How to Forgive, Release, And Be FREE!

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Forgiveness does not only benefit the person you’re forgiving. It can be very beneficial to you too. I’ve learned to forgive, release, and Be FREE!

Each day, I see the benefits of offering forgiveness to others. I see how it helps to put someone’s mind at ease. I know that granting my forgiveness to another helps them move on with a light heart and clear conscience.

I feel rewarded when I forgive someone for offending me. I am happy to have the opportunity to resume a positive relationship with them.

Sometimes it is challenging to overlook an offense. When I am hurt, I initially feel unwilling to give my trust back to someone. But I take the time to think it through.

I believe in my role as protector of good in the world. Even when I am mistreated, I put aside my pride. I know it takes two to resolve any conflict.

Forgiveness gives me a stronger sense of purpose.

I choose to be a bigger person who learns from negative experiences. I shun the chance to hold onto something that keeps my heart dark.

I am a good example for my loved ones because I practice forgiveness. I am proud to be a role model.

Today, I acknowledge that forgiveness builds me up. I strive to make amends. I am poised to be strong and positive because I choose to forgive others.

Now it’s YOUR turn.  Answer these self-reflection questions:

  1. In what ways can I forgive others without portraying myself as weak?
  2. What positive attributes do I develop as a result of forgiving others?
  3. When was a time I failed to intervene during a conflict when I possibly could have helped?


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Natural Stress Relief Tip: Forgive Others Who Hurt You!

Possessing the willingness to forgive is a great STRENGTH, not a weakness.

Willing2ForgiveHere is a life-changing natural stress relief tip that can eliminate a lot of tension and stress from your life. I have learned over many years and after much reluctance on my part, that when someone hurts me with their words or actions, it’s best to find ways to forgive!  I

s it easy? Heck no!  Is it beneficial?  Absolutely.  And guess who it benefits most?  ME! I know it is the best way to release the stress, anger and tension caused and ensure my peace of mind, which is priceless!

The main thing that helps me to forgive others comes from my acceptance of people’s imperfections. I understand now that life’s frustrations sometimes result in unfavorable behaviors being displayed. People are angry, bitter, resentful, stressed out, overwhelmed, and simply exhausted by the demands, disappointments and disasters of modern day living. I try not to allow the behaviors of others to make me bitter and resentful. 

My strongest weapon is my strong relationship with my friends and family. I know they have positive intentions for me so I am quick to forgive their offensive actions. And even more important, I know I have faults and short-comings too, and when I inadvertently say or do something that offends them, I would want them to forgive me and mend the relationship too.

I notice that when I hold on to negative feelings, I am more inclined to act negatively. Taking that route results in me possibly offending others, sometimes more than I actually intend to, especially my family and close friends. My mission is to live peaceably with each person I come into contact with.  There is so much trouble and disharmony in the world.  I cannot control that. But I CAN control what goes on in my own world.  I feel empowered to be able to create peace and harmony  in my own little corner of the world. 

When hurtful situations occur, ( and they WILL occur),  I use them to help me to grow so I am better able to manage my emotions and react constructively in the future.

Some relationships change after negative occurrences, some people are better let out of my life or out least, kept to a safe distance. Regardless of the status of the relationship, I forgive and leave with a light heart and clear conscience.

My willingness to open my heart to genuine apologies from others is one of my strengths.

Today, I am determined to go to bed without holding any grudges. I am committed to living a quality life that can only come from living well with others. To this end, I am determined to dig deep inside to find the understrength to forgive others when they hurt me.  Some situations are harder to forgive.  But when I realize that the person to benefit MOST is actually me, that makes it a whole lot easier to let go of resentment and find the courage to forgive.

How About You?

  1. What process do you go through to convince yourself to forgive others?
  2. What active steps do you take to encourage healthy relationships with others?
  3. What are some actions that are harder for you to forgive?


All content on this ​website was created and/or compiled by ​Natural Stress Relief Women. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material (including text and images) without express and written permission from this ​site’s author/owner is strictly prohibited.