Essential Oil Diffuser Methods: Find Out What Works!

Aromatherapy is a relaxation method that uses an essential oil diffuser. It’s been around for centuries. Scientific research confirms that aromatherapy promotes feelings of well-being and enhances health. Aromatherapy uses essential oils derived from herbs, plants and flowers that have various therapeutic effects on your body and mind.

Diffusion of the essential oils helps to disperse the aromas throughout the room. There are both complex and simple ways to diffuse essential oils and several diffuser methods you can use.

An Essential Oil Diffuser For The Budget Conscious

Candles are an inexpensive essential oil diffuser method. Simply light a candle let it burn for a few minutes, extinguish the candle and then place a drop of essential oil in the melted wax. Light the candle again and the essential oil will be dispersed.

One caution about the candle diffusion method is that the oils are extremely flammable, so use caution when diffusing oils this way. Also, the therapeutic value might not be as great as cold-air diffusion methods because the heat can destroy some of the oil’s benefits.

Lamp ring and terra cotta diffusers are popular methods of dispersing the aromas of essential oils. A lamp ring filled with oil fits onto a light bulb and releases the aromas. Terra-cotta pots have openings that allow you to add essential oils into the pot. The oils are absorbed into the clay, then permeates through the pot to release the aroma into the room.

The cold-air diffusion method is highly popular for releasing all of the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy into the air. The lungs absorb the aroma from the cold-air method much easier than heated methods.

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Wide Variety of Aromatherapy Scents to Choose From

There are a multitude of aromatherapy scents that you might want to use in your essential oil diffuser. Depending on which may appeal to you, here are some types of essential oils and the benefits they provide:

  • Eucalyptus – A stimulant and antiseptic used to treat colds, headaches and sinus conditions.
  • Ilang-Ilang – Aphrodisiac and antiseptic and also used to treat dry skin.
  • Geranium – Treats depression and can also repel insects.
  • Lavender – A calming scent used to treat insomnia and menstrual cramps.
  • Rosemary – Refreshing scent used to treat muscle aches, colds and headaches. Also good for memory.
  • Chamomile – A scent used to alleviate headaches and digestive problems.

The power of aromatherapy can’t be denied. The western world is finally catching up to what the eastern part of the world has known for centuries – that essential oil diffuser methods can be used to treat a variety of ills.

Where To Buy Aromatherapy Supplies

All types of essential oils and diffusers can be found online or in most health food stores. You can buy essential oils online from the convenience of your home to add to your aromatherapy kit for stress-reducing therapeutic benefits.

The advantages of using essential oils are many. Research reveals that problems such as menstrual cramps, depression, fatigue and acne can be treated by the therapeutic use of an essential oils diffuser. And of course, essential oils used in aromatherapy are one of the best stress-busting natural stress relief solutions.

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A Scented Oil Burner Can Lift Your Mood

Using a scented oil burner to permeate delightful aromas of scented, essential oils throughout your room or home can work wonders to lift your mood and make your environment fragrant and inviting.

Aromatherapy Is A Great Natural Stress Relief Solution

Aromatherapy is an inexpensive luxury that every woman should try. The effects of aromatherapy are proven to relax frayed nerves and many other healing benefits. You can choose from a variety of scents that will help determine the ambiance you want to create. For example, scents of lavender promote relaxation, sage relaxes and helps you sleep and lemon oils lifts your mood and relaxes your nerves.

Using a scented oil burner is easy. Simply choose the aroma you desire and perform the following steps:

1.    Place the burner in a safe place.

2.    Add water to the bowl of the burner (1/2 to ¾ full).

3.    Add 3 to 6 drops of essential oil to the water, depending on how strong you want the scent to be.

4.    Light the candle. Soon, the aroma of the essential oil you chose will infiltrate the room.

Try various essential oils to find ones that you particularly enjoy. Be careful mixing the oils, because some don’t mix well with others and may cause an allergic reaction.

A Word Of Caution

A word of caution – if you’re using a burner with a candle, be sure to place it well out of the reach of children and never leave it unattended. Also, be sure to use essential oils that are approved for use with scented oil burners. Scented oil burners come in all shapes and sizes and can add beauty and interest to your environment. Some are made of marble or polished pottery and others are simple, terra cotta pots. All conduct heat evenly to allow the oils to permeate the air. If you want to go a step up on your aromatherapy journey, consider an electric essential oil diffuser. These relatively inexpensive plug-in burners use electricity to heat the oil and you don’t have to worry about replacing candles or the fire hazard involved.

