How to Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits

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Discomfort can be trying, but you can learn how to push yourself beyond your limits and make it work for you in a positive way.

I have learned that its crucial to push yourself beyond your comfort zone when life knocks you down.  I discovered how to make discomfort work to my advantage, even when faced with something as devastating as divorce. The first and most important step is to accept my situation, however distressing it might be.  When I accept the situation, I find the power to change it.

The truth is that true happiness depends more on your reaction to an event than on the event itself.  When I let  go of expectations and train myself to be resilient my anxiety levels drop drastically. I can then use my energy to focus on tackling the challenges with more confidence, courage and focus.

I try to stay focused on my purpose in life. For instance, when I remain focussed on why I want to complete a project, I can handle setbacks and obstacles better.

I trust in my strength. I know that I am capable of tolerating noisy neighbors or long lines at the bank. I create new strategies for coping with circumstances that may be beyond my control, rather than letting those circumstance control me.

I evaluate my self-talk. I distinguish between an inconvenience and a disaster.  There’s a huge difference, even though at times an inconvenience can seem like an insurmountable disaster.  During those tense and frustrating moments,  I encourage myself to stay calm, and use humor to dissolve tension. You can create a relaxation response during any stressful event.  Click here to learn how!

I have also learned to take baby steps that help me push myself beyond my limits. I identify the areas in my life where I tend to become irritated.  ( I was surprised to find that there are many).  Through gradual exposure I develop more effective responses. I may hang out in the break room for a few minutes each morning with a coworker I usually avoid until I discover how kind and interesting she really is. 

I think long term. Rather than dealing with stress by watching too much TV or eating half a cheesecake, I develop constructive outlets. Taking a walk or relaxing in a warm bath soothes me without any adverse consequences.

Today, I accept that inconvenience, challenges, setbacks, and delays are an inevitable part of life. I choose to remain peaceful and push myself beyond my limits to thrive and be happy…anyway.

Now its YOUR Turn. Share your answers to these self-reflection questions:

  1. How can you motivate yourself to push yourself beyond your limits and persevere through discomfort?
  2. How does discomfort contribute to your personal growth?
  3. What are 3 things you can do today to break out of your comfort zone?


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