Are You Dealing With Major Life Stress?

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If you are dealing with major life stress, it’s best to approach the solution with practical strategies.

No matter the size, type, or nature of a major life challenge, the change and disruption associated with these trials can be very difficult to cope with. Death of a loved one, diagnosis of disease, debt and bankruptcy, divorce, and losing a job can all be so incapacitating that it may feel difficult or even impossible to move forward when dealing with major life stress.

However, many life coach counselors and stress mentors such as myself, who have developed an understanding of the  nature of challenges and believe that these crises can be used to inspire positive growth and change, usually find that challenges are not as insurmountable as they may initially seem.

This is called a “growth mindset,” and it means that crises are seen as opportunities for growth, not just as devastating situations to be dealt with. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the trials themselves become easier or less frequent, but simply that through positivity, they become easier to handle.  After all, even if you make lemonade when life throws you lemons, it’s still sour!

This is not an attitude exclusive to some people—anyone who wants to can build these coping skills and learn to deal with change in a positive way. While it does entail a change of mindset and in some cases, a new modus operandi for life, when a large crisis arrives, making the change will be worth the effort.

The first step is to banish the word “crisis” from your vocabulary. It comes with many negative connotations, none of which inspire a positive attitude about the situation. “Opportunity,” or “challenge,” are better, as both of these words come with the connotation that the individual has power over the situation and acknowledges that this is a time for growth and development. Stop focusing on the negative aspects of your situation and instead on the real opportunities that lie within it.

When you find yourself facing a major life change, do not allow yourself to get bogged down in feelings if despair and overwhelm for too long time, otherwise it becomes harder to head it off and take action. Instead, try to use hope and optimism to find the opportunities for growth in the situation. This does not mean that you have to ignore how difficult things are, but attach to that acknowledgement the fact that you will successfully get through this trial. Instead of focusing on what is going wrong, focus on what you can do to fix it.  Embrace the process and trust that the journey will lead you to a better place.

Next, do not suppress your genuine feelings. Whether you are angry, sad, or frustrated, do not feel like you have to bury those feelings just because you want to feel hopeful and optimistic. You’re going to feel horrible emotions, anger overwhelm…do not stifle those feelings or try to push them away…that’s the boat; you gotta ride down the river.  Accept it and trust that this is the journey you need to go on, trust the process of the journey. It’s Okay to experience these feelings fully and find a positive outlet for them. That’s exactly what I teach in my FREE divorce recovery eCourse.

Understand that challenges are usually part of something bigger and better. Change is inevitable and does not have to be a bad thing. Understanding that what seems like a negative experience now is really part of something bigger and better in the future, will give meaning to your challenge and an impetus to continue working through it. Even with these strategies, you will not always avoid trials, but you will be better equipped to cope with them.

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