How to Feel Single Again- Tips To De-stress From Mommy and Wife Duties

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Try these tips to forget your wife and mom duties for a time and feel like a single woman again.

When you talk to your single friends, do they just go on and on about how they wish they could swap places with you? The grass is always greener, right? Most single girls don’t realize just how great they have it. Being a wife and mother is a wonderful, rewarding job—but it can actually feel like a job. Who else wants to discover how to feel single again?

And unlike a real job that you can leave at the end of the day, being a wife and mother is all day, every day. When you were single, you could go where you wanted to go, do what you wanted to do, and the only person who put any demands on your money and time was you. If you’re struggling with the reality of being a wife and mom, here are a few ways to de-stress and bring back some of that single woman spark:

  1. Find a hobby that’s just for you. Many mothers and wives feel that everything they have to do should be in service of the family. While that’s a fine attitude to have, it can wear a person down. If all you do is give and you keep nothing back for yourself, you’ll find that your soul is starving for some attention. Pick a hobby that is just for you. It can benefit your family obliquely, but don’t pick something just because it will result in something beneficial for your family.
  1. Plan a regular girl’s night. Having your own friends is important. It can be nice to have “couple friends” that you share with your husband and to be friendly with the other mothers at your playgroup, but if you don’t routinely get out and hang out with just your friends, without your husband and children around, you might begin to feel that you’re no longer your own person.
  1. Take some time to yourself each day. Some people will call this selfish—it’s not. Taking some time to yourself, to be calm and quiet and to do something for yourself is as important as taking care of your family and friends. Without taking some time to yourself, you’re unlikely to have the stamina to take care of anyone else. You need to take a breather occasionally, whether you soak in a nice bath, read a book, or just meditate for a few minutes.


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