Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Relief in your Backyard

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Sometimes the best things for stress relief can be found right at home.

So last time for Wellness Wednesday , we took a stroll in nature on a camping trip and looked at the therapeutic effects of camping out in Nature. While camping can be a planned weekend or vacation event that really does us well to recharge our spirits to face a world filled with stressors, there are days when a dose of nature cannot wait for a weekend trip at a campsite.

This is where the hobby of gardening comes into play. Some people have gardens of flowers, vegetables or fruits trees. Others have more elaborate gardens, containing it all; complete with lush foliage and fish ponds, bird baths and garden benches. Your back yard garden can be your place of reconnecting with nature, of finding solitude or sharing time with loved ones. Hey, you might even be able to pitch a tent and camp in your backyard! Click here to see how that’s done.

Gardening, as explained in my book Gardening for Stress Relief, reveals the benefits of exercise, stress relief through the sights, sounds and smells of nature. This book references recommendations of doctors and physical therapists on the benefits of gardening. It talks about its physical benefits on the body, to the feeling of personal satisfaction and creativity when your garden produces beautiful flowers, vegetables or fruits that can be of good nutrition for yourself or even be shared with others.

Discover how easy it is to take up gardening as a hobby. Learn the ins and outs of just what you need to create a backyard garden that brings you happiness and stress relief at the end of the day.

My book covers the different types of gardens, horticultural programs, even how to treat the soil before planting. It also focuses on the healing effects of gardening for children, the elderly, the physically or mentally challenged, and the highly stressed woman who needs that relief.

Whether your thing is planting your own fruits and vegetables, herbs or flowers, watching fish jump in the garden pond as birds bathe in the bird bath, this book covers it all.

Click here  for  some quick links to help you find guidelines on having a better garden experience.

You will walk away educated, with a new hobby and a great way to get exercise, have fun, be creative and experience nature while creating something beautiful that can be shared.

If you are just learning about gardening, Click this link on how to start a garden.

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These Five Healthy Snacks Can Help You Lose Weight In A Week


Healthy snacks added to your diet throughout the day can be the key to help you lose weight in a week.

When you’re trying to lose weight, you may think that you’ll never be able to have another snack. The truth is, however, there are many healthy snacks you can eat to lose weight in a week and feel great.

For any weight loss plan to be successful, you can’t feel like you’re being deprived. This means you can eat healthy snacks that make your diet work better for you rather than hindering it.

In your switchover to healthy snacks, it’s best to start by having a clean slate. Set aside a day to clean out your refrigerator and pantry to remove all non-healthy foods. This will accomplish two things:

  • You’ll remove anything that may be a temptation for you when you’re having a weak moment.
  • You’ll be able to make better choices, not only for yourself, but for the rest of your family as well.

What types of snacks can you eat that won’t derail your diet? You might be surprised at the variety of choices available:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Your healthiest snacks are going to be those that are as close to nature as possible. This means keeping fresh fruits and vegetables on hand.
  • Why not take advantage of buying those fruits that will provide you with the sweetness and the crunch you crave?
  • Buy fruits that are in season so you won’t pay a premium price for them.
  • Apples, grapes, oranges, and other fruits are important for a healthy diet whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. Avocadoes are another great choice.
  1. Dried fruit can be a great snacking option for those trying to lose weight. Raisins, Craisins (dried cranberries), and other dried fruits will give you the feeling of eating something forbidden and yet they can be enjoyed in moderation.

As with any food, if you eat too much of it you can ruin any dieting attempt.

  1. Potato chip alternatives. If one of your weaknesses is potato chips, there’s a healthy alternative that’s easy, convenient, and will give you a satisfying crunch.

When you get home from the grocery store, wash and cut up these vegetables into handy snack sizes so they’ll be easy to grab when you’re seeking a quick snack:

  • Baby carrots or carrot sticks
  • Celery sticks
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry or grape tomatoes

Sometimes crunchy vegetables won’t meet your needs when you’re craving chips! You may want the salt and the crusty crunch that celery sticks just won’t satisfy.

  • Whole wheat pretzels might do the trick.
  • Dip your pretzel in peanut butter for additional taste and to bolster your metabolism.
  1. Nuts and seeds are additional healthy snacks you can eat when you’re trying to lose weight. They’re full of nutrients your body needs, and can be great choices.

