The #1 Stress Relief Activity That Brings Joy to Yourself & To Others

A stress relief activity can be important when difficulties rain into your life.

When it rains it can sometimes POUR, making it hard to see a way out of the problems.

The results of life’s trials and challenges can be a flood of strain and anxiety as you try to deal with a big stack of bills, kids who won’t quit arguing, failing health of a loved one, or a marriage that’s hit a stagnant slump.

Volunteering Can Reduce Strain And Anxiety

One great stress relief activity is to reach out and help someone else. The good thing about helping others is you take the focus off of yourself and the problems you are facing. Volunteering your time and energy to help another person actually allows you to feel positive about what you’re doing. It’s hard to explain the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment you experience when you know you were able to make a difference for someone else.

I don’t know about you, but when things are wrong at home or at work, it can often make me feel like a failure. Even if the issue wasn’t my fault , I tend to shoulder the burden until it becomes too much to bear.It causes strain and tension in my life which affects my happiness and sometimes leaves me spinning in a sea of frustration.

The problems you face can sometimes accumulate and “attack” all at once, becoming one grueling challenge that may seem overwhelming to tackle all at once. That’s when a stress relief activity such as volunteering can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Which Volunteer Opportunities Appeal To You?

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options to choose from, so finding a volunteering opportunity that suits your personality should be easy.

If standing in a line feeding people at a soup kitchen doesn’t fulfill you, then you can easily find another volunteering option that will. You can work in a volunteer group or as an individual.

I personally enjoy volunteering my time giving free bible studies.

So many people are looking for ways to cope with life’s problems and helping them see the practical wisdom of the bible is very satisfying.

It helps them cope with the tense events in their lives and is a great stress relief activity for me as well.

Where Can You Make A Difference?

All you need to do to benefit from volunteering is to figure out where you feel you could make a big difference. Perhaps you can make a big difference as a Big Brother or Sister, where you’re helping a child who doesn’t have a close role model to look up to. Think of the valuable difference you could make in such a child’s life.

Or maybe you can find deep satisfaction in helping adults learn how to read. Or maybe you have a special skill or talent that you can teach others. Are you a good cook or baker? Are you an excellent seamstress? You can volunteer your time to teach others how to cook or sew.

Its so easy to take the little things for granted, and volunteering is the perfect stress relief activity that can make us refocus on our lives and help us to change our perspectives. If a taxing is causing us to focus too much on what is wrong with our life, and what we do NOT have, then volunteering and helping others in need can help us to see what is good about our life and help us to be thankful for what we do have.

The evidence and research confirm that volunteering is an excellent stress relief activity. Researchers find that a large percentage of volunteers report feeling less depressed when volunteering. The number rose as high as 70% when the volunteers used their professional experience to give back to the community.

And workplace volunteer programs have resulted in employees missing fewer days at work! Clearly, volunteering is a great stress-busting activity. I know from personal experience that it works!

Will Volunteering Work For You?

So will it work for you? Try it and see.

I know you may feel like you’re already over-scheduled, and you very well may be.

But if you try to make some time (even once a month) to volunteer in your community, you will be surprised at the results.

Pick something that makes you proud and the veil of stress will soon lift from your life. I promise!!

A Natural Self-Help Solution That Works!

Are you looking for a stress relief solution? Stupid question, who isn’t these days? Life brings all kinds of pressures. You may have:

  • A busy schedule
  • Family issues
  • Work-related problems
  • Relationship trouble
  • Financial anxieties
  • Parenting challenges
  • Death of a loved one
  • Health concerns
  • …and many other things that consume your life.
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