Summer Picnic Ideas : 5 Tips For Planning A Summer Outdoor Get Together

I love a good picnic! Who doesn’t? It could be me, but in my humble opinion, food always tastes better outdoors. Add to that being in the company of people who you like and enjoy, like your close family and friends, and you are bound to have a memorable and relaxing time together.



For Stress-Free Picnics, You Need To Plan and Prepare

For some folks, organizing a successful picnic only requires a moment’s notice, but for me ( and perhaps for you too), some thoughtful planning and preparations are necessary beforehand. Here are three easy tips for summer picnic ideas to ensure a stress-free time together.

Tip #1—Find A Good Location

The first thing to do is decide on the location because that could make a difference for all your other decisions. Select an area that has covered picnic area or be prepared to bring a shade tent. Another important consideration for location, is that you check to make sure that there is running water for hand-washing. If not, plan to should you bring wipes.

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Tip #2—Monitor your Invitation List

You need to decide in advance how many people will be invited to the picnic. My picnics are usually just me and my immediate family. That’s easier since I know their tastes and how much they’ll eat. But if you plan to invite friends to come along, then you’ll want to know more about the kinds of food to have and the proper amount. Since you do not want to be cooking all day, make sure to ask your invited guests what are they planning to bring!

Tip #3—Plan a Good Picnic Menu

For me, the food is always the highlight of the picnic, so I usually take some time figuring out to put on the picnic menu. It’s important that you do that too. Do you want just cold food or are you planning to grill meat at the picnic? Make it more interesting by trying out some new recipes and bringing something different than your usual picnic fare.

Tip #4—Create The Perfect Picnic Ambiance

First impressions count, so make sure to accessorize your picnic. Here are important picnic accessories to remember:
1. a tablecloth
2. cooking and serving utensils
3. silverware & napkins
4. salt and pepper
5. pack a vase and let the kids pick some wildflowers to put in it for the table centerpiece
6. …anything else you might require
7. pack lawn chairs for lounging around afterwards
8. pack toys a d fun games for all. (e.g. frisbee-throwing, impromptu games of flag football, hula hoops or scavenger hunts. )

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Tip #5—Keep Your Food Safe

Its vitally important not to overlook the need to keep your food safe in the heat of the day. Here 3 food safety factors to keep these in mind when picnicking:

1. Cold food needs to stay cold. Keep the food in a cooler with ice until it’s time to serve it. Then return it immediately to the cooler. Food poisoning is no picnic!

2. Foods made ahead of time should have plenty of time to chill in your refrigerator before being packed into the ice chest. It’s job is to keep things cold that are already cold.

3. If there is still ice in the cooler when you get home, the food is probably okay. When in doubt, throw the food out!

Are You Ready For Some Picnic Fun?

Use the tips above when planning your picnics and enjoy your family, friends, and food in a special outdoor location. If you’ve never held a picnic before, I promise you that you are in for a lot of fun!

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