A Self-Help Book Everyone Should Read!

When it comes to coping with life’s challenges, there is a book everyone should read!

Every woman living in the 21st century gets overwhelmed once in a while.

Whether at work or at home, dealing with life’s problems is just a normal happening in the cycle of modern life.

However, sometimes the strain and tension we encounter becomes overwhelming and we may start to feel the ill effects of prolonged pressure in the form of headaches, back aches, lost weight, heart problems, and a whole list of other health problems.

Thankfully, there is a very good book that can help you cope!

The Bible- The Ultimate Stress Management Book

One of the best books everyone should read to cope with life’s challenges actually comes from a source few consider consulting- The Bible!

Granted, the bible is not a stress management self-help book like the books in the toolkit mentioned above, but it contains precious gems of practical wisdom and suggestions that can help us reduce and manage the tensions and anxieties of modern day living.

The bible actually explains why our times are characterized by so much anger, strife, and hardship and it even identifies the factors that contribute to stress both on a PERSONAL level and on a global level.

Think the bible is outdated, ancient and impractical for our modern times? Think again!

Take a look at a small sampling of the practical suggestions offered in the bible that can help you reduce stress:

  • Have realistic expectations of yourself and others. Do not expect perfection. (Ecclesiastes 7:16)
  • Talk it out. Communication is essential for good relationships (Proverbs 15:22)
  • Set realistic goals and priorities (Philippians 1:10,11)
  • Exercise regularly (1 Timothy 4:8)
  • Get natural stress relief from God’s creation (Psalm 92:4,5)
  • Schedule quiet time and solitude to refresh your mind and soul (Mathew 14:22)
  • Get sufficient sleep and make time for relaxation (Ecclesiastes 4:6)

Still not convinced that the bible is one of the books everyone should read to cope effectively with life’s problems? Consider this.

Many modern-day self-help books echo the practical wisdom of the bible that was written centuries ago.

That’s because the vital truths and practical guidance of the bible works!

It’s as practical and as beneficial today, as it was when it was written centuries ago!

It’s Not Just The Book!

In addition to the book everyone should read above, there is one more vital aspect to stress management.

Knowing the practical steps needed to reduce strain and anxiety is one thing, but applying what the books have suggested for you to do is another.

So basically, it’s not just the book, you have to take action and apply the suggestions given in order to improve your happiness and contentment in life.

No one can do that for you. You are the only one that can manage and cope with the problems that come into your life.

Ultimately, you are the only one in control!

The book everyone should read mentioned above is a genuine stress management book which has been proven to be effective.

But it cannot help you if you are unwilling to take action to change your life for the better.

The ultimate “cure” for YOUR Stress actually lies with YOU.