Be careful when eating nuts and seeds, however, as they’re high in fat content and eating too many could blow your diet for the day.

  1. Popcorn can be a great snack for someone trying to lose weight. The trick is to eat light popcorn or air popped popcorn rather than adding butter or other toppings to it.

Choosing healthy snacks rather than those laden with fat and calories will make losing weight much easier. When you feel like you need a snack, don’t deprive yourself. Choose wisely and you’ll feel great and still lose weight!

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12 Fail-Proof Strategies To Keep Your Resolution To Eat Healthy on a Budget


You can eat healthy on a budget and enjoy an abundance of health benefits! Make healthy eating a new habit in the new year with these tips.

Are you struggling to keep your resolution to eat healthy, nutritious foods? Once you’ve set a goal to maintain healthy eating habits, how do you go about actually achieving that goal?

The good news is that once you do something consistently for only a few weeks, it becomes a habit. 

Here are some simple techniques to help you avoid those tempting junk foods so you can make wise and healthy decisions in your daily routine.

Strategies to Avoid Temptation:

  1. Am I hungry? Ask yourself if you’re really hungry or if you’re eating out of convenience or emotion. Many times you probably aren’t as hungry as you think, so try to get involved in a different activity instead of snacking.
  1. Water, water, and more water. Drink a lot of water each day. Not only is this good for your whole body (both inside and out), it can actually make you feel full. Also, oftentimes when you think you’re hungry, your body is actually thirsty, so keep yourself well hydrated.
  1. Try chewing gum. Putting something in your mouth like gum or hard, sugar-free candy can help convince your brain that you’re eating!
  1. Divert your energy. Instead of putting all your energy into making two grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon, try taking a walk or doing something that requires you to use your hands, like knitting, gardening, or woodworking. It’s pretty hard to do these and eat at the same time.
  1. Allow yourself snack time. Choose healthy snacks instead of chips and salsa or chocolate bars. For snack time, try eating celery, popcorn without butter, fruits, or a make-your-own trail mix with raisins, nuts, and dried fruits.

A good hint for snacking is to have healthy snacks readily available in your home, and unhealthy snacks completely out of the house; that way, the healthy stuff is easy to grab.

How to Choose Healthy Foods:

The next time you’re off to the grocery store, use these tips to help you choose the right foods and avoid the unhealthy stuff.

  1. Stay away from preservatives. You don’t need that Twinkie that can outlast any environmental disaster! When you learn to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists, you’ll find that there are many snacks that are full of preservatives. You probably shouldn’t buy the food when the ingredient list contains more than a handful of items. Plus, if the expiry date isn’t until two years from now, it’s being heavily preserved.
  1. Use the food pyramid. The recommended food pyramid from the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gears you toward whole foods and minimal sweets. Get a copy from the FDA and make your grocery list by following their guidelines.
  1. Buy lots of fresh vegetables that you can use to make up a quick and healthy stir-fry with chicken, brown rice, or even soy products. Buy easy to make salads where the lettuce and other veggies are already washed. These are easy, quick, healthy, and they taste good. The key is to choose vegetables that are dark green or orange in color.
  1. Buy fresh fruits and do some research on how to tell when fruits are at their freshest and when they’re in season. Try some of those exotic fruits you’ve always looked at but never purchased. Make your own fruit drinks and smoothies for a healthy, delicious treat.

More Great Grocery Store Tips:

  1. Shop in a circle. Many nutritionists will tell you to shop the perimeter of the store. Grocery stores are usually set up with their fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, fish, and breads all around the perimeter. Preservative-laced foods are in the center and at the ends of each aisle.
  1. Go alone. Leave your children in good hands and go alone to the grocery store. This way you can concentrate on getting only the healthy foods you desire without being pressured into buying junk. Alternatively, if you do bring your children, be prepared to spend extra time teaching them how to spot healthy foods.
  1. Make a list! This technique is a tried and true method to avoid buying foods that aren’t healthy. Stick to your list and, for fun, seek out healthy foods you haven’t tried before to tempt your taste buds.

With some determination and strategies in place, you can achieve your goal to eat healthy! By incorporating healthy changes into your diet one by one, you’re slowly creating a new habit.

Before long, you’ll be choosing healthy foods without a second thought, and those unhealthy foods you used to eat will no longer tempt you. Once you discover the benefits and better taste of fresh and healthy foods, you’ll never want to go back!

