Add These 3 Good Foods For Stress Reduction To Your Diet

A simple way to reduce stress levels is one that is both cost effective and always easily accessible – and that is eating, well, eating good foods for stress reduction that is! To keep stress at bay, it is recommended to integrate at least one stress busting food into your meals every day. This article will delve into some of the best nutritious food that is widely known for warding off stress.


Eat Avocados For Less Stress


Avocados are a superfood that is known to naturally reduce stress levels and also provide many other health benefits. They are low in sugar and are extremely rich in B vitamins which give your body a mood enhancing boost! Acne can also be the result of high stress levels for a lot of people and now you can rejoice – because with plethora of Vitamin E that is found in avocados, your skin will soon be radiating with a beautiful youthful glow. Add avocadoes to your smoothies for a creamy, healthy, and low in sugar nutrient; your body (and mood) will thank you.


Almonds are a wonderfully healthy snack that can provide great stress relief. These nuts are loaded with vitamin E, vitamin E, zinc and magnesium which promote the production of serotonin, which is a brain chemical that is known to help improve mood and by the same token, reduce any stressful tension. You can keep them at your desk and munch on them raw throughout the day; alternatively, if you are feeling a bit more creative, you can spread almond butter on your fruits such as apple slices or even enjoy them on some whole wheat crackers.


Many doctors have connected depression and stress with low levels of folic acid, and asparagus is an excellent source of folate. Asparagus is such a versatile vegetable and can be easily integrated in just about any meal. Sauté asparagus tips and combine them into your morning omelet for breakfast, steam them and add them to your salad for lunch, and you can also grill them as a side to accompany any fish or meat dish!

Keep your kitchen stocked with these 3 nutritious foods and no matter what life throws your way – you will always be prepared to combat stress and set you on the right path for overall great health. Cheers!