Positive Thinking Tips: Small Successes Lead to Greater Goals!

 Small successes can have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves.

CelebrateSmallAchievementsMy approach to small successes is to be thankful for being able to achieve them. It’s one of the positive thinking tips I implement in my daily life. 

I know that taking little steps is what leads to eventually reaching significant targets.

I take on challenges that I know I am able to conquer. I avoid overwhelming myself with the enormity of a mammoth end result. Instead, I focus on manageable goals along the way and celebrate the small victories.

Debt sometimes seems like an unending challenge. When I look at my overall debt, I feel discouraged. At times, I feel I lack the resources to clear what I owe.

But I give myself credit for the small, consistent payments I am able to make each month. I set manageable repayment targets for myself and feel encouraged when I make those payments.

My career plans are moving along nicely because I am focused on the journey at hand. I avoid looking at how much further I have to go. I work with today’s goals today.

Today, my small successes have a huge impact on how proud I feel about myself. I know that being able to reach small goals consistently proves my ability to reach larger ones. I commit to keep persevering on the road to greatness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the things that my success teaches me?
  2. Why is it important for me to acknowledge the small achievements?
  3. In what other areas of my life do I see improvement as a result of achieving small goals?


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Stress Relief Tip of The Day: Use Your Mind To Rise Up Against Difficulties

Stress Relief Tip Of The Day:

Facing our challenges makes us stronger and more capable.

RiseAgainstDifficultiesThe challenges I face in life are only stepping stones to wonderful days ahead. I realize that issues can feel overbearing. But I avoid being burdened by them and, instead, use them as motivation.

Dwelling on a challenge causes me to remain in that situation longer than necessary. I accept what is happening as an unavoidable reality and focus on recovery.

When I adopt a positive mindset, I find creative ways to move away from trying situations. I realize that creativity is the root of many of life’s successes.

Remember this stress relief tip: your mind is the only stepping stone you need to rise up against difficulties.

For instance, financial holes sometimes feel hard to climb out of. But I avoid lamenting on how broke I am. Instead, I make a commitment to change my spending habits.

When I look back at obstacles I am able to leave behind, I smile with confidence. Seeing where I am coming from builds my confidence to make it through anything else.

Today, I am blessed to have the ability to take steps away from my challenges. My commitment to rising above difficulties is unwavering. I am stronger and more capable when I dare to challenge what troubles me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you recover when you realize you are falling back into a negative pattern?
  2. What kind of help do you want your friends and family to provide during challenges?
  3. Which of your difficulties turned out to be blessings in disguise?


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Natural Stress Relief Tip: Count The Small Blessings That Others Take For Granted!

Our blessings make us happier than all the wealth in the world.

SmallBlessingsI don’t know if you realize it, but blessings come in many forms. it took me some time to realize it, but now I am convinced that all the small ones add up enormously. They combine to help me live a truly privileged life.  I have learned to count all the small blessings that others may easily ( and unknowingly) take for granted. That’s the natural stress relief tip I want to share with you today.

Each day I wake up is a chance to make a difference in the world, and specially, in my little corner of the world. That, alone, is something to be truly thankful and grateful for. I look for opportunities to encourage positivity all around. Seeing someone smile because of my actions is a wonderful blessing that I have learned to appreciate.

My friends are treasured miracles in my life. I don’t have many friends, because I pick my friends very carefully, but for my few close and intimate friends, I enjoy being there for them in the same way they are there for me.  When I recently got sick and needed medical evacuation my good friend immediately made herself available to fly out with me for emergency medical treatment.  She immediately adjusted her busy work schedule to accommodate my medical emergency.  That may seem like a small thing for some, but for me, it as a huge gesture of true friendship.  I am truly thankful for the blessing of having such a friend in my life and I strive to me the same true and loyal friend to her.

Having the use of my hands gives me the chance to extend them to someone in need. Each time I look at my hands, I see vessels for a better quality of life. I use them to give, lift, and hold up anyone who needs that help.  It’s all to easy to take our hands for granted, until we see someone who has lost their hand, or until we lose full use of our hand in some way, like getting a cut in the kitchen.

