This Popular & Reasonably Priced Electric Scooter For Adults Is A Commuters Delight

Would you love to cruise around the neighborhood on a cool electric scooter? How about picking up mail, going to parks, or going on short trips around your neighborhood?

If you are looking for a cost-effective, gas-efficient electric scooter for adults  for short distances, then take a look at the eZip 500 Electric Scooter, a commuters delight.

This easy to use and easy to store electric scooter for adults is a cool way to commute around the town on short distances for errands, getting to the stores, or just out and about.

Read on to find out more about the features of this electric scooter for adults and see why it would make a great gift for everyone 13 and above.



Features of the Currie Technologies eZip 500 Electric Scooter For Adults

 eZip 500 Electric ScooterCheck Price

The eZip electric scooter comes with a 500 watt motor that can run about 8 miles each time it is charged. You can cruise on this scooter at up to 15 miles per hour, which is more than enough for the side walk. It has extra tough alloy wheels that makes it safe for the outdoors. It is also compact and easy to store with its foldable handle bars and removable seats. And at a mere 56 pounds, you can carry it around with you in case its needed while RV-ing.

Also, this electric scooter is a great “green and earth friendly” gift for anyone. Imagine not needing to take the car out for every little errand that is within half a mile away. You could certainly do much good for the environment while at the same time enjoying speedy neighborhood transportation, or simply having some fun cruising around the block.

This electric scooter is a really great way to stay active in the neighborhood. It lets you move around the neighborhood quickly without getting tired from walking all the time. Also the electric scooter lets you whiz on the sidewalks, getting you to your short-distance destination quickly as you simply cruise at about 10 miles an hour. You can go nice and slow and not feel rushed on the electric scooter. Whether it is just to grab a bottle of milk from the nearest convenience store or to simply go around the block, it will be a lot more fun with this eZIP 500 electric scooter.

With this electric scooter for adults, you can travel comfortably on great seating, and safely with the best system and wheels.  Not needing to worry about driving, traffic jams, and limited parking for simple short distances could commuting around town a lot less stressful. The electric scooter is also great to enjoy in the park. Perhaps you could fold and pack a couple of these scooters it into your SUV, unpack it to drive side by side with your entire family and enjoy a fun time out at the park, thenn simply fold it, pack it back into your vehicle, and drive home.

Don’t forget to get these accessories when you are getting your electric scooter to make your time on the electric scooter safer and more effective.

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