Looking For Safe Car Seats for Toddlers? Look No Further!

When you have a child, you know that nothing is as important as keeping that child safe. The car is one of the most dangerous places for a young child, as their bones and muscles do not yet have the strength and resistance needed to withstand the same kinds of impact that adults might be able to withstand.

Finding safe car seats for toddlers is a high-priority for parents who want to stress less when traveling with their kids in the car.

Children, on the other hand, are rarely concerned with their own safety, and are more concerned about comfort, especially when they have to ride in the car a lot. Some car seats provide only comfort or only safety, compromising on the other aspect. Fortunately, the Peg Perego Convertible Premium Infant to Toddler Car Seat is not one of those seats. It is designed to begin life with your child, and carry them safely all the way through their toddler years, until they are big enough to sit in the car without a seat.

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Because this car seat is infant to toddler, not only will you ensure you always have a comfortable seat that your child loves, you can circumvent the need to constantly be buying a new car seat when they grow out of the old one. It is rated for children five to seventy pounds. Generally, after seventy pounds, children are considered old enough to leave the car seat behind. This is the only car seat you will ever need to buy!

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Not only can it follow your kid through all stages of childhood, it has specially designed impact protection and energy-absorbing foam inserts. If you were to ever be in an accident, this car seat is designed to protect the child from harm. On either side of the head, polystyrene wings shield the head, neck and spine from glass and metal, as well as provide cushioning, to eliminate the danger of whiplash during a t-bone style collision.

The adjustable, convertible straps hold the child securely, so that a rear-ending or head-on collision cannot snap them out of the seat.

All of these features are cleverly designed, as far as your child is concerned, as comfort features. The wings on either side of the head are a great place to rest against and take a nap. The straps will not chafe against sensitive baby skin, and because you can place the seat forwards or backwards in the car, you can customize your child’s ride, however they feel most comfortable.

Parents and children both love this car seat, and when it comes to your family, only the best protection would do. Most people never have to test out the seat’s safety features, but if you ever do, you want your child to be strapped into a Peg Pergo Convertible Premium Car Seat.

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