Top Ten Resolutions for The New Year If You Want to Stress Less and Live More

New-Year_Resolutions_list When it comes to stress management for women, New Year’s is a time to start fresh, to do something new, to really make a change in your life. If you are living a stressful life and want to actually start living, I have some resolutions for the New Year that you can make to start living a happier, more fulfilling life. Let’s be serious, it’s no fun to live in a constant state of stress. Use the New Year to start eliminating stress and bringing more joy into your life.

  1. Spend more time with friends and family. Friends and family should be the be-all, end-all in your life. Making money, sustaining your life, and having hobbies are all great and noble pursuits, but real happiness comes from fulfilling relationships. Make a commitment in the New Year to work on your most important relationships and make them more fulfilling. Do something a group. Go camping, have dinner, watch a movie, etc.
  1. Fit in fitness. Are you walking enough? Exercising enough? Most busy people do not make fitness a priority, when in reality, it can make them far more productive. Just taking half an hour, every day, to do something active can seriously improve your mood, productivity, and even boost your energy levels throughout the day. Make a point to fit in fitness this next year, whether you get outside or just walk on a treadmill in your own home.
  1. Eat healthy. Food and stress are heavily connected. If you’re not eating right, your body is going to be more stressed. Eating junk food, while it might feel good in the moment, is terrible in the long term. Making a resolution to eat healthier and to make cooking a less stressful task, is a great way to improve your life.
  1. Embrace relaxation techniques. If you’re not already actively trying to reduce your stress, now is the time to make a commitment to start. Instead of letting stress control your life, control your stress with a relaxation technique that works for you.
  1. Enjoy life more and stress less. You can make the decision to stress less and to live a more enjoyable life. You may need to eliminate some habits and implement some new ones, but it is possible. This book can show you how.
  1. Better time management. When it comes to stress management for women, this is one of the most important things a woman can do. Lacking time is one of the number one stressors among busy women. How do you find time to work and take care of your home and family? Finding ways to manage your time more effectively as a part of your New Year’s resolutions can mean more time for the truly important things in life.
  1. Get out of debt. Financial stress is the most common and most detrimental kind of stress a woman can face. Taking actions to gain control of your finances during the next year can help eliminate the stress from your life.
  1. Learn something new or take up a hobby. Gaining a new skill can make you feel as accomplished and competent as you actually are. Pick a skill or hobby that will benefit your life and reduce stress. Gardening is a great example, but anything that makes you feel calm for a few moments during a hectic day, week, or month, is worth your time.
  1. Do something for others. Doing something for others is a great way to improve your own life. When you focus on the needs of someone else, you can forget about your own problems and stress for a few hours. Make someone a great gift, volunteer at a homeless or animal shelter, or donate time or money to a great cause.


  2. Get organized. Clutter in your home and yard can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. New Year’s is a great time to de-clutter your life. Get organized and throw out the things you don’t need. If you don’t have any storage in your backyard, invest in a storage shed to hide your trashcans, mower, or other yard tools. Get some filing cabinets and other storage for your business papers inside your home. Don’t let mess and clutter be another source of stress in the New Year!

Your Essential Roadmap For Staying Positive and Focused in The New Year!


Who else wants to make real improvements in their life in the new year? Use this roadmap for staying positive and focused!

While there are many positives when it comes to modern life, the downside is that sometimes people try to cram too many things into one day. In this fast paced world, stress may get the better of you and you might have trouble looking on the bright side.

Scheduling Downtime

You may feel like you should always be doing something productive. However, taking care of yourself is ultimately the most productive thing you can do. When you’ve given yourself proper rest and permission to do whatever you want once in awhile, you’ll be better able to focus great efforts on the other things in your life that matter.

People that schedule downtime for themselves clearly have lower stress levels. Allow yourself a proper amount of time for rest. Get 6-8 hours of sleep at night and avoid the temptation to stay up doing something else with that time.

You should also allow yourself a portion of the day where you get to do whatever you want. Even when time is short, let yourself enjoy a few minutes of total relaxation sometime during the day to rejuvenate.

Scheduling proper downtime also gives you time for reflection. When you reflect on your life, you can concentrate on the meaning of it all. You’ll be more likely to truly enjoy your journey. It’s so easy to let life pass you by if you don’t take some time to reflect.

Concentrating On Attitude

Thinking positively is something you can choose to do regardless of your circumstances in life. Everyone struggles with it from time to time, and you owe it to yourself to focus on having a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is the foundation for a good life. Your outlook will allow you to enjoy all the craziness and will equip you to deal with the stressful parts. When negative thinking creeps up, just think about the things that are going right. You can also visualize how it’ll feel when things turn around for the better.

Keeping Up

In a fast paced life, you can definitely take certain steps to slow your life down, but you can also work on being able to keep up!

Make a list of the areas where you’re having trouble balancing. Brainstorm actions that you can take to improve your ability to cope.

For example, if you struggle to complete your tasks at work, see what you can do to fix this challenge. Maybe you can do one of your projects more efficiently. Perhaps you can rearrange your schedule to take care of the more stressful tasks first, leaving the least stressful for the end of the day when you’re ready to unwind.

Dealing with Stress

Stress in your day-to-day life is nearly unavoidable. However, it’s how you deal with the stress that counts. It’s important for you to not let it build up, or it could lead to greater issues in the long run.

