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If you want to hack stress down to its root, a camping trip may be just the tool you need to do it.

One of the best ways to control stress is by taking regular quality, stress-free  vacations with your family, but with today’s sky-rocketing travel expenses , who can afford that?

I have the perfect answer: go camping! It is a great stress reliever, being out there with Mother Nature.  Read on to discover great tips, resources and guidelines on camping for beginners.

First of all, camping allows you to disconnect from the world of hustle and bustle and put aside the interruptions from the electronic world of phones, computers and emails.

It is a true saying that the best things in life are free. Mother Nature offers us so many of these beautiful things for free. You can find comfort and peace with the gentle blowing breezes, the flowing river or the smell of the green forest trees. There is great joy in to be found in catching a fish from the lake to cook for dinner on an open fire. All of these experiences can be had on a camping trip.

This is why I want to introduce you to another of my books Camping for Stress Relief.

It shows you how easy and affordable going on a camping trip can be. It reveals the benefits of being one with nature, and how turning off the distractions of the industrial and technologically advanced world will relieve your stress levels and positively affect how you deal with the ‘real’ world, once you get back to it.

Whether you are religious or not, something or someone gave us Mother Nature and it is ours to choose to help find balance between the Mind, Body and Soul.  The sights and fragrance of nature immediately puts us in a serene place.

There is also that additional relief in not having to worry that your camping vacation will cost you money that you really cannot afford, for those of us on a limited budget. No stress of how to pay for this trip when you return to your already hectic world.

You won’t need a vacation to recover from this vacation. My book highlights that you choose how simple or elaborate your camping vacation can be. You can be one with nature, completely on your own devices, or have a combination of both worlds of the outdoors, yet still have a handful of creature comforts like showers, and flushing toilets at your disposal.

You determine your budget, but the results will be the same; a time of family connections, working through issues, peace, harmony and no stress.

Pick up a copy of Camping for Stress Relief today. Be one with nature and its healing effect on the mind, body and soul. Experience nature through touch, sight and smell while you shut off the world and recharge your spirit to face it again.  If you are a newbie to this camping thing, I got you covered with a comprehensive camping check list.

Click this link to find out more about purchasing the right camping gear.

My next Wellness Wednesday post  will focus on how you can be one with nature, every day  and enjoy its therapeutic effects without leaving your home. And by the way, if you would like to share your stress relief strategies with us, we would love to feature you on Wellness Wednesday. Just click here to find out more.

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