Summer Activities for Kids: Two Survival Strategies That Work!

I don’t know about your kids, but kids in my neck of the woods have been waiting forever for summer vacation to start. Now it’s finally here and we’re only day 2, and the kids are already complaining that they’re bored!! What Now??

Listening to their complaints for the next 6 weeks is certainly not an option, so I decided to get proactive. I have a two-prong strategy. The first part involves getting them into activities and the second part involves giving them ideas of what they can do on their own. That should work like a charm. :-)

Here is my two-part approach. Feel free to use it if your kids get “bored” during their summer vacation too!


Summer Activities For Kids Survival Strategy I– Things YOU Can Do

• Sign them up for swimming lessons.
• Send them to Grandma’s or their Aunt for a few days.
• Invite their cousins to come to your house.
• Enroll them in Vacation Bible School. They go all out with themes, games, and snacks for the week.
• Take a family vacation.
• Tour a local facility such as a toy factory.
• Get them some squirt guns and turn on the sprinkler.
• Host a slumber party.
• Host a backyard camping trip
• Enroll them in sport camp.
• Get new art supplies to spark new creative art work.
• Sign them up for lessons in something they’ve been wanting to learn.

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Summer Activities For Kids Survival Strategy II- Ideas You Can Give Them

• Plan a carnival with games, tickets, and small prizes
• Write a play and act it out. Or get a book of kids plays from the library and use that.
• Choreograph a dance to a favorite song and invite the neighbors to watch the performance.
• Camp in the backyard.
• Create a fort with old sheets, the fence, and duct tape.
• Start a dog walking service.
• Start a lawn mowing service.
• Plan and do a scavenger hunt.
• Be a mommy’s helper for a neighbor’s younger child.
• Have a bike parade.
• Earn money doing extra chores.
• Come up with ways to earn money for charity.

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Can You Come Up With Some More Options?

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Grab the bull by the horns and take it from there. Your head should be swimming with ideas now so take action on your end and get some plans on the books. Then in between the times when you have their days planned and they’re busy on their own, you can give them a few creative ideas from the above list.

It’s up to you to make this summer a good one! All it takes is a little creativity and a little planning to keep the kids entertained and at the same time, safeguard your sanity! Good luck!

Fun Summer Activities— 3 Enjoyable Things To Do In Nice, Sunny Weather!

Summer is here! Finally! So it’s time to venture outside for long periods of time, to enjoy the great weather. In case you are having a hard time thinking of things to do, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of fun summer activities anyone can do, including you!

Summer is the most fun part of the year where kids enjoy a good break from school and families can have a great opportunity to bond in good weather with some fun activities for everyone to enjoy and remember. Which one of these fun summer activities do you enjoy the most?


Try bird watching

Although this may sound boring at first, it can be pretty fascinating and enjoyable. Bird watching forces you to slow down and enjoy the beauty and grace of the birds. You may not have to go too far either. If you have a backyard with flowers and tress that attract birds, all you may need to do is venture outside your door. Investing in a bird feeder would entice birds to visit you too. You can actually do bird watching on your own, but for even more fun, or join a bird watching group. For a great backyard bird-watching experience get a pair of good binoculars. Whether you are a casual or professional bird watcher, a beginner or experienced one, you are bound to have a ton of fun using the Bushnell binoculars for bird watching when the weather is nice.

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Ah…The Joys of Hiking

Become a tourist in your own hometown or somewhere near by, and discover scenic trails outside your town. You are bound to be delighted with the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. The small of fresh air, combined with the gorgeous weather is pure rejuvenation for body, mind and soul.

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Sleep Peacefully Under the Stars

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Yes…literally under the stars. No tent! Picture just you, your sleeping bag, and the stars. What a delight. I tried that in my backyard once, and it was wonderful. Impossible to fully describe in words. I did not have a sleeping bag, so I dragged a mattress outside, laid it under a tree, and laid down and gazed up at the starts and beautiful moonlight until I fell asleep. Simply fantastic!

If you need a good sleeping bag for sleeping under the stars when the weather is nice outside, try this Coleman warm, heavy weight sleeping bag. Happy customers report that the material feels great and the sleep is comfortable!

More Fun Summer Activities To Do In Nice Weather

Bird watching, hiking, and star gazing not for you? Try these other fun summer activities.

• dozing in the shade – Take your lounge chair under a tree and relax!

• squirt gun fight – It’s not just for kids!

• Frisbee golf – Courses are popping up all over. Challenging but fun.

• zipline – All the craze, you might find one fairly close to you if you look.

• roller blading – Burn some calories while going places.

• cycling – Casual riding or hard core, it’s always a good time.

• ice cream fest – Host your own and invite your neighbors to bring a topping.

• neighborhood block party – Get together with your neighbors over good food and drink.

• camping – Get away for the weekend or a whole week.

• bocce ball – Best played with good friends and favorite beverage in hand.

• badminton – Get your aggressions out by whacking that little birdie.

• picnicking – Throw some food in a cooler and head to the park!

• barbequing – Invite friends over to grill meat and vegetables.

• flea market – Treasure hunting for very little money.

• swimming – Find a pool, lake, or ocean and get some refreshing exercise.

• gardening – Grow beautiful flowers or vegetables and de-stress while doing it.

paint the fence – (just kidding)

wash and wax the car – (ditto)

• Fishing – Man vs. fish, who will win this time? Good luck!

• you-pick fruit or veggie farm – Save money by picking your own when it’s in season.

• Zoo – Go early or late for best times to see the animals awake.

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I am sure you could come up with a few more great fun summer activities to do when the weather is nice. Just use my list above to get started. Just get outside in this nice weather and have fun! There is nothing better than the great outdoors for natural stress relief!