Do what you can to relieve your stress in a healthy way. Work on relaxation and breathing techniques. If you’re more socially inclined, venting to a close friend can help you deal with stress. As long as you’re doing something to relieve your stress, you’ll be able to jump back into your faced paced life with a positive attitude.

Just because the world we live in is hectic, it doesn’t mean that your life needs to be that way also. When you use these tips, you’ll find it a lot easier to remain positive and enjoy a stress-free life.

Now, It’s YOUR Turn

In the comments below, share with us:

1. What do you plan to accomplish in the new year?
2. Which of the above techniques do you think would work best for you?

New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Make Time for You!

Realize that you’re important and valuable. Taking care of your happiness (and sanity) is an essential part of creating a balanced life and managing stress effectively. Even if for just two hours each week, put everyone else’s needs aside and focus on you! This is one of the new year resolutions tips for success that can really make a difference in your happiness. this year.

Take a candlelit bubble bath while having a glass of wine and catching up on your favorite Hollywood gossip. Or, maybe just take your dog to the park on a sunny afternoon. Do whatever helps you unwind and enter a mindset of total relaxation.

In the comments below, share with us:

1. What special something can you do this week to take care of YOU?
2. What are the top three activities that help you unwind and achieve total relxation?

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New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Visualize the Outcome & Stay Positive!

When you run into snags in the road, as you’re bound to in life from time to time, it will help to visualize yourself reaching your end goal. Visualizing it makes it feel real and motivates you to continue to work hard to make it happen. Make this one of the main new year resolutions tips for success you apply and follow.

 The Right Attitude

 If you’re practicing the right attitude, you can go far. It’s true that all you need to do is believe in yourself. You’ve probably realized that if you don’t believe that you can accomplish something, you simply won’t. How can you expect to achieve great things if you don’t believe in yourself?

An optimistic attitude is critical to your success. Think about how you felt when you first set your stress management New Year’s goal. Chances are that you had an excellent attitude, so try to maintain that mindset throughout your journey to success with your goal.

 Once you’ve determined a realistic stress management goal and divided it up into short, achievable tasks, you’re bound for success as long as you take action to complete each step. Go ahead and make that New Year’s resolution, knowing that this year is going to be your most successful yet!

In the comments below, tell us:

1. What will you do when you run into problems and challenges in achieving your goals?
2. What can you do to maintain the positive attitude needed to visualize your goals?

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New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Keep It Real

You have to stay realistic when it comes to your new year resolutions tips for success. The holidays are a joyful time, and often times you’ll feel motivated to achieve something big. Know that you can achieve big things, but there are also only 24 hours in a day.

Avoid making goals that would take more than a year to complete. If you want to make a long-term goal, break it up into parts and give yourself a realistic plan for your first year goal.  This is one of the best new year resolutions tips for success to take to heart in the new year.

In the comments below, tell us:

1. What BIG goal would you like to accomplish this year?
2. How can you break that BIG goal into 5-7 achievable parts to develop a realistic plan?

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New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Take It Slow

The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh and new year resolutions tips for success can get you started on the right track. One aspect of your life that you may want to improve, is stress management!  Stress affects every aspect of your life, both and home and at work.  So setting some clear and attainable goals for yourself in the area of stress management is the best New Year’s Resolution you can make!

But you need to take it slowly!  Work towards your goal one piece at a time. It’s important to take it slow and not take on too much at once. The main reason that some people fail when it comes to their New Year’s goals is because they fail to plan out a realistic path.


In the comments below, tell us:

1. What areas of your life causes you the most stress?

2. What simple step can you take to reduce stress in that specific area of your life?

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New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Form a Routine

When you start anything new, you should take baby steps.  It’s one of the main new year resolutions tips for success. The reason you want to take baby steps at first is because once you form a new routine, it’s actually easy to hold yourself to it. Some say that it takes as little as two weeks to get a new routine engrained in your brain.

For example, in the weight loss scenario, starting an exercise routine can be especially grueling if you’re out of shape. The first two days can leave you tired, sore, and weak. That doesn’t sound like fun at all! However, those first two days are the worst you’ll endure. After your routine is built, you may find that you look forward to your exercise sessions. 

In the eating healthier scenario, the first few days driving by the fast food restaurant without stopping may test you self-control and determination.  But once your taste buds and your body gets accustomed to the nourishing and nutritious fruits, grains and veggies you start feeding it, you won’t look back!  You’ll be thrilled with the healthier, happier, stress-resistant, new YOU!

In the comments below, tell us:

1. What baby steps can you take TODAY toward your New Year’s resolution jump start a healthier lifestyle?
2. What baby steps can you take to form a routine for a healthier lifestyle?

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New Year Resolutions Tips For Success: Take Action!

There’s a reason why most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions. It’s because they’re big on dreams, but little on action. This is one of the important new year resolutions tips for success: just like most things in life, you shouldn’t decide to undertake major lifestyle changes on a whim. 

Taking action is usually where people tend to run into some trouble. It’s easy to get pumped up about an idea, but when it comes down to executing your plan, you might be tempted to fall short.

In this situation, you only need to muster up the energy to start. Tell yourself that you’re going to stick to your new plan for one week and then evaluate how it went. On the other hand, if you take everything in all at once, you’ll be less likely to begin in the first place. If it looks overwhelming, just focus on the short term.

In the comments below, tell us:

1. What short term steps can you take this week to reduce stress?
2. What reward can you give yourself for taking action this week?

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