Stress and Exercise Ideas: Get Moving To Get Rid Of Stress

Stress and exercise should go hand in hand. Why? Because strain an tension can make you feel like you’re all tied up in knots! That’s not all in your head.

In a way, you are tied up in knots.

When you are under pressure, your muscles get tense and your head throbs.

Tension headaches are one of the classic symptoms and sign of strain.

So how does stress and exercise come into play?

Exercise is the BEST Natural Solution

Exercise is an excellent, natural way to relieve tension and minimize the harmful effects of strain on your health.

As tempting and as easy it may be to grab a chocolate bar, a glass of wine, or some prescription drugs to calm your nerves when you’re overwhelmed, that would actually be the worst thing to do.

Relying on food, drugs or alcohol may give you temporary relief, but they may create some problems of their own.

1. Stress eating is not only fattening but can grow into an eating disorder – particularly when tension is compounded by a depressed mood.

2. Alcohol is a depressant, so any effect it has on stress is temporary, leaving behind more problems.

3. Drugs – whether prescription or non-prescription – trigger the same problem as alcohol. Substance abuse isn’t the cure for anything.

It’s much better idea to close your refrigerator door and your medicine chest door and open your front door.

Go out for a walk or a run if you enjoy that.

If walking or running does not appeal to you, try other soothing, motion-based outdoor activities that are perfect for stress and exercise.

Play ball with the kids, sweep the patio, do some gardening. Choose an activity that requires motion, but very little concentration.

The key here is to relax your mind by freeing it from the tensions of the day, not clutter it with other demands and tedious assignments.

Taking just thirty minutes to engage in a soothing motion-based outdoor activity can do wonders for your stress levels.

The benefit is that your mind will wander into something positive that is totally unrelated to your problems and the tensions of the day will melt away.

Ways To Get Moving

You can start walking as exercise. I love to walk, its my favorite stress and exercise activity.

Breathing in fresh air, getting my heart beat up, taking note of the sights and sounds along the way, these all help calm my mind at the end of a taxing day.

When I am walking, I focus my mind on the wonders of nature around me, so I don’t have time to think about worrisome things.

Do you have a bicycle? Dust it off go for a ride on your bike.

Look for quiet streets or parks with bike paths. Pedaling around is another great way to exercise and enjoy your surroundings as you travel.

On days when the weather does not permit, or if you simply prefer to stay indoors, you can dance to your own music.

There are so many exercise DVD’s on the market that its super easy to schedule stress and exercise activities in your daily routine without even having to leave your home.

Try some Zumba DVD’s for some great exercise and dance moves.

Actually, you don’t even need an exercise DVD.

Just put on some music with a peppy beat and dance around your living room.

If you are more of a classical person, you can put on something classical too and let your inner “ballerina girl” come out.

You’ll get some good exercise and may end up laughing at yourself too, which is an added BONUS and another good way to beat burnout!

It really does not matter what kind of exercise or physical activity your choose, just as long as you get moving.

Make room for stress and exercise activities in your daily routine, and that feeling of being being all tied up in knots will be a thing of the past.

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