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2. If so, share one or two of them with us.

Can YOU Lose Weight and Keep it Off? YES, You Can!


Weight loss is possible with the right mindset and actions taken. You can lose weight and keep it off with the right plan of action!

You CAN lose weight if you set your mind to it! Are you ready to take action to achieve the body of your dreams?

The biggest barrier you face is actually your self-discipline and willpower.

You may have fallen into a vicious cycle. The cycle starts with eating a poor diet full of fats, carbs, and processed foods. These are the kinds of foods that make you feel tired and lethargic all the time. Then, because your body lacks proper energy, you don’t feel much like exercising.

What’s the end result? You end up with a huge loss of willpower and you feel miserable and hopeless.

But there is hope! You CAN make the change! If you truly want to lose weight, you first have to build the willpower to make it happen.

Here’s a list of things to consider when boosting your willpower:

  1. Don’t Wait For Something Bad To Happen. Your willpower is within you and you don’t want something bad to happen in order to find it.

We’ve all heard the stories about someone suffering a severe trauma, like a heart attack, and how that life event leads to a permanent change in their habits. You don’t need this to happen to you in order to get motivated!

  1. Watch Your Portion Size. This is one tip that can allow you to start small. It’s hard to muster up the willpower if you’re trying to go from one extreme to another. Decide that you’re going to have the same meal tonight that you would normally eat – but give yourself a smaller portion size.

The trick is to use smaller plates so the plate visually appears full.

  1. Give Yourself A Cheat Day. It’ll be an easier transition for you if you allow yourself some fun once in awhile. Tell yourself that next Saturday you can enjoy that pizza for dinner or that chocolate cake for dessert. You’ll be less likely to give up knowing that you can eat some pizza next Saturday instead of “never.”
  • Your “cheat” day doesn’t mean “over-eat” day.
  • Savor the flavors of your food, even if it means having a smaller piece than you’re used to. Once you’ve finished your piece, your willpower should kick in and say “no more!”
  1. Take Photographs. You can motivate yourself to lose weight by taking some self-portraits. We usually don’t have the best idea about how we truly look until we see ourselves in a photograph. Keep a picture with you and look at it when you feel like giving up. Update your photo often and compare them as you start to lose weight.
  1. Make A Food List. Write down all the foods you enjoy eating, then evaluate whether or not these items are healthy. Chances are there are at least some healthy foods that you actually enjoy eating – such as fruits and vegetables. Make sure you start buying these foods for your home.
  1. Exercise In Moderation. Adding exercise to your routine can also be a daunting task if you try to jump in too fast. Nobody is telling you that you need to join a gym and engage in rigorous workouts if that’s not your style. You’ll actually be surprised at how energized you can feel just by taking a 30 minute walk, three times a week.

Set Small Goals

No matter how you choose to approach your weight loss, it’s important to take small steps and remain in good spirits. Doing too much, too fast will only set you up for failure. Instead, set small, manageable goals like one pound per week. By focusing on the smaller, more attainable goal, you’ll actually see results far more quickly.

In the end, remember to reward yourself for a job well done. After all, you deserve it! Once you have mustered the willpower to succeed at weight loss, you can succeed at anything in your life!

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2. Have you found something that works well for you to overcome those hurdles?

5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

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Many people think that they can only lose weight by joining a gym. This is not true. Turns out, there are many ways to lose weight and get healthy.  There are a variety of ctivities you can do in or around your home to get into shape.

Do you groan when you think of trying to lose weight and exercise? Most of us do! Unfortunately, for so many women, the very idea of losing weight breeds negative thoughts and feelings. You may even feel as if it’s an impossible challenge.

After all, who wants to think of climbing on those machines in the gym for 30 minutes to take off the pounds? Or even worse, doing sit-ups at home. Yuck!

If losing weight has become a drag, you need to rethink your strategy.

You’ll be glad to discover that you don’t need to go to the gym to lose weight and get the body you want!

Here are five simple activities that will help you get healthy while having a blast:

  1. Play group sports. One great idea for losing weight the fun way is to play group sports. Next time, instead of dragging yourself to the gym and those dreaded machines, check out the recreation center in your area.

Start playing soccer, softball, volleyball, or basketball. With these activities, you’ll be burning off the calories while enjoying yourself at the same time!

