You Are What You Eat–Here Is How To Make it Matter!

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Healthy eating and proper nutrition can get you on the fast track to stress free living. You are what you eat!

I am sure that many of you are enjoying your newly found stress relief in aromatherapy.
Please continue incorporating it into daily life and reap it’s aromatic and soothing benefits.

Today for Wellness Wednesday, I want to delve a little deeper into the effects of how what we put in our body, truly affects what we get in return; physically and emotionally.

We hear it all the time, “you are what you eat”. Have you ever taken the time to understand just what that means? It is simple; certain foods can affect us negatively or positively. It can be good or bad for our health and temperament.

Do you know what foods are truly bad for you, how it can lead to disease and affect your daily life negatively? What about good foods? What foods promote good long term health as well as our everyday overall mood and well-being?

We all have a basic idea of what might be good, what may be bad, but do we really know enough to make daily, healthy conscious decisions about our nutrition.

A lot of food that we indulge in daily that we term as safe food can have negative effects on us in the certain amounts. On the other hand missing meals has another affect that you will be surprised to learn about.

What about the good foods that can improve health, reduce stress levels and positively impact our overall health? You will be amazed at how much you do not know.

My entire purpose, my books, products, coaching program is about teaching you ways to improve your life and reduce stress. Proper nutrition is a big part of attaining that goal.

 Click here to find out more about my book on Nutrition for Stress Relief. Learn how to energize your mind, body and soul through eating foods that boost your health and bust the stress while restoring balance to your life.

I know that it is easier said than done, so do not set yourself up to fail. Educate yourself with the information contained in my book and learn how to create an environment that promotes healthy eating at home and in your lunch box. Stock up on the foods and drinks that make it easy to create good, quick and nutritious meals and help you stay on the plan. I have also included some other products that can help you as you pursue good nutrition that only promotes good health and results in stress relief.  

By clicking on the highlighted words below you will be taken to links on some of the products or tools that has helped me keep my nutrition in check and allowed me to save time and money and a whole lot of stress.

I suggest you soothe your senses and unwind with a cup of herbal tea. You can also fight stress  juicing your fruits and vegetables. What about a healthy breakfast on the go by blending a smoothie.

Oh and while you are sipping on that tea, don’t forget to take your vitamins, created just for women like you and me.

Until next time: make what you eat, what you want to be!

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1. Do you notice that you feel better when you eat healthy foods?

2. What’s the ONE “unhealthy” food you have trouble giving up?