Outdoor Furniture Cushions: Perfect For Lulling You Into A Peaceful Outdoor Nap

Having backyard furniture can be a real treat for the whole family to enjoy. There’s nothing like relaxing on a chaise lounge, sipping an ice-cold lemonade and watching the lazy summer days come and go. When you’re finished with your refreshing dip in the pool, it’s nice to have a chaise lounge that you can stretch out on. The cushions are enough to lull anyone into a peaceful outdoor nap. Chaise Lounge Comfort  Requires A Quality Cushion That comfort can be interrupted. Over time, the cushions can lose their shape, lose their color and even get holes in them from sharp objects or frisky pets using it as a scratching post. Or maybe you’ve inherited some used outdoor furniture like a chaise lounge from family or friends and the cushion just isn’t what you would prefer it to be. If that’s the case, you can easily replace it with a Strathwood Chaise Lounge Cushion and enjoy comfort for years to come. This cushion will make any chaise lounge look like it got an instant upgrade in fashion and style. It’s soft and has just the right amount of fill (you get a cushy four inches) to make sitting on the chaise an exercise in comfort. The cloth covering the cushion isn’t stiff like you can sometimes get with other cushions. Instead, the polyester material is loosely designed so that the cushion isn’t hot or sticky to sit on, even on those scorching summer days. The cushions hold on their color because the material opposes the damage caused by the sun’s light and it won’t easily absorb dirt or discoloration from spills. Cleaning is a breeze. The Best Chaise Lounge Cushion The length and width of the Strathwood Chaise Lounge Cushion is fairly universal, so it can easily fit any standard chaise lounge chair. We all know how kids love to jump on indoor or outdoor furniture no matter what might be on the bottoms of their shoes. In the event that someone does accidentally get something on a cushion, all you have to do is shake off any debris. If it’s food or drink that gets dropped onto the cushion, just sponge it up immediately and the cushion will be as good as new. You can get the cushion in a choice of four colors – black, red, neutral or mist (which looks like a mint green). Once you get the cushion you’ve selected, all you have to do to be ready to use it is tie it to the chaise with the handy cushion ties. Like any cushion, if they’re left outdoors in the elements, they’ll get soggy with water – so you’ll need to either protect them by buying a chaise lounge cover or store them out of the elements when the weather is bad.   Image: Amazon.com