Six Ways to Deal with Daily Stressors that Exacerbate a Life Upheaval

stressoverwhelmDaily stressors often cause more problems than we realize, especially when added into a more serious stressor.

If you’re going through a divorce, for example, you might not notice how the little annoyances and stressful situations of everyday life add to your bigger problem, until you are just too tired and stressed out to deal with anything.

This isn’t the way to go through life! 

Finding ways to deal with daily stressors as they arrive is one of the very best ways to make sure that they do not exacerbate the other difficulties you might be having.

  1. Eat the right foods. While eating junk food might feel like a great way to soothe your nerves, pumping your system full of junk will only make your body and mind more stressed out than it already is. Eating the right kinds of foods, that really nourish your body, is the best and only way to keep your system running smoothly. Your body and mind are deeply connected—so take care of your body and it will help to calm your mind.
  1. Exercise regularly. This cannot be overemphasized—exercising regularly, especially during a high-stress life situation, makes your body far more efficient at managing stress. Getting out and doing something for your body, getting your heart rate up for even half an hour a day, will help you feel calmer and even promote a happy mood and more energy. You’ll have time to think, will sleep better, and feel better about yourself.
  1. Get your finances under control. Money is one of the most stressful aspects of any of our lives. If you do not have enough, it can be a serious problem. If you have too much, you can still obsess about it. Managing your money will help you feel in control, even if the real situation, the bigger stressor, is still occurring. Don’t let money become a burden or a drag on your time and energy. Balance your checkbook, come up with a plan for paying off any debts, and stay in control of your spending.
  1. Be the master of your own time. There’s a saying that goes, “We don’t have time—we make time.” We need to stop spending our time on things that are not important and make time for the things that are vitally important. Cutting out the negative pulls on our time and focusing more on the things that we actually need and want to do is a great way to stop feeling like you are constantly drowning in your own to-do list. Do you really need to paint the baseboards this weekend? Or is it more important to help your child with that school project they have been asking for your help on for weeks? You’ll find some time management tips here.
  1. Pick a hobby that’s just for you. If you’re giving all of your time away to other people, even the people that you love the most, you’ll start to feel drained. You need a hobby that gives you some time alone, or at the very least, some peace and quiet. Gardening is a great way to get out in nature, do something productive, and give yourself some time away from both the little stressors and the bigger issue that they compound. Gardening is a great option, but anything that you really love to do and that gives you a second to breathe is what you need to do.
  1. Try some alternative stress management treatments. If you already are doing all of the things on this list and still feel that your life is out of control (or even that some of the activities we listed contribute to your life being out of control), it’s time to consider some alternative stress management techniques. For example, aromatherapy is widely used to combat stress. Yoga, deep breathing, and other less mainstream techniques can be seriously helpful.

Of course, managing all of the small things does not make the bigger problem go away, but it can help you gain some control of your life when it might feel desperately out of control. Getting a handle on the things that you can get a handle on will make your life less stressful and you’ll find yourself better able to deal with that major life upheaval.

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Darlene is passionate and enthusiastic about helping women simplify their lives, develop stress resilience, regain balance, and find happiness, despite the personal storms life throws at them. She has published a popular series of stress management books which focus on simple, practical and healthy stress relief strategies, as well as provide FREE resources and services that help women become more stress-resilient.

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