Vegetable Garden Planner: What’s In Your Patio Vegetable Garden?

Let’s start of by stating an important fact: not all vegetable gardens are created equal. Gardens are as individual and different as the people who plant them. You see, gardeners have needs and desires, and they plant accordingly.

So what’s in my patio vegetable garden may not be in yours…unless maybe if we worked with the same vegetable garden planner!

That said, even though each vegetable garden may be different, there is usually a theme to each one. Most folks use some sort of vegetable garden planner to determine what kind of vegetable garden they want to plant and what crop to grow in their vegetable garden. Let’s explore some of these.



4 Vegetable Garden Planner Ideas for Beginners

A kitchen garden. This is usually a smaller vegetable garden grown close to the house, preferably close to the kitchen. Imagine the convenience of having your choice of veggies right outside the kitchen door. All you would need to do is step outside and grab whatever you need for your daily cooking. Making a salad? Grab a couple handfuls of lettuce, a tomato, some radishes, green onions, and whatever else works in a salad. Fresh and organic. Stright from your own kitchen garden.

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A herb garden. This is a collection of herbs, planted in an interesting design such as a spiral. You can be as creative as you want to be. It’s fun to get creative with both the planting and using of herbs. I refer to use containers for my herb garden. Some common choices for a herb garden are oregano, rosemary, basil, mint, thyme, parsley, dill, and sage. Basil, mint and sage are my all-time favorites, since I love making and drinking fresh home-made herbal teas. An ornamental vegetable garden. There is an element of surprise with ornamental vegetable gardens. At first glance it looks like flowering shrubs with pretty ground cover and neat hedges, but then you realize it’s a variety of pepper plants (the flowering shrubs), strawberries (the ground cover) and cabbage (the hedges). Ornamental vegetable garden planners like their food to look good in the yard. If that sounds like you, then an ornamental veggie garden may be perfect for you. Kids Veggie Gardens. The name says it all. These gardens are planted and tended by the kids of the family so you probably won’t find a lot of variety. There will be their favorite fast growing veggies plus the ones that grow underground and add an element of surprise when digging up. Don’t be surprised if your kids prefer growing weird stuff like freckled beans or black tomatoes. Kids may enjoy planting veggies, but it doesn’t mean they’ll eat them! So make extra effort to encourage kids to eat healthy and ensure that the eat the delicious organic veggies they have planted and harvested.

Which Vegetable Garden Planner Appeals To YOU?

By now you will agree that vegetable gardens are as unique as the people who plant them, but they’re also grown around a theme or a purpose. As you can see, the above gardens all have their own special purpose and deliver accordingly. Which one appeals most to you?