Stress-Busting eCourse Module 2: The Truth About Burnout?

Even though all this technology “stuff” was meant to save you time, more often than not, it leads to MORE stress, MORE frustration, and MORE work.

In fact… just what have you been doing with all that extra time “saved” by dishwashers, cell phones, computers, and all your other time saving tech?

Lemme guess: you’ve been doing…


The thing is, you have more choices, but you also have more expectations, noise, complications, anxiety, and STRESS!

What’s worse… the current economic recession has brought more loneliness than ever before, and more worry about jobs, debt, family, finances, insecurity at work, and the future of the world.

But here’s the secret.

The demands and stressors in your life are neither good nor bad. It is only your reaction to stress that turns you into a raving lunatic. Truth is, you can have a BAD stress response to your demands.

Just look at how this recession is taking it’s toll on most of the country. For instance, stress could come from losing your job and by the same token, getting hired for a new job.

Either way they are all new demands on you.

Here are some indicators that the pressure is building and you’re about to be hit by burnout:

  • Needing medication for going to sleep, waking up, and staying alert or energized
  • Being sandwiched between needy aging parents and needy adult kids
  • Every day complications
  • Fear
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of fulfilling relationship
  • Fear of job loss
  • Trying to do too many things at once
  • Constantly saying “yes” when you really need to say “no”

It’s no wonder that burnout is often called “the illness of the very caring.”

Someone who doesn’t give a flying flip about other people or the world isn’t as prone to burnout as you are.

You Are Obviously A Caring and Giving Person

It’s obvious that you’re out there living life and caring…

But please understand that you may fall victim to stress and you need to learn positive ways to prevent it.

Stay tuned for my next lesson in the 5-module stress-busting eCourse, where I’ll give you some mind-blowing tips that will dramatically impact your life.

You can imagine how much better life will be, can’t you?

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