How To Relieve Stress Headaches

TensionHeadacheDoes your head hurt? 

Headaches are not unusual; it’s estimated that some 95% of people have gotten a headache at some point in their life. 

As a matter of fact it would be a little unusual to meet someone that can claim that they’ve never had a headache before. 

But for some, headaches are not only common they’re chronic and consistent and may even be so severe that they interfere with everyday life, relationships, and career.

So why does your head hurt?  The answer is probably complicated because doctors have pinpointed some 300 or more causes of head pain. 

When you learn of how complicated the muscles and nerves are that surround the head and neck, it’s no wonder that people get headaches.  Any of those muscles can be cramped up, pulled or overextended and any of those nerves can be pinched or otherwise injured – all from just a quick twist or sudden jarring movement.

But for many, headaches have a root cause that is much different than the cause of pain they may experience in any other area of the body, and that root cause is stress. 

Being stressed, tense, upset, worried, nervous, frustrated, irritated, and experiencing any other negative emotion can give a person a headache. 

Yes, these things can affect other areas of the body as well – your back can hurt, you can experience nausea or tingling in the fingers and toes when you’re upset and any other number of physical symptoms that accompany emotional symptoms. 

But there is a definite connection between stress, tension and headaches, and it’s even believed that tension related headaches are the second most common type of headache there is, right behind migraines.

You may already realize that there’s a connection between tension and headaches; the question is, now what?  How do you address that tension and how do you make the pain go away? How to relieve stress headaches?

Very often those suffering from chronic stress headaches need to address the stress itself rather than rely on medications to make the headache go away. 

It’s true that many over-the-counter medications are effective in fighting headaches and as long as you’re not overusing or abusing them there shouldn’t be a problem with their occasional use. 

But compare the situation to wearing shoes that are too small – when your feet hurt, should you take a pill to make the pain go away or buy better shoes?  Obviously addressing the cause of the pain is much better than just using medication in trying to make the pain go away.

So how can you address tension? 

You probably can’t go live on some isolated mountain where there are no people around to make you tense, and even then your life would probably have tension – have you ever heard how annoying mountain goats sound? 

So rather than thinking of running away, here are three (3) quick suggestions for eliminating or at least reducing tension in your life.

1.  Face it.

Smothering or denying your problems will not help you to fix or address those problems and is probably one major cause of tension over them.  You may think that you’re putting the problems out of your mind when you deny they exist or don’t want to think about them, but in reality they’re still simmering right there under the surface, causing you tension and stress.

2.  Make a plan.

When you write out the steps needed to face the problems giving you tension you realize that things perhaps aren’t as overwhelming as you may have thought they were.  You also have a plan in hand for how to address those problems.

3.  Get help.

Think that your problems are yours to deal with on your own?  It’s true that no one likes a whiner or some sorry, “sad sack” that is always complaining about their lot in life, but going to the other extreme and bottling everything up inside is not healthy either.  Sometimes just talking out a problem with a trusted friend or family member can help to relieve tension quite a bit.

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