Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Relief in your Backyard

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Sometimes the best things for stress relief can be found right at home.

So last time for Wellness Wednesday , we took a stroll in nature on a camping trip and looked at the therapeutic effects of camping out in Nature. While camping can be a planned weekend or vacation event that really does us well to recharge our spirits to face a world filled with stressors, there are days when a dose of nature cannot wait for a weekend trip at a campsite.

This is where the hobby of gardening comes into play. Some people have gardens of flowers, vegetables or fruits trees. Others have more elaborate gardens, containing it all; complete with lush foliage and fish ponds, bird baths and garden benches. Your back yard garden can be your place of reconnecting with nature, of finding solitude or sharing time with loved ones. Hey, you might even be able to pitch a tent and camp in your backyard! Click here to see how that’s done.

Gardening, as explained in my book Gardening for Stress Relief, reveals the benefits of exercise, stress relief through the sights, sounds and smells of nature. This book references recommendations of doctors and physical therapists on the benefits of gardening. It talks about its physical benefits on the body, to the feeling of personal satisfaction and creativity when your garden produces beautiful flowers, vegetables or fruits that can be of good nutrition for yourself or even be shared with others.

Discover how easy it is to take up gardening as a hobby. Learn the ins and outs of just what you need to create a backyard garden that brings you happiness and stress relief at the end of the day.

My book covers the different types of gardens, horticultural programs, even how to treat the soil before planting. It also focuses on the healing effects of gardening for children, the elderly, the physically or mentally challenged, and the highly stressed woman who needs that relief.

Whether your thing is planting your own fruits and vegetables, herbs or flowers, watching fish jump in the garden pond as birds bathe in the bird bath, this book covers it all.

Click here  for  some quick links to help you find guidelines on having a better garden experience.

You will walk away educated, with a new hobby and a great way to get exercise, have fun, be creative and experience nature while creating something beautiful that can be shared.

If you are just learning about gardening, Click this link on how to start a garden.

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Plant A Perennial Flower Garden for Natural Stress Relief

Planting a perennial flower garden can be one of the best ways to get natural stress relief. You don’t have to be a professional planter and you do not need an acre of land.

Plant Flowers

Planting flowers requires little space and little effort, but the rewards are gorgeous blossoms that can help alleviate stress naturally.  All you have to do is plant the right kind of flowers outside your window.  If you do not hard yard space, you can even use container plants.

Plants Attract Butterflies

Your flowers will quickly become a main attraction for a wide variety butterflies.  Butterflies are excellent for natural stress relief.  They are quiet, so you really have to pay attention to see them and marvel at their natural beauty.

Butterflies Can  Provides Natural Stress Relief

Take just a few moments to marvel at the delicately colorful wings of butterflies as they flutter around on your plants just outside your window could be a most relaxing and stress relieving experience.

Learn From the Butterflies

Butterflies only live  a few days, but they bring joy to everyone who sees them.  You can do the same too! Start planting a perennial flower garden today and reap the rewards.  You can get natural stress relief and bring joy to everyone who sees your beautiful garden and enjoys the butterflies.

Your Perennial Flower Garden Is Just a Few Clicks Away!

All the tools and supplies you will need to start your perennial flower garden is just a few clicks away.  Just click on the images  below to buy your perennial flower garden supplies on  There is no better time than now to get started!