  1. Go for a walk with your friends. Another great way to get active and improve your health is to start walking with friends. Meet during the week to take a brisk walk together, either in the morning before your day begins, during lunch, or in the evening after work.

Schedule your walk into your day as social time. While you’re walking, take time to catch up and chat with each other. This way it feels more like a social experience instead of exercise.

  1. Dancing is another great way to burn off mega calories while you have a great time. You’ll get your heart pumping, and you’ll enjoy an awesome total workout!
  • Take a dance class.
  • Go out to a nightclub where you can dance the night away.
  • Get some dance videos so you can dance at home.
  1. Beautify your yard or cultivate a garden. Gardening and yard work are both activities that burn calories so you can lose some weight. Planting flowers or vegetables, pulling weeds, raking, hauling dirt, and doing other gardening chores can really help you get in shape.
  • When you’re squatting, bending, and yanking out those weeds, you’ll be working muscles you didn’t even know you had!
  1. Play with your family. Even something as simple as playtime outdoors with the family can help you lose some pounds and stay healthy. Whether it’s running, Frisbee, or playing tag together, just having fun with the family can give you some much needed activity.
  • Visit a park and go hiking on the trails.
  • Climb a tree in your backyard.
  • Go swimming or skiing.

The possibilities are endless! You’ll have fun spending quality time with your family, and teaching your children a healthy lifestyle as well.

Although these activities are fun, regular activity and eating a healthy diet go hand in hand when you want to lose weight. You can’t count one weekend of gardening as your exercise for the week. Vary your activities for more fun, and do something to get moving every day.

Consistency is the key to reaching your weight loss goal.

As you can see, exercising and getting in shape don’t have to be boring or unpleasant. There are plenty of easy activities you can do to lose weight, improve your health, and have fun!

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1. What is your favorite activity for staying healthy?

2. How would you incorporate one of the five stress-busting acitiives mentioned above in your life?


7 Natural Weight Loss & Stress Management Strategies To Incorporate In Your Lifestyle


Natural foods are the way to go for healthy weight loss.

How many fads and crazy diets have you tried? Even though deep in your heart you know this isn’t the proper way to get rid of any extra weight, do you still hope that this one is the miracle you’ve been hoping for?

It’s time to get out of the infomercial-driven market and realize that the real miracle diet is in natural methods of weight loss using nature’s own miracle foods.

By incorporating natural foods and strategies, you’ll be able to lose the weight you’ve been hanging onto for good.

Here are some natural foods to provide you with an upper hand in your weight loss battle:

  1. Choose brown rice over white rice. Why brown rice? The answer is simple, fiber. Brown rice is loaded with fiber. Due to the simple fact that the rice’s hull is kept intact during its processing, it retains its fiber content.
  • The natural fiber in brown rice allows our systems to run smoother and keeps us full for much longer than low fiber white rice.
  • Brown rice can be found in any grocery store, usually next to the white rice. Throw some extra vegetables or herbs into the rice for some extra flavor and variety.
  1. Choose sweet potatoes over white potatoes. They aren’t just for Thanksgiving anymore! Sweet potatoes are high in anti-oxidants and vitamins and are absolutely delicious as well.
  • Providing many more nutrients than a typical white potato, they’re low in calories and a great weight loss food choice.
  • Peel and cut sweet potatoes into chips or shoestring fries and roast in the oven for a tasty and colorful treat.
  1. Water. Water is at the top of the list for a natural weight loss strategy. It sounds pretty obvious, but the truth is, we don’t tend to drink enough water every day. Not only does water flush out toxins and impurities, but it also helps in raising the metabolism, regulating body temperature and keeping our heart and brain healthy.

Be aware that the popular flavored waters often add some kind of sugar, artificial sweetener, or even salt to the formula, making them less healthy than plain water. Stick to the natural stuff!

  1. Legumes and beans. The benefits that beans and legumes provide are absolutely outstanding! They’re low in fat and high in fiber, making them a great choice for weight loss. They’re also extremely heart-healthy.

You can find a multitude of recipes online that incorporate legumes and beans. Take some time to do a recipe search and your heart will thank you.