Aromatherapy Is Perfect For a Relaxing Atmosphere

Aromatherapy is the perfect way to scent your home and make it warm and inviting at the same time. Burners, especially made to scent the air have been used for decades to make areas more appealing. Choose from a wide array of aromatherapy scents for your home. There are scents of bakeries, musk, romantic, tropical, spring and many more. You’ll have fun collecting them and using just the right scent for the mood you want to create. Scented oil burners can also be used for medicinal purposes, using various essential oil scents such a eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile to relieve stress, menstrual cramps, sinus problems, headaches, depression and more.  


What Type of Essential Oil Diffuser Is Best?

Before buying an essential oil diffuser you should take your time to research the various types that are available. You may be surprised to see the wide variety in both prices and types of aromatherapy diffusers currently available on the market.

Do You Know What You Want?

If you are knowledgeable enough and have a clear idea about what you want, then you are way ahead of the game.   It’s just a matter of searching online or offline, until you find what you are looking for.  If however, you are undecided and not even sure about what you need, then it’s best to start at the beginning.

Where to Start

Start by researching the various types of essential oil diffusers that are available.  There are electronic essential oil diffusers, tea candle diffusers, and even car diffusers.  The interest is a great place to start your research. If you put in the time and effort to research the various options, you are bound to find the essential oil diffuser that is best for you.

The Best Essential Oil Diffuser For A Novice

If you are new to the wonderful world of aromatherapy, you may need to search through a lot of information to decide on the essential oil diffuser that would be just right for you.

Check The Internet

The internet is a gold mine of information on just about everything under the sun, including information about essential oil diffusers.  Just browse to your favorite search engine and type in a search request for “essential oil diffusers”.  Google will give you a long list of possible options.

Check Product Reviews

Don’t get overwhelmed by the extensive amount of information on the internet.  If you really good information about the uses and applications of various essential oil diffusers, head over to  You can check out a large selection of product reviews for different diffusers.  If that does not help you decide which essential oil diffuser may be best for you, then nothing else will.



A Beginners Aromatherapy Kit for Natural Stress Relief Enthusiasts

If you are like me, you are a true aromatherapy enthusiast with a comprehensive aromatherapy kit, customized for an extensive list uses such as beauty, health and domestic uses.   If you are new to aromatherapy, has an aromatherapy kit that may be just right for you.

Make Your Own Kit

The best aromatherapy kit is a customized one which covers the entire range of aromatherapy.  So even if you buy a beginner’s aromatherapy kit, you should invest in additional aromatherapy accessories and essential oils to maximize your aromatherapy experience.  In order to cover all of aromatherapy, I spent well over a hundred dollars in essential oils, aromatherapy books and other supplies for my aromatherapy kit, but I can assure you that the payback in relaxation and natural stress relief  is well worth it.

Relaxing Aromas for Every Situation

I use my customized aromatherapy kit to make relaxing aromas for skincare, soaps, shampoos, and air diffusers.  I use my aromatherapy kit at work and at home.  I even use it while traveling on trips, to make sure that U always feel as relaxed as possible.

What About You?

If you are truly an aromatherapy enthusiast then it’s time you start thinking about investing in your very own aromatherapy kit and other essential aromatherapy accessories, books, and supplies.    Below is a collection of basic aromatherapy supplies to get you started.  Click on the images to buy your Aromatherapy supplies at  You can get started on the road to natural stress relief today!


Do You need An Essential Oil Diffuser?

If you want to progress beyond the “novice” level in the world of aromatherapy, you will need to invest in an essential oil diffuser.  Basically, it’s simple a device that aromatherapy enthusiasts use to distribute soothing and stress-relieving aromatherapy scents to a designated area for a designated amount of time.

How It Works

Some essential oil diffusers can actually keep the aroma going constantly.  Others work intermittently, blasting the therapeutic scents into the air sporadically and pre-determined intervals.

How Much It Costs

Depending on your tastes, preferences and desired features, an essential oil diffuser can cost anywhere between ten dollars and two hundred dollars.  The cheaper version is the ever popular tea candle diffusers.  The more expensive version are the high-end, super modern electronic diffusers with push button features for ease, comfort and convenience.

Something for Every Budget

Basically, there is a diffuser for every budget and every preference. You can spend as much or as little as you would like.  Regardless of how much you spend, an essential oil diffuser is a must have aromatherapy accessory.