Beach Trip Checklist–Remember These When Going to the Beach…

You wouldn’t think that anything would ruin a fun summer day at the beach right? Be sure to remember to do the following and bring these things along just to make sure you have the perfect day at the beach.

Everyone wants their day at the beach to be fun filled, relaxing, and above all…stress free! You don’t want hassles and disasters at the beach. So what do you need to do to ensure that perfect time at the beach this summer?


Remember to Use Sunscreen

Getting sun burnt is not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous for your skin as well. Therefore, you should always apply sunscreen to your body before heading out to the beach.  It is important to not only apply it once before leaving the house but to also re-apply it from time to time according to the directions on the bottle. Sunscreen doesn’t last a whole day. So you have to always re-apply sunscreen from time to time to ensure healthy skin and a great time at the beach without the sun hurting you. Be sure to select the sunscreen for the right age group, with the right SPF level.

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 Bring a Sun Shade

A sun shade could be perfect to set up to keep everyone shaded on the beach. No matter how much sunscreen you use, you might not just be able to stay in the open sun for hours. So a nice sunshade can keep you shaded and protected from the sun when you are not playing. Take a look at these sun shades and find the best one that is easy to carry to the beach for long hours of shaded fun at the beach.

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Don’t Forget the Swimsuit

I know this sounds obvious! But there are times when we forget to pack our swimsuits and end up getting into the water with our clothes on. This can certainly be very uncomfortable when your clothes bubble up, drag you down, or stick to your skin. If you are at the beach to swim, be sure you enjoy a great day and bring your swimsuit with you!

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Bring Something To do at the Beach

You can’t possibly just lie on the beach all day without doing anything FUN! You’ll get bored. Bring something to do! Whether you are by yourself or with the family and friends, there are lots of fun things you can do at the beach! So…don’t forget to bring a book to read, or a Frisbee, ball or other toys to play with. Kids would love sand toys to build the greatest sand castles ever. Here are some fun beach toys that everyone would enjoy at the beach.

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 Bring Some Food and Drinks to the Beach

Don’t assume that there will be a food joint there with food and beverages for you to enjoy while on the beach. Always bring something light to enjoy while you are on the beach. You wouldn’t want to get up and leave just because you are hungry. Make it even better with healthier snacks like watermelon and other fruits. And be sure to always stay hydrated while under the hot sun at the beach. It is important to have plenty of water while you are out in the sun.

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Also while eating on the beach, be aware of flying birds! That can sometimes be an issue for beach-goers. Do not attract their attention with the foodstuffs…unless you actually want to play with the birds. And also clean up after yourself so others coming after you can have a nice time at the beach too.

There are a few more pointers to remember and follow so as to ensure that you have the greatest time at the beach this summer. First, be sure to adhere to all safety signs and protocols to ensure that your trip to the beach is a happy and safe one. Be sure to follow all warnings and directions. Be aware if there is a lifeguard on duty, or if there are any fish to worry about, or high tides, or infestations. It is important to be safe if you want to truly have a fun time at the beach with no disasters to ruin it.

Also, always check the weather report for your area before heading out to the beach. You wouldn’t want heavy winds and dark clouds to dampen your day at the beach. Plan ahead and be sure that the weather is perfect for a day out at the beach.

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These points and tips are not tough to do, and they can do wonders in ensuring that you have a perfect time at the beach this summer. All it needs is some good planning and you can have the perfect day at the beach. I am sure that you would love to have a relaxing time at the beach to unwind this summer. I know I would!

What was the one thing you forgot to do when going to the beach? What do you do to make sure you have the best time at the beach? I sure hope these tips help you enjoy many stress-free, relaxing days at the beach this summer, filled with fun and laughter.