My words remind me that I have the fortune of being able to promote change. I feel blessed with influence because I know I am able to use powerful words that can lighten someone’s load, or lift someone up from feelings of despair.  Being able to offer that positive contribution to someone is an invaluable gift, a blessing which I do not take for granted.

Today, I take a moment to evaluate all my built-in strengths and abilities that if I am not careful, can be easily taken for granted.  My inner-strength and abilities are small blessings that I appreciate every day! These small blessings make me feel wealthier than having financial success or luxurious material possessions. 

The gift of friendship ( TRUE friendship) is a priceless blessing that everyone should appreciate.  The gift of a breathtaking sunset or a beautiful sunrise is a priceless blessing that each of us get each day…for FREE!  I have learned the value and benefit of counting all these small blessings that others take for granted.  They all add up to enrich my life!

How About YOU?  Tell us:

  1. At what times are you most aware of your ability to use your blessings to help others?
  2. How easy is it for you to identify the small blessings in your life when they occur?
  3. In what areas of your life can you make changes to encourage more blessings?


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Natural Stress Relief Tip: Use Your Smile To Brighten Someone’s Day, Today!

A smile is worth a thousand words.

SmileIf you believe in the power if your smile, then that should be a motivation to use it as often as possible to brighten someone’s day.  This is a simple and practical natural stress relief tip that ANYONE and EVERYONE can implement everyday!

 I definitely believe in the magical benefits of a smile, my own smile included. Each day, I see smiles change the lives of others. I like to use my smile to make someone’s situation better.  It costs me nothing to give it, and it does so much benefit for others.

If you take the train to work, take a moment to  smile at strangers while on the train to work. On the early morning ride, I know people’s minds are on life’s difficulties, and a simple smile may be all that is necessary to turn someone’s day around. I believe my smile and kind greeting helps them to forget about all the things that are going unfavorably. That’s the power of a smile!

When someone smiles at me, I am sure to return the smile. I know that sometimes it means they are reaching out for comfort or reaching out for friendship.  It feels empowering to be able to give and share comfort with someone simply by means of a smile.

Today, I firmly believe that a smile ( like a picture) is worth a thousand words. It’s my goal to try to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I use my smile to open the door to positive relationships. I commit to allowing my smile to be a source of comfort and enrichment for others!

What About You?  Tell us:

  1. Does your smile help you connect with others? If so, how?
  2. What can you do to teach your children the importance of smiling at others?


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Laughter Quote: How Important Is Laughter In Your Daily Life?


If this laughter quote got you thinking about the importance of laughter in your life, then I encourage you to dig a bit deeper to find your funny bone!

What is your favorite funny movie or TV Show?  For me it’s hands down the Golden Girl.  I weave laughter into my daily life in one way or the other, but my all-time favorite source of laughter is curling up on the couch to reruns of the Golden Girls after a long, hectic day!   Click here to find out three important lessons I learn from the Golden Girls.

What about you! 

Do you agree that laughter is an important ingredient for success in every aspect of your life?  How do you weave laughter into your life? Tell us what you think in the comment box below.


Natural Stress Relief Tip: Stay Calm When Tensions Rise

Staying calm is essential in maintaining successful relationships.

StayCalmI have to consciously remind myself each day  of this vitally important natural stress relief tip: it is important to stay calm in all circumstances, especially when it comes to maintaining relationships, whether at work or at home.

Sometimes, without realizing it, we may let others rob us of our peace of mind. Over the years, I realized that is essential that I avoid allowing others to upset my peace of mind.  It’s a fact that there will be times when people and situations at work can drive me to the point of “near insanity”.  It’s not always possible for me to avoid disagreements at work. Difficult ( and oftentimes unreasonable) people tend to test my patience, but I avoid giving in to the temptation to react negatively.  And sometimes the temptation is strong!  ( If you’ve ever been there then you know what I am talking about).