  1. Fruit. Fruit is a wonderful addition to any natural weight loss regime. It provides natural energy to make exercising easier and it’s loaded with fiber to keep us full and curb cravings.
  • Fruit should be eaten raw to receive its full benefit, especially the fiber. Fruit juice doesn’t provide the same nutritional value as eating an actual piece of fruit.
  • Fruit smoothies are an excellent way to start your day. Even if you’re not a breakfast person, smoothies are easy to make and take on the go. Plus if you use fresh fruits, you’ll retain the vitamin content.
  1. Vegetables. Vegetables are one of the building blocks of good nutrition, and essential to weight loss success. High in vitamins and nutrients, veggies also provide us with energy to sustain us throughout the day. Plus, they have very little sodium, so they reduce bloating and water weight gain.

Try to incorporate veggies into your lunches and dinners every day, specifically aim for dark orange and dark green vegetables like squash, spinach, pumpkin, and romaine lettuce. A simple side salad or lettuce and tomato on a sandwich are easy ways to get started.

  1. Eat organic and raw. It’s always best when trying to lose weight naturally to utilize organic products as much as possible. Organic produce is free of pesticides and preservatives and raw foods retain all of their natural vitamins and minerals. By ridding your body of these dangerous chemicals, weight loss can occur that much easier.

Visit your local farmer’s market and support your local farmer. They might also have a larger variety of organic produce than the grocery stores.

Following through with your decision to lose weight can sometimes seem overwhelming. But if you approach it with a few natural tips and tricks under your belt, you’ll be that much closer to weight loss success!

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1. Tell us how you have incorporated healthy food into your diet.

2. What healthy lifestyle changes are you willing to consider to lose weight and manage stress all year long.


10 Easy Ways To Save Money AND Eat Healthy All Year Long!


Healthy eating can be done on a budget, if you use these smart strategies.  There are easy ways to save money and eat healthy.

With the economic situation in the world being what it is, it’s important to find ways of eating healthy on a budget. It’s possible to purchase foods that are good for you and your budget; you merely have to plan ahead to get the best food you can for the money you have available.

Having a plan and sticking to it can help you get more food at less cost and allow you to prepare better, more healthy meals.

Here are some tips to help you succeed in eating healthy on a budget:

Grocery Shopping

  1. Set aside time to make your food plan. Find the sales ads for each of the grocery stores in your area and decide on your meals for the coming week ahead of time.
  1. Make a list. After you’ve planned your meals, write down everything you need for each meal. Check your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator to see if you already have some of the items. Make your grocery list and determine to stick with it!
  • Include what you’ll need for drinks, snacks and desserts.
  • Remember your ingredients for preparation, such as butter, flour, sugar, and spices.
  • Replenish cleaning supplies.
  1. Clip coupons for items you know you’ll use. Leave the remainder of the coupons at home so you’re not tempted to “save” money on items you don’t need.
  1. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because you’re more likely to buy items that look good rather than those on your list.

If you can’t go to the store right after a meal, take along a light snack to help you resist temptation while in the store.

  1. Buy items on the perimeter of the store first because these items are the healthiest choices. This will include fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy items. The center items are processed or convenience foods. Not only are they more expensive, but they aren’t healthy.
  1. Look for fruits and vegetables that are in season as these will often be cheaper than non-seasonal choices. While you’re looking at the fruits and vegetables, see if there are any sales on these healthy, nutrient rich foods.

Choose large bags rather than individual pieces of fruit. The larger bags are often cheaper by the pound.

  1. Buy store or generic brands. There usually isn’t much difference in the way the foods taste but you can definitely see a difference in the price.

Other Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

  1. Make your own snacks for your family’s time away from home rather than allowing them to purchase food from vending machines. Fresh fruit and vegetable sticks with dip are much healthier than the bags of chips or crackers that come from the machines.
  1. Eat at home. Whenever possible, make your food from scratch and eat it at home. Not only will this give you more control over what your family eats, but it can also save you a considerable amount of money.

Eating out also encourages overeating because portion sizes are massive.

  1. Drink healthy. Finally, when eating healthy on a budget, don’t forget to think about what you’re drinking. Expensive, sugar-laden drinks are the bane of your budget and counter-productive to healthy eating.
  • Look for 100% pure juices.
  • Drink low fat milk.
  • Drink more water.
  • Cut out soft drinks.

If you follow these tips, you’ll soon discover the joys of healthy eating and you’ll save money in the process. You may have to spend some extra time preparing food, but the benefits are astounding!

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1. What are your tips for saving money on healthy food?
2. What is the go-to healthy food staple in your kitchen?

Natural Stress Relief Tips: Handle Stress Your Way

Every person has a unique way of responding to stress.

