8 Remarkable Strategies To Never Have a Bad Day Again!

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 Do you want to know how to never have a bad day again?Read on to find out how!

All of us are faced with good days and bad days. Just imagine for a second what it would be like if you could eliminate most of the bad days from your life? Sounds impossible right?  I thought so too, until I realized that I DO have the ability to turn each bad day into a good one and make bad days a thing of the past.

What actually makes a good day may differ from person to person. For me a good day is waking up to enjoy the birds chirping or the flowers outside my window, working hard at something I enjoy during the day, and being able to connect in a meaningful way with close family and friends, and maybe even a stranger, before the end of the day.

What would make a “good day”for you? What has to happen for you to label a day as “good”?  Depending on your answer, you may be able to make each day you’re alive a good day. It’s up to you.

I uses these 8 strategies to eliminate bad days from my week and you can do the same too:

  1. I refuse to have a bad day. There is ample opportunity to have a bad day. You don’t have to work oat it, and you don’t have to look for it.  Isn’t it funny how it just seems to “find” you? You might be running late or your car decides to break down. Someone might speak unkindly to you or you spill mustard on your pants.  Things just seem to happen at the worse possible time, and completely ruins your day…IF you let it. So don’t let it! For me, having a bad day can be a lot like eating a piece of my mom’s delicious apple pie I know I should ignore. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean I have to bite. Avoid letting a few minor mishaps ruin your day.
  1. I choose to be happy, or at least content. In spite of whatever is going wrong, I choose to be happy. Sometime a bad day can get really ugly, so one those super bad days when I can’t find any happiness, I try my best to at least be content. Fact is, you can choose to have a good day or a bad day. The secret is to release your expectations and try to see what’s good in each situation.  As hard as it may seem at the time, there is always some good in each situation. 
  2. I spend time with loved ones. There are few activities that are as effective in bringing back perspective to reality than spending time with a loved one. The stress, worry, and anxiety just seems to melt away. And “loved ones” can include your four-legged family friends and family members as well ( read: pets)! 
  3. I always try to be on time. I don’t know about you, but running late and being late creates stress for me. For me, the stress begins once I realize that I’m going to be late and it continues throughout the day. It rarely ends until the day is over. If you’re late for one activity, you can be late for everything afterwards, too. Give yourself plenty of time to keep your schedule intact and you’ll avoid the stress of a bad day. Click here for a great resource if the lack of time makes you feel stressed.
  4. I have a morning routine. If your morning starts well, you’ll find the rest of your day goes well. A morning routine is an effective way to get the day off to a positive start.  My morning starts at 5:45  am each day and I go through the same ( or similar) routine every morning: a glass of water upon rising,  a 20 minute walk, 15 minutes bible reading, a bowl of oats with raisins for breakfast, a bowl of fruit ( or something else healthy) for a mid morning snack, and I am out the door by by 8 Am for work.  Important note: I usually prepare my work clothes the night before.  Consider using this fabulous tool if you are a busy woman who needs to save time and look great for work each day. And click here to learn how to get your day off to a good start in 20 minutes flat!
  • An effective routine can include what time you wake up, a review of your to-do list, wearing the clothes you laid out the night before, affirmations, exercise, and anything else you enjoy in the morning. Build your routine slowly and ensure it enhances your day.  Once your routine become a habit, you will be amazed at how it enhances you day.  I have an “end of day” routine as well…but I’ll share that in another blog post.  :-)
  1. I realize that LESS is MORE, so I try doing less. Having too much to do each day can be overwhelming.  Being overcommitted can easily create many challenges that get in the way of having a good day. Reduce your schedule to the most important 3-5 tasks. Stick to the important and urgent tasks. Reschedule the rest. Be balanced with the amount of tasks and responsibilities you take on each day to avoid burn-out and bad days.
  2. I have learned to complete my most important tasks FIRST. There are few things more frustrating than a stressful day that accomplishes little. Give yourself the gift of knowing that you completed at least one important task. That’s more than most can claim. Complete it as early in the day as possible and give yourself time to accomplish even more.
  3. I am grateful for the blessings of each day, no matter how small. When life is wearing you down, remember all the great things in your life. Give yourself a few minutes to list all the positive people and circumstances in your life. Are you healthy? Do you have friends and family? Your life is probably much better than you think!Start a gratitude journal and consider listing at least 3 things that fill you with gratitude as part of your morning routine. Your attitude will be primed to have a good day.

Having a good day is relative. The worst day for a middle-class American might be a great day for a child in a third-world country. Only you can assign a quality label to your day. Make the conscious decision to have a great day.

Now it’s Your Turn

Used the comment box below to share with us:

1. What 3 things are you most grateful for?

2. What 3 strategies above could you use to eliminate bad days from your life?


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