How To Start A Garden: Resources & Tools For A Stress-Free Adventure

Who else wants to learn how to start a garden for relaxation and stress reduction? Gardening can be one of the most perfect forms of stress relief because it combines a hobby that we can enjoy as well as keeping us in touch with the magnificence of the natural world.

But we also need some tools and resources to help make the process even more enjoyable. We need to be armed with the best tools to really get the most out of our gardening.

Check out our list of resources that will help you make your gardening adventure as stress-free as possible.

How To Start A Garden: Seeds, Bulbs and Plants

There are few things more magnificent than watching such a small seed or bulb (a potential life) as we plant it, knowing what it will one day become. It’s a soothing notion that just thinking about can begin to change our perspective on life and help us to slow down from our chaotic lifestyle.

Whichever way we learn how to start a garden, whether we’re looking for flowers, shrubs, fruits or even vegetables that we can later enjoy, choosing seeds and bulbs is an exciting time because it’s the start of something that we will get to enjoy nurturing and tending to as we witness what it will one day become.

Watching something so small grow and prosper into something amazing is a lesson for us all.

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How To Start A Garden: The Right Gardening Tools

A woman needs her tools!

When we set out to learn how to start a garden, there are a few essentials that we will need in order to get ourselves looking the part of a seasoned gardener!

They also help to make the gardening process much easier and much more fun. When we’re looking to reduce stress we want to make things as easy as possible for ourselves so that gardening can become as joyful and carefree as possible.

Pruners help to keep things trimmed and neat, a good shovel helps us to dig down in order to lay our plants, and rakes and hoes help is to tend, care for and prepare mother nature’s earth easily and effectively.

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Watering Equipment

Water is essential for life and there are many ways that we can bring it to the plants in our garden.

A good hose with adaptable nozzle is perfect for watering our blooming garden at the end of a long day. A sprinkler is a perfect way of replenishing our gardens without having to worry about keeping on top of it – and the kids and dogs will love it too!

If you want to know how to start a garden frugally, a rain barrel that collects rain water is also the perfect way to refresh our gardens in a natural and sustainable way, so we can feel good about the way we water our gardens while using nature’s resources in the best way possible.

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Outdoor Carts and Bins

When we’re gardening for stress relief and getting back into nature, who wants to make things a difficult as possible? No one!

While we are discovering how to start a garden, we also want to make sure that we’re looking after our health and our posture by making sure that we’re taking care of ourselves as well as the garden.

A wheelbarrow or a cart is the perfect way of moving all of those more cumbersome resources while doing so in the safest and most pain-free way possible. It helps to take the stress of our back when we’re gardening to take the stress off our minds.

Also, garden bins such as composting bins are another way to help make our gardening process more sustainable for nature and for ourselves. Saving money is a perfect way to reduce stress and it helps that we’re supporting nature at the same time as we’re supporting our cash flow.

Composting means that we don’t have to throw away all of those leftovers that would do well to fertilize our soil so we have much less waste. It also means that we don’t have to spend so much on compost. It’s a winner in every way.

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Soils, Fertilizers and Mulches

Nothing says “gardening” more than the fresh scent of soil.

The substance that consists of broken rock and the nutrients and the remains of millions of other trees and organisms is essential to growing healthy plants. That’s why we need to care for it and take the time to replenish those vital nutrients that our plants will absorb.

Apart from ensuring that we obtain nutrient-rich soil in the first place, we also need to ensure that we keep it fertilized (preferably with a natural fertilizer) and lay down mulches to prevent weeds from growing and to help absorb water much more effectively.

The quality and maintenance of the soil will be a direct reflection of the vitality of our plants.

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Plant Germination Equipment

Sometimes, nature requires the environment for certain seeds to be so precise that we need to get the conditions just right so that the plants will flourish. Germination equipment, such a germination kits, are perfect to help create the right environment to allow seeds to germinate.

Sometimes in life we all need a little support in order to prosper and germination equipment such as growing lamps are no different to help seeds get started on their journey to become fine plants.

One of the basic principles of learning how to start a garden is that we give seeds a nudge to grow and, in return, they give us their eternal beauty.

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Garden Sculptures and Statues

Our gardens are not just about growing things; they’re also a place that we can retreat to so that we can have our own patch of nature where we can go when we need time to reflect.

That’s why it’s also important for our garden to reflect ourselves and highlight things that we enjoy. That’s why we use garden sculptures, statues and other decor in order to really personalize our garden.

Whether we love garden gnomes, statues of wildlife or even decorative stones, each part of our garden is about really making it our own and it can be about much more than just plants. We need to know how to start a garden that reflects ourselves.

It’s our own little solace and we need to make it look and feel like the “haven of rest, transquilty and serenity” we need it to be.

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Garden Structures

We all remember those stories about enchanted gardens and magical forests from our childhood, and one of the most striking memories may be of those fine arches that characters from stories would walk under when entering a mythical and adventurous land.

Well, our gardens are our own mythical landscape and we can decorate them as we like.

We don’t just want to know how to start a garden that focuses on the plants and the ornaments; the more subtle arrangements such as the trellises, arbors and bridges are perfect for our climbing plants to entangle themselves in and start to form our own wild landscape.

They can also help to really accentuate all the fine features of our garden and help it to look complete.

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Water Gardens and Ponds

Last but not least, we can’t have a complete How to Start a Garden resource list without mentioning water gardening.

Water gardens are becoming increasingly popular and, since water is so tranquil and reflects purity and abundance, there’s nothing like having our own little water feature in our gardens.

Once we’ve set up the feature to work on a continuous pump to maintain circulation, and we have the filters to keep the water oxygenated, all we now need is to keep the water treated so that it remains clean and fresh.

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