Walking As Exercise: The Ideal Activity to Get Rid of Stress

We all know that regular exercise is a good way to fight stress. But what about walking as exercise?

Are there any health benefits of walking as a form of exercise? Definitely!

All health professional agree that walking is an ideal activity to get rid of strain and tension and to promote overall health.

Walking As Exercise – What Do Health Professionals Say?

Many doctors recommend walking for exercise to patients who are recovering from a heart attack, have high blood pressure or suffer from arthritis.

Psychologists also encourage walking for exercise if you are feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

But that’s not all.

Health coaches and personal trainers often set you up with a walking program as the start-up point for developing an effective exercise program.

Actually, walking use to be the primary form of transportation for past generations.

It was the major way to get anywhere you needed to go.

Fast-forward a few generations. Now, we only have to take a few steps to the car so walking has become an “exercise” instead of a regular activity.

Walking As Exercise – What do the Fitness Magazines Say?

There is an abundance of fitness magazines that promote walking as exercise.

They offer a full range of “walking programs” as if we suddenly forgot how to put one foot in front of another.

If you like structure and could benefit from a complete walking schedule some programs will even tell you which days to talk, how long to walk, how fast to walk and every other detail.

But why choose walking as exercise?

For one thing, you already know how to do it, so all you may need are a few refinements in technique and a good pair of walking shoes.

Walking for exercise is great at almost any age. If you’re very fit, you can train as a “power walker” or “race walker”.

I enjoy a 45 minute “power” walk at least 3 times a week.

In addition to that, I take a walk ( 10 minutes) to the grocery store for small items) when needed instead of jumping in the car.

I get to save gas PLUS enjoy the scenery and clean air. It works wonders to keep my stress levels in check.

What Makes Walking As Exercise So “Ideal” for Stress Relief?

Walking is the ideal exercise to help you get rid of stress because :

o ZERO cost!! Walking is free – you don’t have to pay any additional money to get started. All you need is a commitment to your walking program, a sturdy pair of sport shoes, some soft socks and comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing. That’s it!

o No Gym or Location restrictions. You’re not limited to a gym or o any specific location- you can walk on the street, in the mall or around the floors of your office building. In fact, the variety of different locations can keep you motivated to stick with walking as exercise.

o Low Impact exercise. Some high impact aerobics may be too hard on your knees and joints. Walking is a great low impact exercise that’s great for building aerobic capacity.

o Walking merges easily into your life. It’s easy to find ways to weave more walking into your daily routine. For instance, – you can park farther from your destination or walk to nearby places.

o Involve Your Friends. Walking is a great activity to share with a friend. Instead of making a lunch date, decide to go on a walk and have a healthy snack when you return.

o Immediate impact in your health. Walking as exercise helps cut heart disease risk in half!! Walking for thirty minutes, six days a week is the ideal activity if you are suffering from extreme stress in your life.

o Slow down the aging process. Walking for exercise staves off aging by keeping the body toned and trim. It also gives much needed oxygen to the cells that support healthy skin.

Put On Your Walking Shoes!

By now you should be convinced that walking as exercise is and ideal activity to get rid of stress.

To make walking even more fun, you can buy a pedometer to measure your steps and keep track of your walking.

You could set a goal to add 500 more steps to your walking each day.

Don’t let life’s pressures affect your overall health negatively. Make walking for fun and health a part of your daily routine.

You can walk your way to good physical and mental health. So put on your walking shoes and start stepping!

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