Use Shiatsu For Natural Stress Relief

There are different forms of massages, but shiatsu is possibly one of the oldest forms of massage known.  It’s a great option for natural stress relief.  The main difference between shiatsu and a Swedish massage is that shiatsu focuses more on the pressure of the fingertips to work the muscles and release energy from specific points on the body.

Similar to Reflexology

Shiatsu is similar to reflexology, but rather than working only on the feet, shiatsu works on more areas of the body.  The reason for focusing on those specific pressure points is because they release energy, improve circulation, get rid of toxins that are stored in the muscles and the skin and help to revive the body.

 Shiatsu Can Reduce Stress

 Shiatsu is an effective stress relief method and can even alleviate other symptoms that are caused by any form of blockages or circulation problems.  Nowadays you can buy a variety of shiatsu massage equipment, for instance a shiatsu neck massager.



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