Stress Relief Tip of The Day: Use Your Mind To Rise Up Against Difficulties

Stress Relief Tip Of The Day:

Facing our challenges makes us stronger and more capable.

RiseAgainstDifficultiesThe challenges I face in life are only stepping stones to wonderful days ahead. I realize that issues can feel overbearing. But I avoid being burdened by them and, instead, use them as motivation.

Dwelling on a challenge causes me to remain in that situation longer than necessary. I accept what is happening as an unavoidable reality and focus on recovery.

When I adopt a positive mindset, I find creative ways to move away from trying situations. I realize that creativity is the root of many of life’s successes.

Remember this stress relief tip: your mind is the only stepping stone you need to rise up against difficulties.

For instance, financial holes sometimes feel hard to climb out of. But I avoid lamenting on how broke I am. Instead, I make a commitment to change my spending habits.

When I look back at obstacles I am able to leave behind, I smile with confidence. Seeing where I am coming from builds my confidence to make it through anything else.

Today, I am blessed to have the ability to take steps away from my challenges. My commitment to rising above difficulties is unwavering. I am stronger and more capable when I dare to challenge what troubles me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you recover when you realize you are falling back into a negative pattern?
  2. What kind of help do you want your friends and family to provide during challenges?
  3. Which of your difficulties turned out to be blessings in disguise?


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