How to Use Journaling for Stress Relief–One Word At A Time!

Did you know that research has proven that people who write about their stressors for two weeks feel relief from the stress they experience on a regular basis? That’s the stress-busting potential of journaling. The great thing about journaling is that there’s no one way that’s best – it’s just whatever works for you!

So the question is: How to use journaling for stress relief?

When you journal, it can sometimes help you see a different side to things that you might not have been open to during moments of extreme stress, such as during the middle of an argument.

You don’t have to have a real diary to journal your thoughts down – you can start a Word document on your computer and type your thoughts in. Feel free to delete it at the end of each day if you’re concerned about someone else finding it.

Or, go to your local bookstore and pick out a journal that fits your personality. Invest in a better pen than the one you normally use, and use your journaling time as a true source of relaxation, turning off all electronics and distractions so that you can focus on your true feelings.

If you find it hard to get started, pick a situation that upset you and in your own words, write down what happened. But don’t stop there. Continue on by trying to find a lesson in what occurred or how you think you can handle it better next time. Try to write a little bit each day, even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes. The more you write, the more stress-relieving benefits you’ll gain!

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