Some like to spend some time with company and vent out. But others simply want to spend time on their own and curl-up on a couch with a good book or with a good movie.

With these different types of personalities, different types of natural stress relief tips and de-stressing activity may be needed in order to feel relief from burn-out. So don’t worry if you feel a certain method isn’t working for you.

When it comes to stress management for women, there is no one-size-fits-all. Walking, Aromatherapy, and gardening really work for me! Find the stress management strategy that best fits your personality and circumstances, that would really work to make you feel better.


In the comments below, tell me:
1. What stress relief strategies have you tried?
2. What has worked for you so far?

If you would love to learn more about how you can manage stress, join our Stress Management Club now. It’s FREE!

Against All Odds: Wellness Inspiration For Cancer Patients!

It’s Wellness Wednesday again, the one day ( A Wednesday) we select each week to intentionally discuss and explore the healthy choices we can all make to live stress-free, healthier, happier lives as well as to explore new ideas and options to live well.

Wellness Wednesday is all about inspiring, educating and motivating each other to live healthier lives. Each wellness journey and wellness story will inspire and motivate you to take steps to beat stress and regain peace and balance. It’s true inspiration for women, by women!

And today I have a TRUE inspiration for cancer patients and their caregivers! Today we feature the Wellness Profile of Cindy Seale van Hoogenhuize!

Cindy, tell us briefly about yourself. What do you do? Feel free to share your website and stores as well.

I’m an owner of Sharkys Athletic Club in Sarnia, Ontario.
I do every job from paper work to cleaning showers, customer service, and managing the club. I’d say my favorite thing about owning a fitness facility is helping people! I have helped people transform their bodies and helped them clean up their diets to become healthy and fit.

What Have You Done to Achieve Wellness?(i.e. physical, emotional, mental, social, and/or spiritual well-being):

I’m a cancer survivor, 15 years. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was a large cell; I had 2 reoccurrences one in 2004 and 2006 large and small cell. I had chemo the first time and I puzzled the Oncologist in 2004.

He said I’m an unusual case and to keep doing what I’m doing! He said I should be full of cancer and they don’t know why I’m not? So I read and tried to eat healthy. My mom, dad, and brother all died from cancer, none of us had the same type.

I think it’s my outlook on life that got me through this disease. I’m not a quitter! I would say I’m a fighter for injustice but a lover at heart! I think if there’s a will there’s way!

I took it one day at a time and listened to my body! I took supplements, antioxidants, laughed as much as I could! I think if you’re going to war you better get yourself ready to win that fight and not give up because someone said you’re not going to make it! Your body is made up of cells, these cells need certain enzymes for optimal performance!

If you have a cancer cell in your body your immune system can get rid of it if it’s working properly. If your nutrition is bad and you don’t get enough sleep and you add smoking and drinking to that, all you need now is to pull the trigger with stress! I believe there is a certain kind of stress that triggers your immune system to fail. It’s the kind of stress that is overwhelming debilitating! The kind that’s like a heavy weight on you.

What do you to Maintain Wellness?

I take supplements, vitamins and phyto-greens. I try to stay away from grains. I use all natural tooth paste, I drink purified water.
I don’t drink juice or pop or any other processed drinks. Just water with lemon or lime. I DO drink tea and coffee, but I don’t use artificial sweeteners. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I laugh as much as I can and even laugh at myself!:-) I read to stay informed on what is happening to the food we eat. I look for the studies and who’s paying for the research.

What is Your typical week of wellness activities?

I’m a big gardener! I have 35 gardens. I do landscaping around my home. I exercise, weight training. I’m very active. I’m 55 and I’m 130lbs and I feel like I’m 30. lol I ride a Harley just started that 3 years ago.

I’d say I’m a workaholic. I like to keep busy. Biggest thing I do is stay positive and laugh as much as I can! I love making others laugh too!

What is Your favorite indulgence?

I’m not a big eater, but I do like my own home made chocolate macaroons once in a while. You know cream, butter, powder, sugar, coconut and oat meal. I eat a high fat diet. But I stay away from bad fats! I never eat anything that says low fat or no fat! It’s full of chemicals!

Who Is Your Wellness & Lifestyle mentor?

I don’t have one. lol I mentor people every day but I don’t have one. My go to person would be my husband! He reads everything and is good at sifting through the tons of information that is available. We work together helping people get off their medications and live a healthier life.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I care about people! I don’t like seeing people suffer!