Yet, I realize that blasting out my frustrations would not make things any better, on the contrary that is guaranteed to make things worse.  Like adding fuel to an already raging fire.  On the other hand, being cool portrays maturity. When others see that I am behaving maturely, I am able to gain their confidence. I am reliable enough to make thoughtful choices that result in me gaining the respect and confidence of others.

When I keep a cool head, I can better consider how the situation impacts everyone involved, and I can better evaluate how detrimental it would be to allow my words to further escalate the already tense situation. Another benefit of taking the time to remain calm is that  I am able to consider various points of view. This approach allows me to make unbiased decisions. 

I treat others with deserved respect because I remain calm. I know that anger can sometimes cause me to say offensive things, so I avoid expressing my anger spontaneously.  I’ve learned the value of staying calm, allowing my feelings to cool down, and expressing my anger in another setting.

I now know that my ability to stay calm and be guided by a steady head is the secret to successful relationships, both at work and at home.  That’s why I am committed to keeping my behavior towards others respectful, regardless of how tense the situation might get.  And should it become impossible for me to keep my calm, then I choose to walk away and let emotions settle.  I am determined not to allow anyone to rob me of my peace!

What about YOU?  Share your thoughts in the comment box below:

  1. How quickly do you catch yourself when you realize you are reacting negatively?
  2. Which circumstances make it okay for you to react angrily?
  3. What are some of the strategies you can employ to help you stay cool, calm, and collected?


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Inspirational Quote: Perseverance is a Great Element Of Success…

What do think of this?



This inspirational quote gives us food for thought!

What do you do when you feel like giving up and giving in? Share your comments with us in the box below.

Natural Stress Relief Tip: Put Unexpected Delays & Downtime To Good Use

Sometimes a delay can give us that extra time we really need.

UnexpectedDelaysWhen I was younger and had little patience, I would easily become irritated, stressed and bent out of shape with unexpected delays, but with time, maturity, and experience I have learned this essential natural stress relief tip: It’s better to regard unexpected delays as a valuable opportunity to make good use of each moment!  Talk about a 360 degrees turn-around, right?

Over the years, I came to adapt a different perspective on delays and downtime, namely that downtime teaches me to be more patient. I now understand the value and importance of taking things as they come. Obstacles seem less daunting when I remain relaxed. I accomplish more through patience than through force.

So what do I do now when faced with downtime and unexpected delays.  First, I try hard not to let the old “impatient” me take over.  Instead, I try to focus on using my time productively when my schedule becomes disrupted. I take moments that would otherwise be wasted and turn them into something profitable. Sometimes that is easier said that done, but it’s well worth the effort. Managing my time well is like having more hours in a day to devote to the things I care about.

And there are important benefits to this new approach.  I notice that when I remain calm and happy, I create harmony. My mood influences those around me…positively!

I enjoy small talk while standing in long lines at the bank ( although the SLOW tellers at the bank are the main test of my resolve to be patient). I do the same when standing in long-check out lines at the super-market, even letting others with tow or three items go ahead of my when I have a cart full for items.  It’s a great feeling to see how others are affected positively by my mood when I turn these unexpected delays into an opportunity for something positive. 

I stretch my arms and legs when I am stuck in a traffic jam ( or when I am experiencing unexpected flight delays when traveling). I raise my arms over my head, and bend to each side. I lengthen my fingers and rub them from top to bottom. I gently massage my temples and brow. I count to ten and tell myself that I may not be the only one stuck in traffic, but I could be the only to make the best use of it.

Most importantly, detours and impediments deepen my mindfulness.  It’s an opportunity to reconnect with my body and surroundings. It’s an opportunity to reflect on my purpose in life. It’s an opportunity to focus on the present moment and find a way to enjoy it.

I have learned to greet unexpected delays with pleasure. I look for creative ways to put downtime to good use, each and every day!

What About YOU?   Tell us:

  1. What items would you like to keep handy to prepare for unexpected delays?
  2. What are 3 tasks you could work on anytime you are standing in line?
  3. What is one valuable thing you accomplished while you were sitting in a waiting room?


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Inspirational Quote: Self-Pity Is Our Worst Enemy…



What are your thoughts on this inspirational quote? Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts with us below in the comment box.