Five Options for Fun On The Lake Using Non-Motorized Boats

If you think you need a motorized boats for having fun on the lake this summer, I can tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth! Sure, motor boats are lots of fun, but there is a down side too…they’re loud, your hair and clothes are whipping about, and your teeth feel like they’re working loose by the end of the ride.

That’s not really my style, so I am looking at other options for non-motorized boats. I came up with six super cool choices for fun on the lake using crafts without engines.


#1. The Magic of A Canoe – You have to admit. There’s something a little magical about gliding along in a canoe. You can observe birds and wildlife up close, and you feel like you’re a part of the nature surrounding you. Canoes are easier to maneuver with two people; the one at the back does the steering. Otherwise with one person, the paddle has to be constantly switched from one side to the other to get the canoe to go the direction you intend. Canoes are pointy in the front and rear, but fairly narrow meaning they’re easier to tip over. So if you are not sure how to maneuver in a canoe, this may not be the best option for you.

#2. Try A Pedal Boat – Now this is a lot of fun. If you want to try it first before investing in your own pedal boat, you can rent one at waterfront resorts. You get to sit in a chair and pedal which means your arms don’t have to do any of the work. A pedal boat can scoot around the lake with one or two people pedaling.

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#3. Discover The Joys Of Kayaking – Kayaking is similar to canoeing. Kayaks are made for one or two people and the paddling motion is similar to that of canoeing, but the paddles tend to be shorter and lighter. There are different shapes of kayaks so you have to choose the right one for you, depending on whether you’re a beginner or experienced, whether you’re on a lake/slow river or you’re shooting some rapids.

#4. Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Your probably know the song. Learning how to row is not as easy as that song makes it seem. It’s not as easy as paddling a kayak either. For one thing, you sit backwards so you can’t easily see where you’re going. Then you’ve got to dig both oars into the water at the same time, but not too deep or you’ll cause the oar rings to come out of their slots. It takes some practice, but it’s fun once you get the hang of it. Plus row boats don’t tip easy, and they can hold more of your stuff or more people. Fishing can be done from a rowboat. Rowing is a great form of exercise too!

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#5. Get On A Surf Bike – It seems that these are the latest craze and happy users say this is an excellent way to get some exercise while enjoying the water. Actually, you can ride from land right into the water. That DOES sound like fun. There are accessories you can get that will connect two bikes together, allowing for more stability, plus you can turn it into a kayak. Picture a stationary exercise bike sitting on top of a flatter kayak and you’ve got the surf bike. It’s not for me, but if the thrill of trying something new on the water the summer appeals to you, then a surf bike may be just right for you.

Who Needs a Motor Boat?

With the five fun non-motorized options mentioned above, who needs a motor boat? You can use one of the five popular ways of moving on water without a motor. I don’t know about you, but I find it very satisfying and relaxing to just slow down, observe nature, and listen to the water lapping against the side of the boat. Taking your time just got better. It’s a much more rewarding experience. Have Fun!