Awaken Gently with a Nature Sounds Alarm Clock

A nature sounds alarm clock a great way to ease into a new day. Waking up to the loud screeching and jarring sounds of an old-fashioned alarm clock is annoying and can set the mood (a bad one) for the rest of the day. Now, you can awaken gently by peaceful sounds when you use a nature sounds alarm clock.

These peace-invoking alarm clocks are available in several varieties. Some use the method of gradually (from 15 minutes to an hour) increasing the brightness of light on the clock face and may also include aromas and peaceful nature sounds to give you a gentler waking experience.


Something For Every Taste and Budget

You can choose from soft sounds that may mimic ocean surf or a bevy of songbirds. After a few minutes of these sounds, you may set the clock to hear a beeping to make sure you awaken. If you prefer, you can use only the sound or beeper.

Some alarm clocks with nature sounds may also come with aromatherapy beads that are designed to invoke aromas used for stress relief (such as lavender) or coffee (used to promote energy in the morning). Some can be used with aromatherapy oils in addition to the beads. The warmth from the increasing light will release the power of the aromatherapy.

These enjoyable alarm clocks can be found in a wide variety of looks and prices. A quick search online will ensure that you choose one that will provide the most use and enjoyment. Here are some features of just a few available nature sounds alarm clocks:

  • A variety of soothing nature sounds.
  • Ipod docks that you can use for playing ITunes and charging your device.
  • AM/FM radio.
  • Head phone jack so you can enjoy all features without disturbing others.
  • Dual alarms and napping features.
  • Designs perfect for home or office.
  • Ceiling projection.
  • Calendar and built-in thermometer and special room temperature display.

A number of manufacturers who make alarm clocks with nature offer specialty sounds for children, such as funny animal sounds or songs. In fact, there are a variety of sounds other than nature offered in today’s wide array of alarm clocks.

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Perfect Gift For Anyone

These alarm clocks make perfect gifts for anyone, including college students living away from home for the first time, travel versions for the wanderer, anyone you know who may have an unlimited amount of stress in her life – and just about anyone else who would prefer to be awakened gently rather than abruptly.

Look online to check out all the features and varieties of alarm clocks. You’re sure to find one that exactly suits your wants and needs or décor of your home or office. Enjoy the peace and tranquility that a nature sounds alarm clock can bring into your life.

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