!

For those who enjoy ball games in the pool, you should also take a look at this poolside volleyball game set. Water volleyball is a great game that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old. It is a fun way to give your body a great workout while you are enjoying the summer in the pool. It is also a great way to bond as a group of friends or family and discover the greatness of working as a team and family togetherness while having fun this summer.

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Playing ball games in the pool can be very refreshing and stress relieving as well. A fun game together can be great exercise and would help you spend time with your loved ones without worrying about chores, errands, agendas and the daily grind that stresses you out. You can forget the cares and worries for a moment and just focus on having fun playing games right at the pool.

Dive Sticks and Ball Makes Diving Fun

Remember those quarters Grandpa used to throw to the bottom of the pool for you to dive in and catch? Now these dive sticks come in many shapes and sizes for kids to enjoy on a fun day in the pool. Let kids enjoy the thrill of diving in to retrieve “treasure” with these fun dive balls and sticks. Which kid wouldn’t love the colorful fun dive sticks? These pool toys are a guarantee for some fun in the water.

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 Intex Floating Recliner LoungeCheck Price

And what about you…mom? ( or dad of course!) Looking for a more relaxed time in the pool? Then you should take a look at this recliner lounge that floats around the pool. With 2 air chambers, it can be set up very quickly for you to hop on and float around the pool as you lie in the sun, or read a book. Included are 2 cup holders so you can enjoy your favorite beverage as you float around the pool.

These water lounges are great for parents to watch over the kids having fun in the pool and relax all at the same time. It is durable and could help you unwind in the pool this summer.

Can you imagine a better way to get some much needed rest and relaxation this summer? Lounging on these recliners would be the ultimate in summer stress relief. You can relax, unwind, and settle down with your favorite beverage or your favorite book.

Roll Away in a Waterwheel

You can get rolling on one of these inflatable waterwheels this summer! Who says that rolling around in a wheel is just for hamsters? Now get into a waterwheel and roll up and down the pool however fast or slow you want to. Kids can get on their knees inside these easy to use inflatable wheels and roll all around the pool!

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Poolside Water Slide

Not all pools come with their own installed water slide. But does that mean that you need to make do without the fun of sliding straight into the water? Absolutely not! Take a look at these water slides. They are a perfect addition to any swimming pool this summer. And since they are inflatable, they can be set up easily and also easily stored away when not in use. Kids can enjoy a safe ride down the slide into the water for some splashing fun by the pool. Pool time certainly would be Lots and lots more fun with this poolside toy.

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The Noodle – Kid’s Favorite Pool Toy

A classic favorite among kids is this simple and fun filled noodle in the pool. These flexible foam tubes can be great fun for anyone to enjoy with just a little creativity. They are also a great swimming aid for those who are still learning how to swim and are trying to gain more confidence to swim better and more safely. Kids can use these foam tubes around the pool to gain more support as they learn how to swim better this summer. Check out some popular noodle pool toy sets below that you can enjoy this summer.

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There are also plenty of large inflatables that would fit perfectly in your garden or on your patio so you too can enjoy a fun day out at the pool. Take a look at this fun pool play set below. You can use it to make your own pool right at home and enjoy as a family. This is a great way to stay cool and have tons of fun this summer. The ultimate “staycation” during financially difficult times.

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So as you can see there are plenty of fun pool toys for you to enjoy with family and friends this summer. Do you love playing in the pool all through summer? If you do, what is your favorite pool activity and what are the pool toys that you are looking forward to enjoying this summer? Playing in the pool could certainly be a fun way to de-stress and enjoy your summer. I sure hope that you have a splashing fun time in the pool with your family and friends! Remember to unwind and relax!