What does your lifestyle say about you?

I’m happy, fit and healthy!

What would you tell someone who wants to follow your lifestyle routine?

It’s easy! I help people every day follow my same routine. That’s my purpose in life. To help others.

Thank You Cindy!

Cindy, a BIG THANK YOU for sharing your Wellness Profile with us! Your story of survival and triumph over cancer is a true inspiration for cancer patients and their caregivers, and by extension for us all. One important lesson I learned from you is that if you are going to war, you have to get ready to fight and not give up. My goal here is to inspire, motivate and encourage all women to go to war against stress and its devastating effects on our health and happiness. That means we have to be prepared for the battle, both mentally and physically!

You are a true inspiration to us all!

Now…it’s YOUR turn.

Are you paying attention to what you eat to ensure a healthy immune system that can fight off stress and disease? As Cindy mentioned, your immune system can get fight off stress and disease, BUT ONLY if it’s working properly. If up to you to follow Cindy’s example of healthy eating, regular exercise, and balanced living to ensure optimal health and genuine wellness!

If Cindy’s wellness profile has been an inspiration to you, please share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

Wellness Wednesday—2 Simple Healthy Living Tips And Advice For Women!

Making the decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle is the first step toward reaching your Wellness goals.  But you also need to get proactive! 

To help point you in the right direction and keep you on track, just bookmark these quick and simple healthy living tips and advice for women.

1.    Food & Drink: The Simple and Healthy Way!


First things first, it’s time to start with your menu!  The simplest changes in your diet can make a huge difference, but staying motivated can be a challenge.  Fortunately there’s plenty of delicious recipes for healthy snacks you can quickly prepare yourself.

Eating more vegetables is one of the best healthy living tips for women who’re looking to make proactive changes right away.  Not only are vegetables delicious and easy to prepare, but it can even reduce your risk of heart disease, which is a leading fatality of women today.  Prepare this quick and yummy snack right now at home!

  • Introduce veggies back into your life with a refreshing bowl of crisp, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, watercress, and baby carrots; topped with healthy ranch dressing of course!
  • To make your healthy dressing: Mix a pack of your favorite ranch dressing powder with plain nonfat Greek yogurt and whisk until blended.  You can also make your own ranch seasoning with some onion and garlic powder, ground black pepper, dried chives, a little dill weed, and a pinch of sea salt.
  • And did you know that drinking water before you eat is one of the most effective healthy living tips for women?  In fact, drinking at least two glasses of water before a healthy breakfast and dinner helps with digestion and improves your body’s ability to absorb and use nutrients more effectively!


2.     Stay Active & Alert


After changing your diet, you’ll have more energy to reintroduce exercise, outdoor activities, and even brand new sports into your life!  Going out and being active is fun, in addition to being one of the most vital healthy living tips for women.  To start, try some of these fun tips to get you back into the spirit of being active again.

    • Swimming is a wonderful way for women of all ages to get back on track.  When your body is submerged underwater, it actually becomes lighter; that is, your body bears a much smaller percentage of its weight.  That’s why swimming and water aerobics is highly recommended for senior aged women, women with joint, muscle or back pain, and arthritis patients. But swimming is excellent for younger women too. I have recently added swimming to my weekly physical activity routine. I go swimming on Friday mornings, and it really gets my heart pumping. I plan to add snorkeling and maybe even scuba diving to the routine, just to keep it exciting.
    • Taking time for a 30-minute walk is a great start toward becoming more active.  As one of the most accessible healthy living tips for women, 30-minute walks can involve safely walking home from work instead of driving, taking a quick stroll before leaving for the day, or going on groups walks with friends around town. If you’ve been reading my blog and social media posts for a while, you know I am a BIG walking fanatic. I walk just about every day ( weather permitting) for about 20-30 minutes first thing in the morning, usually around 6 AM. I really treasure that time to clear my thoughts, breathe in fresh air, and prepare for the day.

It’s the time to turn over a new leaf!  Share these simple tips with your family and friends to enjoy a healthier lifestyle together.

Now it’s your turn.


In the comment section below, tell me:

  1. Which of the two healthy living tips above would be easiest for you to implement.
  2. Share one way you may be able to squeeze in 20-30 minutes of walking in your daily hectic routine.