Christian Parenting Help: Divine Guidelines For Modern Day Moms

Christian parenting help can be especially beneficial for modern day moms. 

Every mom will agree that her kids are the most wonderful part of her life. When the bundle of joy first entered your life it was instant love at first sight. The joys of motherhood are indescribable.

But as the kids get older, you soon discover that raising kids in this modern world can be a major source of anxiety.

For Christian parents who are doing their best to raise their kids in a god fearing way, the challenge is twice as daunting. Fortunately, there is an abundance of Christian parenting help.

Parenting Guidelines From The Bible

The bible is not a parenting handbook but it does offer sound advice to parents.

For one thing, the bible encourages you as a christian parent to correct and discipline your children with a spirit of love.

True, your kids can sometimes do things that make you really mad. In fact, its because you care so much and love them so intensely, that you sometimes react to some of the troublesome things they do with anger.

Jesus gives us a good example.

Recall how his disciples constantly argued amongst themselves about who was the greatest. Recall too, how Jesus disciples failed to live up to his expectations on various occasions.

Jesus never grew bitterly angry with them. Instead, he always showed patience and corrected them in a spirit of love. If grown adults required Jesus’ patience and mild temper when correcting them, what about your kids?

Practical Advice For Raising Teens

If you are raising teenagers then you may be in special need of Christian parenting help.

Parenting challenges don’t have to ruin your bond with your child, on the contrary you can use taxing situations to build a closer relationship with your teenagers.

If you are looking for Christian parenting help for raising teenagers, then you should first take a look at your parenting style.

  • Are you approachable?
  • More importantly, does your teenager see you as approachable?
  • Are you available when your teenager needs someone to talk to or confide in?
  • Would they feel safe confiding in you? Or would they confide in their friends rather than risk a judgmental tone or an overreaction from you?

These are questions worth asking and discussing as a family. So much is at stake.

Help Your Kids Cope With Their Stress

Remember, your kids are experiencing pressure from various sources too!

Think of the peer pressure that your teenagers are confronted with at school every day-temptations to smoke, to cheat on exams, to do drugs, to engage in premarital sex.

Think back on the pressures you faced when you were their age and then multiply that by 100!!

Children are under immense strain of their own every day, so when you work on reducing your own tension, try to incorporate Christian parenting help and techniques that can keep you both balanced and focused on your Christian identity.

While it’s important to get your own anxiety levels under control, it’s equally important that you monitor your child’s stress levels too. You need to make sure that they aren’t reacting to their anxiety in a way that will harm themselves or others.

The BEST Example You Can Follow

Raising children is a challenge in our modern world. Its essential that your children see you as an approachable and reasonable mom.

Fortunately, Jesus Christ himself left the best example for Christian moms to follow.

Despite the weighty responsibilities he faced, he was always approachable and reasonable with those around him. You can find a useful lesson here.

Despite the weighty responsibilities you face each day to provide for your family’s physical and material needs, its equally important that you remain approachable and available for your kids.

Find things you can all do and enjoy together, like listening to music together, going camping, or going to the mall to do some shopping.

The more quality and quantity time you spend with your kids, the greater the bond of friendship and trust that will develop between you.

Few families eat dinner together nowadays. And yet, eating dinner together and talking about your day, is one of the best ways to grow closer to your kids.

Dinner time also allows you to get a grasp of the pressures and problems they face and to offer christian parenting help to keep them focused on what is most important.

Make sure not to scold them while they eat. Instead, make dinner time a precious opportunity to get your kids to open up to you. See it as a golden opportunity to help them solve the problems they face.

It’s a great way to allow everyone time to share their feelings and gain the support they need – including you!

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