If Your Dog Destroys The House When Left Alone–This Is a House-Saver!

Whether your dog experiences separation anxiety or just likes to get himself into trouble, you know the anguish of coming home to a completely ripped apart house. We love our dogs, but sometimes they can be destructive. It’s understandable, of course…but if your dog destroys the house when left alone, then you need this house-saver.

Dogs see us as part of their pack, and when we leave them, they are anxious and sad, being separated from their pack. This can make them chew on furniture, rip up shoes, even scratch away at carpet.

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Some dogs even eat things they find lying around the house, from toys, to shoes, to keys. This can be dangerous, especially for large dogs, who are tall enough to get into your cabinets. Lots of food that we eat every day are toxic to man’s best friend. Instead of risking your furniture and your dog’s life every time you have to leave Fido home alone, invest in a quality dog kennel.

Dogs actually love kenneling, once they get used to it. Just as dogs are pack animals, they are also den animals, and are most comfortable being left alone when they are left in a confined space. But if you have a large or particularly aggressive dog, not any kennel will do. The ProSelect Empire Cage is specially designed to hold large, enthusiastic dogs and keep them and your belongings safe.

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While “cage” may seem like a scary word, remember that dogs don’t see it this way. Once they are used to the small, confined space, they will treat it just like a cozy burrow or small cave. Some dogs even sleep in their kennels, even if they are not told to by their owners, simply because they come to believe that the kennel is their home.

This kennel is designed for dogs that have the bite power and physical strength the break out of other kennels—these dogs are usually the ones most prone to destroy your house. The bars are actually made out of steel, with special welding and double latches, so that even the smartest dog cannot work his way out of the cage. Weaker kennels have pressure points, which once a dogs finds them, can be pushed against to get out of the kennel. This cage does not have those points.

With sturdy construction and dog-proof design, this cage is a house-saver. It can even be a life-saver for your dog. It is important, however, to properly crate train your dog before leaving him alone inside, because this can increase feeling of separation anxiety, instead of quelling them. Easing him inside, allowing him to have treats and water, as well as a toy and something that smells like his owner, will all help him adjust and create a safer environment for all involved.