Raising Teenagers: Practical Tips And Guidelines That Work!

Raising teenagers can be a real challenge in this day and age. Times have changed so drastically, and in many ways not for the better.

Teenagers are exposed to a wide spectrum of challenges and pressure which some parents don’t seem to grasp.

However, when parents make the effort to get to know their teenagers, to understand the pressures they face, and to talk to them about the tough choices they face, the rewards can be great.

Most teenagers are smart and can make the right decisions just like any adult would if they have the proper knowledge and guidance. Unfortunately, for most parents that may be easier said than done.

Raising teenagers can be a bitter sweet pill for many parents.

On the one hand, you are proud of your teenager who is growing in to adulthood and desiring more independence. On the other hand, you may not be quite ready to let go and give her the freedom she craves. This is natural.

Every parent throughout all the generations experienced a similar “battle”.

The trick is having the wisdom to know when your teenager is ready to learn certain lessons and having the confidence to “gradually” let go.

And yes…that is much easier said than done!

Treat Your Teenager As A Young Adult

Don’t make the common mistake of treating your teenagers like children.

Sure, as far as you are concerned, your teenager will always be “your baby”, but as your teenager starts going through the physical, mental and emotional changes of puberty and adolescent, she will resent being treated as a child.

Rightfully so.

She is now a young adult, eager and curious about life and all it has to offer. Isn’t that how YOU felt when you were a teenager? If you eye her every move and talk down to her, you’ll eventually lose her trust.

She will turn to her friends or someone else ( anyone but you) to confide in, and share her thoughts and concerns with.

A better strategy when raising teenagers is to allow them to be themselves while at the same time nurturing and guiding them when they need it.

If you treat them as young adults and give them some space to be themselves, they’re more likely to open up to you.

You may be saying to yourself…”but giving my teenager too much freedom is a recipe for disaster”. And you would be 100% correct.

That is what makes raising teenagers so challenging.

It’s a constant challenge for parents of teenagers to walk that fine line between treating them like a young adult, while still exerting some parental control.

That requires skill, wisdom, insight, and a lot of self control. It’s tough to watch your teenager make mistakes that you think you could have prevented.

The only thing you can really do is give them advice when they are open to it and help them to see the risks and harm of not following the advice given.

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Raising Teenagers Means Talking About Sex

If you feel awkward talking about sex with your teen, you’re not alone. Most parents feel that way.

There is a good chance your teenager already knows a great deal about this topic, so you won’t have to start from the “beginning” with the birds and bees.

But be prepared to give honest answers if your teenager ask you questions. Think about it this way. Who would you rather they get information from?

From you? From some friend at school? From the internet? Obviously, its much better for them to be getting information from you.

You’ll know that what you’re providing is accurate, and you’ll be building a lasting relationship with your teen that will grow into adulthood.

Raising Teenagers Means Talking About Drugs

The topic of drugs is another important one that must be discussed when raising teenagers. When it comes to drugs, the earlier you have the discussion with your kids the better.

Children should be taught to avoid drugs even before they become teenagers, but it’s certainly a topic you should bring up with your teenagers as well.

Try to find out what they think and how they feel about the topic, without coming across as judgmental and without jumping to conclusions.

Raising Teenagers Means Trusting Them

After you have done all you could do, raising teenagers comes down to the issue of trust. Bear in mind that trust is a two way street. Trust has to be earned on both sides of the equation.

When your teen makes good decisions based on your advice and guidance, your trust in her grows and its easier for you to give her more and more independence.

And when you give your teenager the benefit of your trust, she also has a chance to grow into the responsible adult you would like her to be.

How To Survive You Child’s Teen Years With Your Sanity Intact!

There’s no ‘handbook’ that comes with each child advising you how to cope with their teen years.  Raising teenagers in the 21st century is not for the faint of heart!  If the task becomes too much for you, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.  However, you may first want to try the 5 tips below:

1.    Stay involved with your teen. Make time to talk. Know who their friends are and keep in close contact with teachers and other mentors. Keeping the lines of communication open on a regular basis will make it seem less like an “interrogation” when you do have to talk to them about something important.

2.    Be a stable influence in your teen’s life. She may call you ‘boring’ and ‘behind the times,’ but she needs stability in her ever-changing life and you can provide it by being a steady voice amongst all the chaos.

3.    Listen to your teenager. Of all the complaints most teens have against parents, the number one is that ‘they don’t listen.’ Be a parent who gives your full attention to what he’s saying. Even if most of it sounds like teen chatter, you may be able to glean information about your child that you need to know.

4.    Supervise your child’s technological devices. It pays to be a detective when you’re raising a teen in today’s world of cell phones and computers. Your teen may object loudly to this ‘invasion of privacy,’ but in today’s sinister world it’s become imperative that you know what your child is being subjected to.

5.    Set an example. Children seem to want to emulate their parents, and if they see you smoking, drinking in excess, cheating on tax returns and being dishonest or vindictive, they’ll likely do the same. If you have certain habits you don’t want them to emulate, talk to them about it and let them know what a struggle it is for you.

Never Give Up On Your Teenager!

Whatever you do, never give up on your teen.  It’s a tough period of life for your teenager too.   Your teenager is facing pressures and challenges you would never have dreamed of when you were his/her age.  So be patient, follow any tips you can find on how to raise a teenager, and keep the lines of communication open at all times.  If you do that, you are certain to survive your child’s teen years… with your sanity intact! Click the images below for access to valuable teenage parenting help and resources.

5 Tips on How to Raise a Teenager – Without Losing Your Cool!

There comes a time in your sweet baby’s life when he or she becomes unrecognizable. You may sometimes think that demons have invaded and wonder how you’re going to deal with it.

Here are 5 tips on how to raise a teenager that just may help you through those years and let you keep your sanity.

1.    Don’t be a friend – be a parent. Teens are begging for direction on the inside, even though they may be ranting and raving about ‘rules’ on the outside. For example, keeping them to strict curfews may be just the excuse they need to extricate themselves from dangerous situations.
2.    Pick battles with your teenager wisely.  You may decide to overlook funky clothes and hair and choose to face ‘battle’ about more serious subjects – like homework.
3.    Don’t vacillate. Stand your ground about important rules and don’t give in to whining, anger and intimidation.
4.    Give your teen options. Your teenager can feel more like he or she has some control by being able to choose from options. For example, rather than giving in to her wish of staying home alone, let her decide if she wants to stay at a relative or friend’s house.
5.    Be honest and straightforward. Teens have an uncanny knack to pick up on problems. If  your teenager asks or seems disturbed about something, confront the issue head on and ask for his/her opinion.

Need More Teenage Parenting Resources?

Raising teenagers calls for patience, insight, and resourcefulness.  Click the images below for access to valuable teenage parenting help and resources.

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