What Are The Main Causes Of Stress For Women?

The main causes of stress for most women comes from certain specific sources.

Chronic strain and anxiety seems to be an inherent part of modern day living and everyone seems to be experiencing pressure in one form or another.

Take a look at these 3 primary sources of tension for women and see if you recognize yourself in any of the scenarios.

#1. Work

We all have to make a living, which means that having a job is essential. But your job may be one of the main causes of stress and frustration.

You have to wake up each day, to go to a job you hate. A job that is figuratively and literally making you sick.

Your work-related tensions may be the culmination of a long list of problems:

  • The physically or mentally demanding nature of the job
  • Strained or tense relationships with coworkers
  • Overwhelming job responsibilities and growing job dissatisfaction
  • Unpredictability of workplace changes and high staff turnover
  • Conflict between your personal values and the job role
  • Lack of feedback ( good or bad) from superiors
  • Financial dissatisfaction and lack of performance based incentives.

#2. Relationship Problems and Divorce

Relationship problems is unquestionably one of the main causes of stress for women.

Every couple starts off their married life in a warm glow of love and expect a “happily ever after” to follow. But in a growing number of cases, the anticipated “happily ever after” develops into despair.

You may have woken up one morning and realized that the only remaining bond between you and your partner is the marriage certificate and the home you share.

A demanding job, the pressures of parenting, infidelity, and financial crisis can destabilize the most devoted couple.

Constant arguing can quickly erode the love and respect you initially felt for each other, and all that is finally left may be disillusionment-with your partner, with the marriage, with love and tragically perhaps even with life.

And if coping with the pain and emotional stress of an unhappy marriage is not bad enough, dealing with the devastating effects of divorce is beyond compare. Especially if children are involved.

The only thing worse than a bad marriage is a bad divorce and the complete emotional, financial and physical casualties that are often left in its path.

#3. Financial Challenges

Another factor that ranks high among the main causes of stress for women is the lack of finances.

Money problems are often at the heart of many problems in relationships. Perhaps you and your spouse always seem to be at odds when it comes to the household finances and budgeting.

You like to save, while he likes to spend. Or vice-versa.

Other external factors may also cause financial strain for women.

Job termination or layoff, loss of your home, chronic illness of a child or spouse and mounting medical bills, death of a spouse who was the primary bread winner, divorce and loss of marital income. The list can go on and on.

You Can Manage Stress Successfully

Yes! Stress is a fact of modern day living. It cannot be avoided entirely, but it can be managed and reduced.

If you face one or more of the main causes of stress mentioned above, do not despair. There is a lot you can do to manage and reduce life’s pressures!

You do not have to turn to unhealthy and harmful ways of coping with problems.

Alcohol consumption, drug abuse, overeating, violence etc, will create more overwhelming problems than the ones you are currently facing.

There are practical, helpful, effective ways of dealing with life’s challenges. That is exactly what this site is all about.

Take your time and read the articles you find here.

Apply the tips recommended, leave a comment or send us an email if something you read resonates with you.

This website was created for women, by women.

Our sole goal and objective is to reach out to women just like you, and help you find the happiness you desire and deserve.

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  • …and many other things that consume your life.
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